Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Vegas Bob On Vegas Bob

Here's a shot from SIGMA SPORT of Vegas Bob posing with the catalog page featuring none other than..

...VEGAS BOB! Can you say "doppelganger?" I knew ya could...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Interbike Thursday; The Final Day

Thursday was to be our last day at the show. With only a couple of meetings left, we had to make it to Lyd's show at SIGMA by 4pm, then back to the room to pack it up! My phone rang with Austin's number lighting up the display. We ran downstairs to meet up with he and brother Colby (like the cheese, you know?) to get them their show badges.

We stopped by the NINER booth to see if Darter and James Cross were there. No Darter, but King James was hanging out talking bikes!

The new NINER booth was awesome. The carbon 29er forks they had out looked like popsicles. I ate one.

While there, we ran into Jake Scott and Stuart Hunter from roll: in Columbus, looking over the new stuff.

Pat Hus and Jeff Titone were hanging out at their Titus booth with extraordinarily sweet amounts of bike-related bling. You could not imagine the number of magazines there to see the new bikes. Thanks to Jeff and Pat for taking the time to meet with Lyd and I Thursday! If you are new to the team, we had a GREAT time working with them from 2005 to 2007.

I'm pretty sure every single bike in the hall at SRAM XX parts on them. Remember when SHIMANO ruled all? Not this year.

Our day ended up with a visit to SOCK GUY for some arm warmers just prior to Lyd's SIGMA show. She picked up two pair (thanks SOCK GUY!), and we headed to SIGMA.

Lyd fired up the Martin guitar right at 4pm as the Blue Moon beer began to flow into frosty SIGMA glasses.

Even pickle-smoochers like Pro 4X/Slalom Dirt Bag James Schwanke came over to hang out and listen to Lyd sing. James was awesome, he hollered and clapped at every song to keep the crowd fired up. Then he drank two beers and got naked. It must have been VERY cold in the hall, because...never mind.

James Keller displaying Vanessa's Tomac Snyper in the booth.

Track-standing the new Tomac Vanish.

remember our home-slice E.vil J.uicy? he is now a sales rep at Orange County based FELT cycles. We love E.J. We won't send him our sisters, but we love him.

It's the final day, because we left Thursday. I have no idea what went down Friday. I wasn't there. We left. This is it. Go to your homes now.

Interbike Report, Wednesday

Interbike Wednesday began for us with a quick stop by Kenda tire for some snaps of the new LEGENDS prototypes.... AND a wicked hangover for Lydia.

A short walk away was the VSG booth, manned by product developer and all around swell fella Jason Schippers. He had some amazing new stuff out on display. This new chain guide was about as trick (and useful) as it gets.

Hi Jay!

The new 661 "Recon" helmets for XC. Very solid for your melon!

They also had new full-face helmets..

...TWO sick new sets of wheels for DH and freeride bikes...

....and a HINGED Leatt Brace! HOLY CRAP THAT'S COOL!

We then stopped by to say HI at the SIGMA booth, where Lydia finally got to meet James "Stellar" Keller. SIGMA hired Lyd to play at their booth Thursday evening for their beer party!

Hydrapak guys had recovered from their stint at our ODD booth and were busy as beavers (I said "beavers") in their decadent white-out booth. The new paks are just amazing, and the bladders are going to be very hard to improve on.

FORMULA brakes had their flyweight R-1 disc brake out for looks. It is lighter than a feather and has blistering stopping power!

XPEDO had their eye-candy out as well. The variety of platform pedals always astounds me.

AND check THIS OUT! A pedal axle designed with a built-in quick-disconnect for travelers! All their pedals can be retrofitted with this axle. It was very tough, and a viable option for anyone with space-saving needs..

The new batch of high-output LED commuter lights from SIGMA could turn night into day for under $30 bucks.

Mary Mac, Timo and I have a moment. A moment of what I'm not really sure...

Lydia and Mary mug it up for the camera! Lyd had a CD tagged for Mary and Mike's personal use.

Does that say LYDIA SHARP on there? Oh my's official now.

The Campy Super-Record 11 speed rear end. I smell a new 1X12 mtb drivetrain coming! NO? Maybe I'm gassy.

Lydia's visage framed inside a large display of the new 10 speed SRAM XX cassette. Purdy, yes?

I think I may have drooled over the Mavic wheel display. Yummy!

The finish work on the new Deore crankset was surprisingly bad-ass. I love trickle-down technology!

Ken Yamakoshi bids you all adieu from the XPEDO pedal booth, where he has proven that quality racing pedals don't have to cost more than your house payment. Rock on Ken...rock on.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Check The Jay-Box's New Chain Guide!

2010 Sunline V1 Travel Guide - More Mountain Bike Videos

Interbike ODD Tuesday; Death By Beer Pong.

Tuesday started out like any shoots, interviews..y'know, the usual. It would quickly devolve into something much more sinister. Beer Pong.

Randy, Vegas Bob and Austin showing off their rigs.

John Tomac, Joel Smith and I talking shop about the bikes. It was great for us to have our own booth, thanks to TOMAC!

Cheyne, Randy and I trying to decide if we should have a beer at 9:30 am or not.

The best GIFT EVER. "Save Missy (Giove)" socks from Sock Guy. Tasteless? Yes. Do I LOVE THEM? Absolutely!

The elusive and amazing Hydrapak Gel-Bot! Get your water and gel from the same source!

The Hydrapak Laguna. get one NOW! The 2010 packs are sweet, and I brought one home.

Roger en route to Ken from Xpedo with fanny-water. MMmmmm..fanny-water.

We had icey cold Amino Vital on tap for the thirsty masses! That tub was VERY nice to have on the 95 degree days.

Vanessa posing for the camera. The night would unravel after this point.

This is my wife. She is now performing the nocturnal mating ritual of the completely obliterated upright biped.

This is Cheyne NOT trying to look like he's into guys. It' not working.

Vanessa is already bombed in this photo, but that won't ever stop our competitive little lady! Did I say "lady?" Sorry..


I'm guessing you don't wanna f**k with that at all..

Why did they have to go and make Mike's Hard Lemonade even HARDER?

Done and done.

Randy letting his ball go during beer pong.

"How does a one-armed man count change?" FUNNIEST JOKE EVER!

While we look happy now, Lydia would be sick until Thursday from the hangover created Tuesday. Nice.