Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Wierdest Thing

I just had a customer in to the shop a few minutes ago (in Ohio) who recognized me! I sold him stuff at Sea Otter last year at the Kenda tent. He and his wife are here visiting from Thousand Oaks, and came in to buy a SOHO cafe bike! How crazy is that? he then mentioned the blonde ambition, Heidi Bowen. He called her up and we spoke for a few moments..what a blast! He and his wife will be coming to the Camp-N-Ride, as will Heidi B. Just thought I'd share!


Bert and Ryan Cyclocross Report

Ryan Blanchette pulled an IronMan yesterday competing in a SoCal CycloCross race mid morning then playing for his Club team in a soccer match in the afternoon.

The kids a stud! He rolled his Tomac on Kenda rubber to first place with a limited field in his age division…very limited. So 1st place for the young one but his old man could only muster 2nd place. Yes the elder of the two clawed his way back from about 10th place after a 1st lap crash directly in front of him which put him in the pile with bodies, bikes, parts, etc. tangled for a bit. After freeing his ride, he set chase for the lead group and lap by lap slowly worked his way back up finishing in 2nd.

It was a pretty good turn out for a race following a week of bad air quality limiting and/or eliminating most outdoor activity. Didn’t witness any other Backbone racers this time and with Ryan having soccer games on almost each Saturday and Sunday the schedules often conflict. So hopefully we’ll get out to some other races this season.

***Thanks Bert! I am doing this from work, so I have no pix..will add tomorrow!***

Mt. SAC Classic This Weekend!

How can you NOT love a race called "Mt. SAC?" God, where do I even start?? O.K., I'll be good....
Randy and King James love this race, and it's coming on Nov 4th in Walnut, CA. This race has been going on for 16 years, and has a six mile loop. The awards are handmade by local Mt. SAC (teehee) students! This race has a great feel to it, and is generally a ton of fun. Come support the boys in their last race before Camp-N-Ride!


Backbone Featured On Tomacfan.blogspot.com!

Yesterday our little bunch of freaks and geeks was featured on www.tomacfan.blogspot.com! Visit the site and see what's new in Tomac land. Great pix of the new bikes and of the old Magnum DH bike. Leave comments if you wish!

Where Have All The White Rappers Gone?

Where have they gone? Has global warming made the white rapper an endangered or extinct species? Eminem, the Beastie Boys, Vanilla Ice...all dead. O.K., maybe they just wish they were dead and their careers are dead. I had such high hopes for them. Bucking the system that said "hey cracker, you can't do that!" they ran headlong into the thug life. Were the lessons learned by Tupac (gunned down on the Vegas strip) and Vanilla Ice (skinned alive by midgets on L.A.'s Ventura Boulevard in 2002) not enough to deter them?

Breakin' and Breakin 2-Electric Boogaloo were my two favorte movies. It made me also want to be a white rapper. The social pressure was too much for an eight year old, so I decided to stay in elementary school and eat paste. What could have been..
If there is a God, someone will find a pair of male and female white rappers in the woods or along the banks of the Amazon and breed them in captivity. We can't sit idly by and allow them to just "..fade away into Bolivian." That was an actual quote from boxer Iron Mike Tyson. Just thought I'd keep it real....

******White-Pac O' Coors, one of the last White Rappers seen in the wild.**********

Monday, October 29, 2007

Camp-N-Ride Coming Soon!

This year's Camp-N-Rizzle is going to be really fun, and there is a TON going on this year during the event. Lydia is bringing her guitar (BOB, bring the drums and throw down!), Bobby Acuna (ex-Manitou man) is coming to dial in your suspension, and King James has organized the guys over at NINER BIKES to loan us a bunch of their demo bikes from Interbike! The raffle prizes are great again, too. Ed at Voler, Jim and the peeps at KENDA, James and Jenni from SIGMA and Ken from Xpedo have all donated graciously to the cause. I can't wait to see everyone and ride in a place where I am not the highest point of elevation...laying on my back. We will be staying Thursday night with Heidi and Darter, and I still have to see if we can stay with Don B. or Julie on Sunday night. We will be out early on Monday a.m., and our next trip will likely be to CO to visit evryone there! Hope everyone has a nice week!


It's Officially Cold In Ohio Now..

