Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Randy's Race Report; US Cup Fontana!


Well dude I guess I came out of a semi hiatus from bike racing this last weekend for the national at Fontucky! after listening to Kim telling me to go and have some fun I finally said ya what the I'll get spanked but go have some fun. So Wednesday night I signed up for super-d and x-c and Thursday off I went. Got up there and set up camp and sat and watched NCAA basketball oh and drank beer. So Friday morning I talked to Roger to find out when he would get there so I could help set up the Kenda truck then go out and pre-ride the course. I met the new guy Tony he seems pretty cool but not into the Mnt. biking just the BMX but I got to say he busted his ass the whole weekend and like I said way cool guy.

OK enough of the B.S. Saturday was super-d day so I went out to pre-ride the course and I have heard nothing but great things about this years course BUT not for me it is some what of a D-H course with rock gardens and some technical stuff and my tech skills are not up to snuff so I pulled out (did I just say that) instead of possibly getting hurt. So Sunday rolls around and I find out we are doing four laps instead of three and I'm saying right on six rides in six months and we are doing four laps boy this is going to be fun....

So off the start I was near the back and a half mile into it I am thinking holly shit if this is the pace I am fucked because I can't do this for a half a lap let alone four laps so I just settled in to a comfortable pace (SLOW) and just wanted to Finnish. Well half way threw the second lap my back is screaming WTF I thought we quit this!!!!! and I'm thinking I can't quit I have never quit a race yet and I'm not starting now so I finished and ended up getting eighteenth out of twenty three so I was happy because no way was I getting last.

It was sooooo nice to be back at the race's and hanging out with everyone I had a lot of fun and the course was unreal with the little rain that came threw made the dirt so rad it was unreal. I think I will be going to riverside this weekend (and Kim's going with right on) for the next one and looking forward to it. I also want to say thanks to all of our sponsors ( sigma,kenda,Tomac,hydrapak,KMC chains,661 sunline, and Ryder's eye wear) because with fuel going up like it is I wouldn't be able to go without there help.

Talk to ya next week.


P.S Thanks for all your help and support Roger!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Chuck-T's US Cup DH Report.

Yo Cap'n!
So I was hoping that pictures from the weekend would be posted a little quicker, but I'm still waiting on my usual websites to get them posted. As soon as they do I will send you some updated race photos.
It was a great weekend at the Fontucky Derby (AKA Kenda Cup West). Donny and the Southridge crew put together a great new race course. The track had a great flow from top to bottom, and even had a tricky steep section about half way down. The weather held off with only scattered showers throughout the week, and some drizzle in the morning before the downhill race. The course was tacky and FAST!
I decided, after much deliberation, to race expert/category 1 this year. I haven't had much time for riding and training so I felt this was justified. Despite not riding much over the winter I pulled off a 7th place finish in the expert downhill. This was my first time on my DH bike since the early fall. I had a smooth but cautious run, and am looking forward to participating in the remainder of the California State Series this year. Hopefully, with some more riding and training, I can turn that 7th into some podium finishes!
Also, I just emailed Joel at Tomac... I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my brand new Tomac Vanish 160! I plan on racing this bike (which is over 10 lbs lighter than my Primer 220) at Woodward and other short and smooth downhill courses this year. I will send pictures as soon as it arrives and is built!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

US Cup Fontucky and Jeff Eats S**t!

This weekend, the 3rd stop on the US Cup West lands in Fontucky, CA. Look for inbred trucker girls and the radiation plume from the nation's first "Super-Fund" toxic clean up site (thanks U.S. Gov't and ROHR Aircraft for that one)..and you'll find the race course! Best of luck to all who are set to race this weekend..

In other news...
Backbone team endurance rider Jeff "Tookie" Williams is out with possible broken shoulder from a stick-wedge in front wheel during yesterday's ride. News coming from the E.R. soon..

