Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ara' 2010 TYPE X Is In!

The Fuzziest's new TOMAC TYPE X just arrived this week, and the 2010 model comes with the complete new SRAM XX Kit, shaving weight and adding speed to an already stupid fast racing platform. The long awaited chassis is itching to race, and the Fuzz hasn't had a new bike since the Wright Flier was laid to rest. I can NOT WAIT to see what that boy can do on that race bike. Holla' at the Fuzz!

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Friday, May 28, 2010

Neighborhood Pride Program Kick-Off!

O.K., so today was one of those days. I thought (last night) that it would be a 14 hour slug-fest of events and work, but I was wrong. It was "one of those days" in a good way...a great way actually. I had to be out early and drive to the south east side of the city to Moler School. Today was the press junket and kick-off for Mayor Coleman's Neighborhood Pride Program. I have been collecting used kid's bikes for months, refurbishing them, and driving them to the City Of Columbus salt truck lot where Bruce Black (friend and Neighborhood Services Coordinator) has a storage shed to drop the bikes off.

Today I was able to see the effects of the effort, arriving to a very busy school yard full of happy, helmet-clad children from Moler Elementary School. They were learning how to safely navigate city streets thanks to Tricia Kovacs and her "Safety Town,"
a portable plywood city that allows for the education of proper hand signals, stop-sign routines, and other important cycling rules and info. It was a hive of happy, energetic kids enjoying the use of the donated bikes.

Columbus PD and Fire Departments were on hand to demonstrate the equipment they use to keep the kids safe..and to encourage them to stay in school so they too could live to take their dream jobs. The kids really loved the fire truck siren.

Watching the kids wearing their helmets ALL DAY, regardless of whether or not they were riding, was a great sight. All the helmets had been donated as well, and it was encouraging to see all the emphasis on safe navigation while cycling.

The dog was the "partner" to a woman who worked for Animal Control. He was really calm with all the nervous kids who were fascinated by him. The fire truck siren made the ol' boy howl, and all the kids laughed..or ran!

The Max & Erma's crew were there, and the two ladies (one inside the costume on a 90 degree day) involved were eager to be there and support the program. Both were busy store managers who took time out of their day to be there.

Mr. Bruce Black was busy getting all the tykes jazzed up about the days events. It's great to know guys like Bruce exist on a city payroll. The things he accomplishes with so little are amazing, and the people who live here should be very proud of what he does with their tax dollars.

Mayor Coleman stopped by for a speech, to high-five some kids, and talk to the press about his plans. He told every kid who came to talk to him that he loved them, and wanted to come ride bikes with them. Very touching!

The kids at Moler had a very active day...from rock-climbing, to running and cycling, they were exhausted by the time 12:30 rolled around. All the snacks were healthy, and it was great to watch them all work so hard.

Lyd and I do everything we can to support this program, and many team sponsors have donated things through the team that end up helping this endeavor out. SIGMA sends computers, Amino Vital drink mix keeps up moving, and I am happy to be a part of the fabric here. Thanks to Mayor Coleman (below) and Bruce Black for allowing us to step up and help.

I left quickly, and headed to the new OSU Student Union building to take part in a special meeting for Pelotonia (ride to cure cancer), with special guests Dr. Gordon Gee and Buckeye Head Coach Jim Tressel. By 2:30 I was back at work an actually got out by 9:30p.m. Nice.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Here's Claudia Espinoza racing track in Mexico. BREATHTAKING shot. Enjoy.

Vegas Bob's TOC Photo Essay

Thanks again to World Famous Vegas Bob for the sweet snaps from the TOC!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New "H-Factor" Tire Sneak!

This pic just in from Hans Rey! His new KENDA H-FACTOR tire is ready to rock and roll. Gotta love it!

Whole Foods Market To Carry "Feels Like This."

I just heard back from the Whole Foods Market in Dublin, Ohio today! They have agreed to purchase the remaining inventory of the first pressing of "Feels Like This" to sell in their store, and have asked her to come on their one-Sunday-per-month Children's Day to sing live and promote the album! LOVE IT! Whole Foods hosts a TON of great cooking classes, and even hosts birthday parties for the little ones. The cd's will be for sale by this weekend at Whole Foods Dublin!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Charles In Charge.