So for the past two days, I have had to pull out the ice scraper I have been toting around in the back of the old black Camaro since '95. It has been clear and sunny, but cold enough to freeze the moisture on the windshield. It has been great riding weather, and I have been trying to get everyone out of the house early to hit either the dirt or paved trails in town. Cold weather makes me sleep like a baby, and if I try hard enough, I may even suck my thumb! Did I just open myself up to ten thousand "suck" comments today??
The leaves have all turned their fall colors, which is amazing. I haven't seen that since the Lake Arrowhead days, and I am very much looking forward to a real winter. I don't know if it's because I am the size of a Moose or my thermal thong is THAT warm, but I love the cold. O.K., I don't like the shrinkage associated with the cold, but whatever!
Lyd is looking forward to coming out to Cali in a couple of weeks, and can't wait to meet you all. So far everyone in the fire danger areas on my end are safe, so I hope that it's the same for all of you. I'll bring you all some ice from Ohio for Camp-N-Ride gifts!


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tomac Ti Bike???

Can it be? Is that a prototype TOMAC titanium hardtail? There ARE a TON of new products from Tomac hitting the scene this year, and we ARE a TOMAC team for 2008!

Is it possible???


This bike was spotted at Ohio's Alum Creek Trail, Phase 1 parking lot. Tomac does have a full carbon hardtail in the works for 2008, can this be on the line-up as well??

No. It's just my FCR redecorated with new team decals. Sorry.


Reynolds Carbon Fork Recall

Reynolds UL forks (350 were produced) are all being recalled due to a separation issue between the dropouts and the carbon fork legs. They are separating, causing a great chance of rider injury. These forks were OEM spec on bikes from Vicious Cycles, Independant Fab, and several others. If you have a fork from Reynolds, please check www.bicycleretailer.com for info.


Timaris' Brother Lookin' For Love

So, Timo sent in this pic of her half-a-'tard brother today. While the resolution sucks, the image is still hilarious. He wears this helmet to school, and enjoys cruising campus on his power-chair looking for girls. He can often be found asking hot ladies out, then promptly drooling on himself until they barf up breakfast. Having been dropped repeatedly by his real parents before Timo's mom adopted him, they have enjoyed the good times with their "special" sibling. He enjoys eating paste, filling his draw's with "KaKa" and falling asleep in his adult diaper. If any single ladies out there would like to date this man, contact Timo at www.dirtbagirlswhoracetoomuchandhavesmellychamois'.com


Cali Ablaze, May Break Off The Continent.

**Heidi's bike after winning the Fontana NMBS DH race last year.********

With all of California burning, and everyone living in San Diego's Qualcomm Stadium, I can't wait to see if FEMA can actually redeem themselves! With all of the evacuated and nearly evacuated Backboner's safe, I hope all our other friends in So Cal are safe. Bill Doyle, The Hill family, Bob and Noemi, etc. may still be at risk. The Camp-N-Ride is still ok, but I will call and make sure the park is open as the days draw nearer.
Randy's house was saved thanks to good budies at the DWP, so he should get to move back in today. Ramona (in San Diego) was evac'd a couple days ago, sending half a million people into the streets. The emergency plan for the area was scary bad, with cars backed up in the towns and freeways for hours. That was with some warning! I hope the emergency planners see this, because if something really bad happens (earthquake) they will all die of starvation in gridlock! Ramona's water depends on a series of electric pumps, none of which now work because the power lines went down. Randy may be living in his trailer for a few days..thnk God he's got one to live in!
Heidi and Darter were able to stand down this morning as well. They probably won't unpack anything for a week or so, but at least our favorite Topanga residents are in the clear.
"Ahnolt" has declared a state of emergency, so now the Pres. can fly over at 30,000 feet and say "gosh, that looks bad Brownie!" OK, I know Brownie isn't at FEMA anymore, so hopefully this will be better.
California has decalred that it is tired of fires and quakes, and is breaking off from the rest of the continent. It will be hangin' with Hawaii. Alaska can come too.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Randy Evac'd, Heidi and Darter on standby

Randy Rush was evac'd from his Ramona home yesterday, but was able to return this afternoon. Thanks to good buddies, his home was hosed down constantly through the night, saving his belongings.

Heidi and Darter (Topanga Cyn) are packed up and ready for the order to leave, but as of yet have been able to stay put.

Good luck to everyone out there in So Cal, keep the breathing of smoke to a minimum!!