Monday, March 21, 2011

Tookie's Day Off

I'm sure this happens to you all the time. Sometimes at work when people find out that I ride a mountain bike, they tell me how they used to ride here and there when they were younger, and I always offer to take them out for an off road spin. I've only had a few taker in the past and most realize after a few miles our sport is a hell of a lot more demanding then they willing to put their body through.
So my friend Josh from work wanted to try mountain biking today, I set him up on my old hardtail, went through the basics of shifting, wheel tracking and warnings of how bad his legs, arms, back and ass was going to hurt.
I'm here to say Josh kicked ass!!!!!! Riding through mud, rock gardens and root walls fearlessly. Josh also got a short clinic on trail repair when he snapped his chain with about 8 miles, but he just kept spinning and hung in for the whole 15 miles with about 1800 vert. of climbing.
What I enjoyed the most today was sharing our sport with someone else who wasn't afraid to saddle up, put forth the effort, push through the pain and ride it out.
Welcome to the fold Josh!!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

US Cup Bonelli; Ara's Race Report


We always called the Bonelli race "Smelli Bonelli" from 2004 when there was a dead fish in the Raging Waters runoff which we had to ride through. We all dreaded this race because the whole thing was a fireroad circle where it usually reached 100 degrees on the freeway side climb. Things have changed and have changed for the better. The course was awesome. Plenty of technical singletrack with obstacles that smacked our chainrings and twists/turns to make us dizzy. Cat 1 had to do 4 laps of 5.1 miles. Those steep power climbs got tougher and tougher.

I was personally looking for redemption from the Sagebrush race. Getting hammered the night before was not a good idea. This time I turned off my cellphone at 8pm and was in bed, daylight savings time came early for me. With my trusty sidekick and all around good guy Shortstack we drove out in the dark towards Bonelli for the 8am start. It was nice and chilly with a good marine layer banked in. For the first time I felt prepared getting to the race course. The 5 race bottles were topped off with Amino Vital, the bike was in perfect condition with the # already zip-tied on. For the first time I wanted to warm up on a trainer, dude, that was great. In just 10 minutes I was sweating and by the end of the warm up I was feeling loose. Roger dialed in my tire pressure just perfect.

Got to the start line little late so I was stuck in the back of a large pack. Could see my category scattered around the other categories, eyeing them up. A couple of familiar faces from the past couple of years and new ones. Gun goes off and we're gone. Felt good because of the warm up and pass a few on the first steep climb and settle in the line for the first singletrack section. The singlespeeders were right behind me and ahead of me so that gave me motivation not to slack off.

I found my nemesis for this race right on the first lap. Bearded guy (I was jealous) with the Giant jersey. I passed him and then he came right back and passed me. For the first two laps were were just going back and forth. For a bit I had lost track of him in the twist and turns but fought through and reeled him back in. The Karma tires were hooking up really well on the descents. The Tomac Type-X was a dream again on the ups and downs. All of these factors gave confidence and ability to be competitive. The Rage was coming out. Mustered some motivation and passed him hard on a climb and didnt look back. That was a personal victory for me that day.

The last lap was the most painful. I felt the first twinges of cramping in my hamstrings. Didnt want to slow down too much or stop because of the bearded Giant rider, so I chugged the last of my Amino Vital and kept spinning. The last twist and turn climb near the finish nearly did me in, any second my legs were going to seize up but managed through and finished strong.

In the end, I was hoping for a top 10 finish but got 13th. Was a little disappointed but felt much better physically and especially mentally. Still got alot of work ahead of us. The word is Fontucky is going to be really tough in two weeks with a new extended climb. Hamstrings are "toiwght like a tiger" right now.

It was great to have everybody there for support. Shortstack feeding me bottles, Mr. Margve and his family cheering us on, and my brother, his wife, and nephew was great to see. Big Al made a cameo appeareance at the end. Christie and Greg Pleiss were there also to support Carolyn. Mallory is 18 months old with Christie due in the next month with a boy, awesome seeing them again.

Major thanks to Roger again for the work he does setting up the easy-ups and looking after us. Humberto is an animal with his new Niner, 7th place ! We all missed Vegas Bob's ginger hair on Sunday. Cheyne had a bad ass handle-bar mustache. Vanessa needs to drink more beer. Mark Thome is my hero.

Finally thanks to our sponsors. Tomac bicycles, Kenda tires, Amino Vital, Xpedo pedals, Sigma, Spinergy Wheels, and Ryder sunglasses. Thanks to Jay and Jim at Royal for the gloves and socks for the race. Anybody else? God? Sacred Elephant? Mom? Chris?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Seriously, Bob?

