Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Chuck-T's Race Report; FONTUCKY

Yo Chris,
I held off on the race report hoping that some sweet photos of my shenanigans during the race would surface on the internet, but no such luck. So here is my race wrap up, sans photos. The weekend was great, despite the 50+mph winds that we had to contend with on Saturday. The crosswinds on the course wreaked havoc with just about everybody, sending lots of people on unexpected "off course excursions." Sunday was a whole different story though- the winds held off and it stayed nice and warm! My race run went well, considering I haven't had much time to train or ride lately. Although, there was a single mistake through the steepest part of the course: I took a bad line diving into the rocks, lost control and started to slide towards the outside course tape. As I was sliding out of control down the rocks, I noticed something in my path: a small child. Let this be a lesson to all those who attend races; avoid the outside apex of corners! I temporarily pinned the little guy between my front wheel and a rock. Fortunately, the kid was just shaken up and scared more than anything else. I noticed a course medic in the area, so I pulled my bike back on the course and continued with my race run after a short pause. Given that the kid wasn't injured, I was hoping that a photographer snapped some shots of me going through the course tape and into the kid.... if anybody finds them out there, send them to me! There were over a hundred people in the rocks, someone had to have caught that on film!
I haven't checked my results yet, but considering that a good chunk of the Pro field races the world cup circuit (Hanna, Gwin, Rando...) I doubt that I made podium! It was a small turnout overall, but a very small turnout for a National Champs event. Hopefully more people make it out to the next stop!


Monday, March 29, 2010

U.S.Cup Pix From Fontucky!

With the mountains as a backdrop, Vanessa Humic rocks the course...and her new team Fontucky.

Vegas Bob's Tomac Carbide soaked up the chatter on this baby-head filled course, and his "pirate-cut" sleeves struck terror into the hearts of the racers. AAAArrrrggghh!

Humberto also wearing the new 2010 team kits. He would flat on lap 2 and begin cursing in ancient Mayan for about an hour.

Claudia Espinoza is always pictured out front. Why IS that? Oh yeah....I forgot.

Vanessa looking very lean, heading through the upper-parade lap before finishing lap #2.

The Backbone ladies look super-hot in their new kits, even when they pass the men who would normally be mad at them.

Vanessa is testing the new team carb-loading program. It's Magic Hat #9 beer and a bucket of fried chicken skins. Seems to be working for her, so I'm starting today!

Bob's Carbide has a Marzocchi Marathon up front, and that thing has been bullet proof for three years now. Killer fork!

Claudia heading back out (and UP) for another lap while the granite-topped mountains loom in the distance.

Cheyne McKeevr pinning it to the finish line in his new team kit.

Jaimie Espinoza leads the pack. This guy never gives up, and never backs off the gas pedal. I wonder where his daughter gets it from?

Cheyne is pictured here checking in with the Secret Service.

Mr. Thome flogging his Tomac Carbide like a mule.

Cheyne getting low and staying there for the entire race. He has been on the "Tape-Worm & Tijuana Creek water" diet for a few weeks now, and is looking to become a super-model.

Roger keepin it real in the Wonder-Bread suit from Halloween! LOVE this guy.

Jaimie leads from the gun.

The veterans getting ready to rumble.

Roger explaining why he's in NASCAR suit...and how great the KENDA tires are.

**Thanks to Forrest Hayashi at PMBC for the pix! Visit for details, and don't forget to hit up the Pancake Breakfast!**

Saturday, March 27, 2010

I Love Jim Roff (or; Note From A Pickle Smoocher.)

Hey Backboners,
This year Sea Otter sponsor support has taken on a whole new meaning. One of our very own team members and friends has moved on to have his own brand. Jason Schippers of Royal Racing needs your support this year more than ever before. So PLEASE, stop by the booth at Sea Otter and buy a T-shirt, Hoody,or socks to support our friends brand, and his/(my) beer drinking habbit.(j/k) The rest of the product line will also be available for retail sales at the Ride SFO booth. This would also be a fantastic time to stop by your local shops and ask them if they carry the Royal brand, or even post a reveiw of the product on . If you are in need of some new gear contact Jay at , he is completely stocked and ready to ship your DH/All-Mountain shorts,jerseys, and gloves.
So stop by the booth, have a beer with me, buy a shirt, and get Steve Peats autograph.
I look forward to seeing all of you. (except Chris, he's a tool)


Friday, March 26, 2010

Kenda Kup Hits Fontucky This Weekend!

That's right kids! The next stop on the MTB train is at Southridge! Man, that place has been throwing down MTB races since I was in high school and how nice it is not to have to drive for twelve hours to get there. Sure it's known for its Super-Fund cleanup sites, inbreeding, and industrial strength smog....but Donny still throws down a hell of a race there. Randy and the "team" trailer will not be in attendance this weekend, so please plan accordingly!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Do I Need To Say It?