Iban Mayo Cleared Of Doping Allegations

Spanish rider Iban Mayo (Saunier-Duval) has been cleared, pending his B-sample re-test, of EPO doping during this year's Tour de France. Threatening to then SUE THE UCI (a move that needs to be done) over ruining his career based off of incomplete/false information, he may be the man to get them to NOT use French labs to continue tainting blood samples with famously poor testing procedures. Stick it to the man, Iban!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Val And Karl Have Baby Cody!!!!

Baby Cody has arrived, earlier than planned! Congrats to mom Valerie and dad Karl..and baby brother Cole!

Cole holding Cody-Ray. Them people are breeders!!!!! :)

Alum Creek Rookie Ride Sunday

Last night was the local trail club's annual nightride fest, COMBOWEEN. No, that's not some strange triple penis thingy from Chernobyl...it's a big organized bike ride at Alum Creek's Phase 1 trail. I was there hanging out with Jim W. under the gaping maw that is the KENDA tent. Lyd showed up late, after a facial and some salon type girlie stuff. Having never ridden a mountain bike, or mountain bike trail, she borrowed a 2008 TREK FUEL and headed out onto the trail. No lights, no water, and little sense of what lies ahead she forged on into the abjectly black Ohio night.

Twenty feet in, she hit the first drop-to-log bridge-transition...and ate s**t. She came back to the tent laughing, and a little humbled. With new found respect for mountain biking, she reloaded her gumption gun and went back out. "I won't be long..be right back!" An hour and a half later, she came back in all bruised and battered, partially blind, kinda itchy, and a little bit smelly. She thought it was only about a mile, so she kept thinking it would be over sooner than later.

Raring to get revenge on Sunday morning, we headed back after breakfast. After modifying the Tomac Ti hardtail (Titus FCR w/ Tomac decals) for her, and modifying her 'cross bike for me, we hit it in daylight. We began with the baby-training loop across the street, and that proved difficult but good for her. The first log bridge she came to, she sized it up and hit it. With four inches to go, she rode off the edge of the bridge and on to her head at the bottom of the crease. Dazed and shaky, she jumped up and hit it seven more times until she owned it. For an elderly woman she's pretty tough!

After working on the basic skills set at the kiddie park, we rolled out to the road and ride the last quarter of phase 1. Charging hard over bridges and roots, narrowly escaping death on off camber ledges, she was rocking a fairly ugly stretch for a beginner. Then she sacked up and hit a bridge really hard. Bad thing was the bridge had a roll to the inside edge, with a climb degree, and an approach that would scare Cedric Gracia. To her credit, she committed! She committed all the way off the end of the bridge, onto her head, then rolled like a sack of poop to the bottom of a 15' ravine. Rushing to my bike to make sure it was o.k., I then quickly helped Lydia out of the hole. That was ugly, but thanks to a great helmet, all she had to show for it was a lazy eye.

We rolled out to the swamp to get some scenery shots, then headed to the car.
Now all charged up (surviving a near death experience will do that) Lyd is now after a real mountain bike of her own. Good thing Haro is across the street, and owned by KENDA! Scared to death in the knowledge that Phase 1 is the asy trail, we may need some more time before getting her out to Phase 2.

*******More wood than a preacher's pants in a Boy-Scout convention**********

*******The swamp, where the Creature lives****************

*****Great fall leaves on the trail make it nice and loose in the corners*****

********The bridge of death****************

****Mess with the bull, ya' get the horns...*******

Friday, October 19, 2007

A Message From Mr. Libolt...