World Famous Vegas Bob's weekend;
Saturday...8hrs 38min. 40sec. 10,500ft of climbing. 14th place. Ultra Quest '11 in the books.
Today? Defending his top 5 placement in the U.S. Cup series at Bonelli Park.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Vegas Bob's Sagebrush Report.

Yeah Chris, the season opener at Sagebrush Safari was interesting to say the least. I was picked up by Mark with PMBCer Sean on Saturday afternoon for the trip down past San Diego. It was super sunny and right around 70 degrees. After we passed SD and started east, though, it wasn't long until the temp dipped. The sky got darker and soon it was raining, then a bit of hail, and ultimately we got to the snow. Cars slowed to a creep as we were enveloped in a white blanket normally only seen by Southern Californians on TV. As we queued up in the line behind the snow plow, yes there was that much snow, Mark busted out the Christmas mix from his iPod and Dean Martin completed our winter wonderland experience.

We got to the registration tent and the bundled up girls gave us our new resource-saving "one number plate all season." The small propane space heater they had fired up was a great idea, as were the Girl Scout Cookies they were hawking, and none of us could resist picking up a box of before we headed back out into the snow and to the hotel.

Sunday am didn't come too early as the start was scheduled to be at 11, except for Roger who had already accompanied Jim Wannamaker out to the course for set-up. We got texts from him with pics of the 4 inches of snow on the start line and it was a bit before he confirmed that the race actually wasn't cancelled because of the weather.

It was actually fantastically sunny, but it was still pretty cold and of course there was a layer of snow on everything at the venue. They postponed the start to noon, which I myself couldn't complain about. That gave plenty of time for me to get a good warm-up with The Fuzz and to decide how many layers to wear. As it got later and the sun got higher it warmed up quite a bit but there was still a chilly breeze. I decided to go *with* a vest, but *without* winter gloves that make pulling the brake levers a little more difficult. It proved to be the perfect setup.

The start was horrible. You would think that since there were much fewer racers because of the strange weather it would make the start easier, but throwing different age categories together combined with the delayed start time and apparently a lack of event staff, it was a certified mess. The staff holding the category signs weren't spaced enough apart, or weren't spaced apart at all, and were holding multiple signs, so the Juniors who should have been behind us with the Seniors had mixed in in front of us, and the next sign holder wasn't far enough back to keep us from all being smashed together. When the "Go" was given, the mahem ensued. Half of the Juniors knew that they were supposed to be behind us, so they just sat there and half of us struggled to get around them without putting a skewer or a foot into the guy's wheel next to you. The other half of the Juniors who didn't know any better started pedalling with us, but then slowed when they started realizing what had happened. We were quickly on pavement, which made moving around easier, but with huge puddles, tons of potholes, and lots of racers it still made making headway very sketchy.

After the first big turn back onto dirt we were on what is normally the final stretch of the course, where the stream crossing is. With the intense weather, the stream crossing was close to three feet deep, and it was crazy! The first lap we made it though pretty easily, but subsequent laps proved more difficult as we mingled with the less experienced classes and also ourselves became tired. The loose stone lining of the bottom of the stream, invisible from above, moved underneath your tires and made keeping your momentum difficult. Needless to say the water was freezing, but I think after I got halfway dunked on the second lap the initial shock actually jolted me into riding faster!

The rest of the course was basically cyclocross conditions, with slippery mud, hard packed fireroad, and grass. My CX season definitely gave me an advantage, as well as my Kenda Short Trackers which acted like road tires on the pavement and hard pack, and like mud boggers though the muck. It was super tricky flying through the course, with the multiple laps and all categories on the course at the same time forcing you to keep focus and keep dodging obstacles and other riders. My xpedo M-Force Ti/Ti pedals were amazing, I never had trouble clipping in or out even after having to run through the thickest mud section after getting caught in traffic. Unfortunately my SIGMA computer was covered with slop for the entire race, but still got all the stats and was fine after a good hose-down. I used my Amino Vital to replenish my electrolytes after the race, as well as wash the mud out of my teeth. Thanks to all the sponsors, it's great to start a new season with great back up.

All in all it was a blast! Especially seeing Ara upon his reappearance after winter hibernation. I think he saw his shadow though, and there's gonna be 3 more weeks of hard training (and drinking) before he shows his face in sunlight again. And definitely thanks to Mark for hauling us out there through the snow in his 4X Ford with the heater on.