So like I said earlier, I have to pass on the majority of my races this year- just trying to finish up school on a good note. But, that doesn't mean there isn't time for good riding! We have been blessed in SoCal with great weather these past few weeks. Saturday, my friends and I went for a ride at Angelus Oaks, followed by an epic ride at San Juan Trail. Here is a picture from the top of Angelus Oaks, breaking in my new XC toy (and yes, I'm wearing a hoody... it was cold!) and a video compilation of the descent. Not sure why, but as the guy who hadn't ridden Angelus Oaks in 10 years, I was elected to lead the group out! The other picture is just a shot from the top of San Juan, it had stopped hailing just minutes before. Also, despite my apprehension, my 2.1 Kenda El Mocos performed great going down the rough San Juan trail. Everybody else chose to run larger tires, and someone even pinch flated, but these skinny little suckers held up!

Death Row from Dirty Mike on Vimeo.


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Vegas Bob At The Tour Of California

The 6th day of the TOC, and World Famous Vegas Bob rode the course for your 6,750 feet!

Ascending the highway to Big Bear is a long and rest-free climb, covering many thousands of feet of elevation. Late storms over the desert left snow along side the race course.

For WFVB, "KOM" stand for "Kookie Old Man."

James Keller's Contest Submission.

So, here's the thing. I love the guys at SIGMA SPORT. Why do I love them, and why are they such a great fit for us here at Backbone Adventure Cycling. SIGMA's competitor( not really) Cateye held a contest a while back. they asked that people submit custom artwork for their new computers, and the winner would get a free one of their own design. Something tells me James' entry didn't win....

Saturday, May 15, 2010

KHS Pro GRT UCI DH Race Coming!

Coming soon! 2010 KHS Bicycle Gravity Open DH Race at Plattekill Bike Park, May 20-24, 2010. It will be the second stop of the Pro/Am Gravity Tour in 2010. The Pro Gravity Tour (Pro GRT) is the USA Cycling National Series for Downhill racing. The KHS Bicycle Gravity Open will feature a UCI Downhill Points Race and will also be used a the Junior World Team Qualifier for the World Champs. The pro leader of the Pro GRT Series will also be automatically qualified to the USAC World Team.
This race will also be the Inaugural Eastern States Cup Race. Pro's will compete for a $1575 Cash Purse. Amateurs will compete for 4 complete Bicycles going to the fastest Cat 1,2,3 Men and the fastest Amateur Woman. These are all top of the line bicycles with a total value of over $15000.

More Info on the event:
2010 Eastern States Cup Series Schedule
#1 May 21/24 Plattekill – Pro/Am Gravity Tour - UCI Points – Jr World Team Qualifier
#2 June 5/6 Mount Snow – Welcome Back race
#3 June 26/27 Mount Snow – USAC VT State Championship
#4 July 3/5 Plattekill - Gravity East Series Race
#5 July 24/25 Mount Snow – Mountain Bike Festival – Rte 66 XC Race
#6 Aug 21/22 Plattekill – Pre World Cup Event
#7 Sep 18/19 Plattekill – USAC NY State Championship
#8 Oct 9/10 Plattekill – Series Finals

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Vegas Bob's Version Of Race Report; Idllywild

I did a race last weekend.
It was the Idyllwild Spring Challenge.
My truck and I got there very quickly.
A man in the parking lot said “I hope you race as fast as you drive.”
I told him "I do" (I lied).
PMBC guys who didn’t even know me let me in front of them in the registration line so I could get to my race on time.
My race started.
My lower back hurt like hell.
That made the race hard.
Everyone passed me.
Climbing out of the seat felt better.
So I passed some people.
Then they passed me back when it got flatter.
The course had lots of swoopy turns and rocks.
It was very fun on my Tomac Carbide.
The 21% pavement climb was not fun.
It was long and arduous.
I used my Hydrapak Overflow and put extra salt in my Amino Vital-filled Gel Bot and my legs didn’t seize up like Chris’s heart after a Turtleburger like they did at Sea Otter.
I beat the guy in my category who was chasing me.
I sprinted around corners so he wouldn’t see me and try to catch me.
Vanessa also raced.
Cheyne said he had an audition with the Thunder from Down Under and couldn’t race.
Timari also raced.

***Timari "Booty" Pruis racing her ass off*** I drove Timari and her booty up to the start of the SuperD so she wouldn’t have to ride the bus. She has bad memories of when she rode the short bus to school. I took a picture of her. Here it is. She is going fast. We ate lots of BBQ pork at the venue. We helped Jim from Kenda with his stuff.
Roger sold lots of rubber. He told people that Vegas Bob was slow but not because of his tires. We didn't want to, but we drove home.
The End.