Do you remember what you were doing in September 1995?
Some of you may have been having your diaper changed;
well at least one of you was (Mini Hurt). Others may
have been into riding by then, and still some of you
were not even aware of the sport yet. Of course,
Chris was already King dirt bag of So Cal, and was
busy hitting up the crazy Riverside scene and putting
the moves on our finest and classiest ladies at Club
Metro, all while he was wearing his great early
nineties neon spandex cycling attire. But all jokes
about Cap'n Chris aside (there are PLENTY of them) I
clearly remember that month and year, it was my first
race ever. I had just turned 12 years old, and was
racing on a rigid frame Trek with a two inch travel
fork, OG downhill at its very best. I still remember
the start of my first race, when I left the start gate
at the Snow Summit Amateur Cup and proceeded to take a
huge table top way faster than my abilities allowed me
to. Of course, the limited skill I had at the time
sent me flying over the bars in a Superman-esque pose,
and straight into the hard dirt below.
That crash was the start of something big in my life,
something my parents had no concept of yet as they
watched their son walking his broken bike down the
hill, tattered clothing and helmet in hand, and then
almost sobbing telling them; “I need to get this
fixed right away, I have another run in an hour!”.
My parents were absolutely shocked by this statement;
and it marked the beginning of a life long love of
being on two wheels.
I continued to race through the years, progressing
through the beginner and sport classes, and
continually getting beaten into the ground by older
and faster riders. It took me 3 years to get lucky
and get an offer to join a team that would help me out
at races. Some of you veteran riders may remember the
Team Keebler days of racing in southern California, if
you do, that was me! 3 years of racing paid off for
me, and I finally had a team that offered me discounts
on equipment and even bikes! It wasn't much, maybe
20%-30% off of parts and accessories. But my parents
and I were ecstatic to find out that someone out there
had enough faith in me to represent their company, and
ride one of their bikes at a discounted rate, hoping
that I could in return promote the company and parts
to my friends. I continued to race, and loved every
minute of what I was doing, especially with the team
discounts. The following year, I stepped it up
another notch and won my first race ever, the National
Championships at Mammoth Mountain. The proudest day
of my junior racing years, my first win, and it was at
a National. The following week my family and I moved
on to the Deer Valley National, where I again won the
race by a huge margin, and was almost heckled off the
junior podium for setting the fastest sport/beginner
time of the entire day.
Needless to say, I quickly moved up to Junior-X, and
even picked up a sweet ride from Mountain Cycle. For
my 5th and 6th seasons the discounts increased, and I
had a tent where I could relax at races. Again, I was
thrilled to just have a place to relax, and to receive
the pro-deals through the company. I never had
anything actually given to me, but again the idea that
this company was putting faith in a young rider to
represent them and make an image for the team, just
made me proud to ride and race. I spent a few good
years racing in the Junior-X category for Mountain
Cycle, until I decided to go my own separate way when
I turned 18 and moved to Semi-Pro.
I spent my first couple semi-pro years as a privateer,
after having some disputes with my last team. Nothing
was there anymore, only the occasional deals from my
local bike shop. I continued to race, with some
decent results until 2004, when I decided to take a
year off of racing to refocus my life. I got back
into racing with a passion in 2005, which is also the
year I met an old friend of mine from my junior racing
days, Chris Sharp. Chris introduced me to the
Backbone squad, and immediately invited me to fill a
spot on the downhill team. The following two years
were even more spectacular than any of the seasons I
have ever had from either of my previous teams, the
support at races was incredible, and the amount of
product available to me for support just didn’t seem
to end. For the first time, the team seemed to
actually encourage me to do better, improve, and show
up equipped for anything. It wasn't just discounts
anymore; the team scene had progressed well beyond
anything I was used to.
Now I'm entering my 13th season of racing, and I
have hit another milestone in my career. I have just
earned my first free frame, and a team check to go
with it. It has taken me 13 years of racing, hundreds
of crashes, three broken frames, several fractures,
cracked ribs, tons of jet lag, two concussions (I
think), sprains, and lots of razor burn from
shaving my legs, but I have finally done it. I
reached the point that I dreamed about as a young
rider entering my first races. I reached my goal;
I'm entering Pro races, getting free equipment,
getting a check to cover my costs, and doing well. It
is everything I ever wanted from racing, and I
wouldn't give it up for anything. I still have the
same passion for racing and riding that I did when I
was 12, only now, I am one step closer to being the
guys in the magazine that I idolized growing up.
Backbone is the first team to step up the support to
this level, and while I feel I owe them lots for this
(besides the beer), I know that all I need to do is do
exactly what I love most, and race for another season.

****thanks brotha!, that was mighty nice of ya!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Taylor Dropping NMBS In Favor Of Mtn States Cup!

Something for all of us to consider..

As a result of the collossal failure of the NMBS series, many bike teams/sponsors/riders are pulling out in order to better utilize their limited resources. Backbone's own Charles Taylor Libolt is joining the mass exodus. Colorado's Mountain State's Cup is a much better organized, higher profile series now that has better EVERYTHING....so that's where Charles, Jay, Fuzzy, Jim, and Court will focus their efforts. Maybe the rest of the team should consider this move as well. TOMAC is focusing on the Mountain States Cup, too. It may serve our interests (and those of our sponsors) more to spend travel time for NMBS into traveling to the MSC. Beginner women actually get to race for free, and a result this series usually has a better FEMALE contingent in one class than the entire NMBS male turnout! See ya in Colorado?????