Many of you are from out of town/state/country, while many of you are from just around the corner. The binder for the majority is that you all seem to travel a great deal. Be it for work, family, or play, everyone seems to know SOMEWHERE great to ride. I have a great little "somewhere" to share that is just not really thought of among the great cycling destinations...but it should be.....Palm Springs.

Tucked up against the eastern slope of stratosphere-scraping San Jacinto Peak (10,804' of elevation) lies the mobster Mecca of Palm Springs. Home to Frank Sinatra, Bob "Knock Out the Knocks" Hope, and the former gangster numbers joint that just so happened to front as a restaurant called "Dominick's" on Palm Canyon Highway. This Sonoran Desert hot-spot is a road and mountain bikers dream destination. Don't believe me? Former U.S. Olympic bronze medalist and FIVE TIME NORBA National Champion Susan DeMattei used to spend hour upon hour hammering through the many desert pinnacles, like town favorite Murray Peak. That trail network actually takes you along the back fence-line overlooking Bob Hope's pool, which always made for scary glances from his security detail while he was still alive. The only way to escape the heat of the desert floor (temps often in excess of 120 degrees) is to leave before dawn and climb until the temperature drops....or you do. It's a whole lot cooler at nine thousand feet than it is at two.

If you are nice, and have can ask NICELY for one of the Tribal Police in the Tahquitz Canyon Reservation to drive you to the top of the mountain and drop you off. It's a solid three hours of descending that will barely leave you able to devour a plate of carnitas and frijoles. While there, be sure to escape to the desert oasis at Tahquitz Canyon, one of the most amazing places in the middle of "nowhere." You may also want to drive out after the ride and take the what was once considered the Eighth Wonder Of The World to the top of the mountain. The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway was built almost entirely by helicopter..a first. Dreamt up in 1935 by Francis Crocker, this monument to engineering was finally completed in 1961. The bond measures to pay for it (NO TAX DOLLARS!) didn't get paid off until 1996! It's always cool at the top no matter how hot the valley floor is...because the top of the Tram sits at 8,516 feet. The views will never leave you.

Palm Springs sits at the gateway to what was once known as "Nova Albion." Spanish Explorer Juan Bautista de Anza created the route from New Mexico to California, and it passed through the narrow gap in the mountains where Palm Springs sits. Interstate 10 practically was laid right over the top of his footpath. From the ten freeway, however, you can get to a KILLER road ride. Heading out away from Palm Springs and toward Joshua Tree National Monument is Pappy and Harriet's Pioneertown. In 1946, Pioneertown was founded by a group of Hollywood investors with dreams of creating a living movie set -- an 1870's frontier town with facades for filming and interiors open to the public. Now it's a great watering hole for desert folks on horseback, Harley or bicycle. Start your 100 mile road bike Odyssey here, and head down to Palm Highway. Head out to the main entrance of Joshua Tree NM and prepare for what seems like a 25 mile climb to the top of the park. Start VERY early, and go in March when it still will be cold in the wee hours. What's the nice thing about climbing for 25 miles? Well...if you stay on the only road through the park until it ends, you exit the place on a 25 mile descent. If you have the Huevos Rancheros, bikes can top out at 70mph or more on this colossal drop back to the old desert floor. weaving back through the neighborhoods lends its self to amazing vistas, so don't be in a hurry...and wear sunscreen.

You can fly right in to Palm Springs, or land in Ontario Int'l Airport and rent a's a short drive. Stay a few days and ride until you can't move. Then what? come back looking like an E-Z Bake Oven's 25 watt glow jumped you in the alley and revel in the time spent on the bike when you could have been shoveling white stuff....

Wow..sorry..ex-King Of The Mountains' Michael Rasmussen perfectly illustrates my point, but I still shudder...I'm just sayin'.


Our great friend Timari (BOOTY) Pruis went out for official Bad-Ass Team Photo Shoot over the weekend, and this is the money shot! KILLER pic of Timo, mostly because they TOTALLY hid her face and award winning hind quarters. OK, that was mean and totally kidding..but I do love the pic, and really like that FINALLY after many years of racing, Timari has found a good home at Pivot, with folks who treat her better than a steaming deuce. She's an awesome girl who makes killer brownies each year for her sponsors, and works VERY hard to be the well-rounded athlete/sponsor pitch-girl everyone wishes they could be. Much love ti Timo, and GREAT PIC!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Random Race Pix..

The 1st one is of Cheyne, the rest of Mark Thome at Bonelli!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

AUSTIN WINS...and gets 3rd.

Austin just won his DH race yesterday by about 40 seconds (that's frikkin' HUGE, by the way) and landed third in the Jr. X race! He was racing the CCCX Race in the Central cali Coast region.