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Luka's First Bike Ride

Sunday was Luka's first bike ride, and he rocked it on his TOMAC JR.(Kent Wal-Mart bike w/ training wheels). The morning started out cool and overcast, but quickly changed to a perfect fall day. Leaves everywhere, the little tird-burgler rode about five miles along the olentangy River bike path. We stopped to walk through the brush along the river to "look for bears" and stuff.

We even found an OSU science platform in a pseudo-swamp! It was great, there was a huge wooden observation deck, and some narrow wooden walkways that were criss-crossed over the swamp. Lots of birds, turtles, groundhogs and fat crackers were out Sunday. No bears though..maybe next time.

Not only did he do all the riding along the river, but when we got back, I took him out again for another hour roll around the neighborhood to the park! Mary from Luck Bros drove by and waved, and he picked up his pace about 10 mph....geesh, it starts already.

Lyd had a great time riding too. She hasn't had much time to do so lately, so it was a nice chance to get out. We stopped and threw rocks into the river (his fave thing to do), then rode back home for pancakes. We carved the pumpkins, made dinner, and had some vino. A Sunday well spent....

Monday, October 15, 2007

Response From Meghan!

Well Backboners...its Meghan...back from the land of ol' meat-whistle and pork sword (thanks rushman). I have returned the land of well...air and light (after surcumming (HAHA)to months of the c**k) I have returned to the real world. Although I was taking it alot, I did and do really care about this team. You have a great leader and even better team mates that make your lives fun and exciting. Chris I know that you always love a challenge and with me you always know it will be.....So before I head down for some more of the loin, a huge shout out to the BEST TEAM, best sponsors, best leader, and some damn damn good looking women on Team Backbone. See you soon I hope and know I am always here to take it for you :)


Jimena Having Twins!!

Desi and Jimena in 2006, atop Sydney Peaks Trail before the National race..

Hey guys! Jimena (RLX-Tomac & LUNA CHIX) is having twins....of course, she is about a MONTH overdue. We have all been close with her for years and I am happy to see her starting her family. Congrats to Jimena, who is breeding some race of super-children for the future! Stand back..she's gonna blow!


Sunday Night Syndrome

"Syndrome" my ass....

Stop the m***********g madness. Last week a new "syndrome" hit the a.p. wire. Proof positive that the medical establishment has us overmedicated and hanging by the twig and berries, they rolled out "S.N.S." This is some real crap, here. It says that there is a legit medical condition for people wherein they get clinically depressed every Sunday afternoon. A major cause of the syndrome is the fear of returning to a job they hate. Is that REALLY a medical condition??? How about YOU JUST SUCK at what you are doing, and need to go back to making corn dogs at Hot Dog On A Stick??? Syndrome my ass..

Syndrome? People "suffering" from this should consider working harder on Sunday than they do on Monday. That way, going to WORK will seem like fun! Oh, wait. Then they'll introduce Saturday Night Syndrome! How will we know which S.N.S our employees have? Is it Saturday or Sunday? Oh crap, now I think I am developing a syndrome. H.O.S. is my new thing. It's short for "Horse-shit Overload Syndrome."
It happens every time I get a ticket for "failure to signal," or when the police tell me I can't shoot an intruder in my own home. I have also noticed my H.O.S. symptoms coming on in instances where I see Johhny O'Mara winning his three- thousandth Expert XC race. I better see if I can get a prescription, I feel a panic attack coming on. There's another one! "PACO" is a new syndrome...Panic Attack Coming On syndrome is not just for our friends south of the border. OH NO! I am having it right now because my double-mocha-choca-latte-chino is over foamed with non-fat soy yak-bladder drippings. MEDIC!

Jay Schippers To Move To Colorado

Ahhhhh the power of poon. Jay-Hood has decided to move from the So Cal 'hood and roll to Colorado, to be near his newfound love...Jim Roff. OK, not really..well, kinda'...he's going becasue the riding is great, the scenery is perfect..OH, and he has a SMOKIN' hot gilrfriend who lives there. I can empathize with that! Anyhow, once Jay goes, it will only be a matter of time before Fuzzy goes too.

Maybe we can move everyone there, and we can all be together once more in perfect beery bliss! Jay's girl is a hottie (I've seen the You Tube videos) and that's a good enough reason to move..although I am sure he'll tell you otherwise. Valencia Sport Group will allow him to continue his product developement from his new homestead.

Blue Wolf To End NMBS Affiliation After '08

Blue Wolf Events (Team Big Bear) is having second thoughts as well about the sorry state of USA Cycling's personal demon, the NMBS series. It has long been rumored that the have personally wished for the death of mountain biking, and it looks as though they are getting closer with every blog page! Blue Wolf is not planning on renewing their contract to manage the results/timing/logistics after the 2008 racing calendar. They will be focusing on their own, much more lucrative Cal State Series for the duration of the period. With the truck/trailer/staff staying in CA, maybe they can start offering T-Shirts or chair lift passes with every entry fee! O.K., sorry, that was just mean....

GIANT/MICHELIN Partnership Ends, No NMBS In '08

In a bit of crazy news, GIANT BICYCLES announced today that their domestic racing team WILL NOT be attending the scary-bad NMBS series for 2008. The Giant team was dropped by Michelin Tires, and the decision has been made to spend the $ for the truck and trailer to do "Festivals" and focus on World Cup Racing. For Adam Craig, this is great. He has been doing just that for some time now..but for many of their other rider that just plain blows.
It may follow suit for many other big-box teams, as well. The number of entrants and industry attendees is so low at the NMBS series, OUR TEAM doubles the parking lot population when we show up. Bri and Rhoda will have to develope crushes on someone else from now on at the NMBS races! Maybe Joel at TOMAC??? And you all thought I was joking when I said you can't count on anything from one season to the next.....


Mini Hurt Really Hurt!

Ryan at Fontucky last year.....

Sunday morning on the date 10/14/07, I had a soccer game to play against the first place team. Knowing this I had to step up my game in-order to win and take first place. So... when I was defending the left side of the field, a ball was kicked over my head. Naturally I gave chase. Unfortunately the opposing team's forward did so as well. So I’m shielding the ball down in the corner and the ball is about to roll out when suddenly, I was pushed from behind by the opposing player. To add injury to insult while I’m sliding on the ground the BASTARD stepped on my LEFT hand with his cleats, and when it’s 7 o’clock in the morning any sort of injury is magnified by your muscles being fridgid cold. Any-who I got up and continued to play the game. When I looked down at my hand (it still being sore) I saw a big lump right below my index finger. So shocked at the sight of my hand I called for a sub and didn’t play the rest of the game. So later that day I went to the ER and had X-Rays taken and no broken bones (this time) but possible blood vessel rupture and contusion of the tissue in my hand. So now I’m stuck with another “souvenier” bracing my hand from further movement for the next week. Any way getting back to subjects people actually care about I don’t think I will be-able to attend the camp’n rizzle this year due to soccer game make ups. So sorry I wont be there as a confidence booster to hang behind the group and let u’all pass me, so I wont be on my bike for the rest of the year it seems so if u need me hit me and don’t be shy.

MINI HURT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

****no worries, Ryan. They will have ME to pass instead...********

Saturday, October 13, 2007

NMBS Schedule Released; Changes Coming Soon!

It is out! The soon to change NMBS schedule has been reelesed like the mighty Kraken! Dates are;

March 29-30....Fontucky

April 5-6......NOVA Desert Classic (Scottsdale)

May 17-18......Firestone (at Chamberlain Ranch)

June 28-29.....Deer valley, Utah

July 12-13.....New York

aug 30-Sept 1st.Tamaracck,Idaho

There it be, kiddo's!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Interbike Jr. At Fontana This Weekend!

This weekend at Southridge, Don Jackson is having his own version Interbike, only it's open to the public! Many bike manufacturers will be there, including Intense and Nicolai. Go and ride stuff, and enjoy the atmosphere this weekend in the city where inbreeding is king. Rock on peeps!


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Bert Blanchette In Another Ad!

Mountain Bike Action magazine will have Bert "The Hurt" Blanchette featured AGAIN in it's pages, this time in December. I remember the days when Bert was just a youngin', racing his way from Sport to Expert to Semi-Pro. Now he's all grow'd up and all famous-like. Now, I don't know about the rest of you guys, but it has been a real pleasure for me personally to see all of you finally ending up in print. Catalogs, magazines, web-banner ads, etc....not bad, right? Well, congrats to Bert for once again being featured in a sponsors' ad. Thanks also to KENDA tire for putting it together! Have I mentioned before that I love this picture? Anyhow, look for Bert to be racing aboard an EXTRA LARGE TOMAC CARBIDE XC full carbon xc race bike for 2008.