Sunday, March 06, 2011

Abel Vaca In Hit & Run "Accident" Saturday.

Our very own team member and all around swell guy Abel Vaca has some very sad news for us all today. Yesterday, while riding from Pacoima across the Valley to reach the Santa Monica Mountains, Abel was winged by a car's mirror on the road. Smashing into his elbow, the impact flung him across the shoulder. His bike (a 2010 Tomac Carbide) had initially survived, until ANOTHER car came barreling down the road and crushed the front Spinergy disc wheel. Abel was out getting in some training mileage for the next installment of the U.S. Cup series at Bonelli Park, where he was hoping to throw down his first race of the season. Please be sure to hit Vaca up and make sure he's ok this week..hopefully he'll be out to see everyone next weekend!

Saturday, March 05, 2011


*Bonelli U.S. Cup pre-ride and photo shoot this weekend, contact Roger for details!

The season opener for the U.S. Cup went down last weekend in San Diego, CA. Called the Sagebrush Safari, it was set in the Big laguna Mountains at Lake Morena. Always a favorite, this year the venue would see a number of white and snowy inched fall the night before the race. Making the usual course unsafe, they modified to more of a short track set up. Backboners are good at short track. Vanessa was so good, in fact, that she took second in Cat 1 for her age, and landed on Cycling News' race coverage.

Vegas Bob may actually have WON his race, but he came in a lap too soon after leading it out most of the way. They gave him 5th as a consolation prize. Cheyne and Mark both landed a top ten finish, and had Ara not boozed up in the Gas Lamp district the night before the race, he wouldn't have DNF'd and blown chunks.

Yesterday was also cool, because I found out Vanessa is being used in a HUGE wall for XPEDO's booth at the Taipei Trade Show coming in two weeks. That's awesome, because that booth will likely end up at Interbike, as well. She's also in a large ad for XPEDO, to be used in mountain bike magazines all over the U.S.!

I was looking for magazine Lydia was in this week, and saw the new glossy Decline Magazine and picked it up. On or near the back page was a neat thing. It was a FULL PAGE AD for XPEDO, featuring Charles! WOW, that's two BIG Charles ads in Decline in 6 months! that kicks complete ass. Thanks to Ken at XPEDO for all the help.

Probably the BIGGESt news this week is the departure of KENDA's Jim Wannamaker. After years of teasing his leaving the post of North American Marketing Director, the self-procalimed "Hardest Working Man In The Bike Industry" has finally left for Vee Rubber. Jim has been all things to the U.S. grassroots and Pro cycling world, and nobody is really sure of how deep the impact of his leaving will affect us all. KENDA attends more events than anyone, and with the season JUST beginning, KENDA is going to need a big personality to fill an even bigger hole...a.s.a.p.

On the home front, my new radio show kicked off this week, with episode #1 airing yesterday morning at 8:13a.m. Mark Dantzer from MIX 107.9 is an avid cyclist, and roll: bikes of Columbus was kind enough to grant me the time to go set all this up and get going. Our first guest was City Of Columbus' Neighborhood Services Coordinator and spin class instructor Bruce Black, who oversees the City's Bike Safety Program. I am hoping the podcast will be available by Monday, and the station's website is here to the blog for the podcast when it's available.

On the home-front, Lydia was also in another magazine interview this week! Just out yesterday, Lyd had a great 3 page write up inside Tri Village Magazine. You can read the web-article here
The printed version is much nicer looking, but at least the article is in it's entirety on the website. Also, Lydia and I have to leave for Nashville Monday, for a great show at the Hotel Indigo!

Just to add a bit of sweetness on, I also got a call from ABC's Maria Durant, asking for Lyd's help at a huge city-wide fundraiser coming in the summer. Seriously? I couldn't be happier right now..especially since I'm typing this from a brand new HP laptop. :)

DON'T FORGET! Team pre-ride at Bonelli, and Ken from Xpedo wants you all to "LOOK SEXY!"

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Jim Wannamaker Leaves Kenda Tire For Vee Rubber

The self-proclaimed "Hardest Working Man In The Bike Industry" (next to Roger, of course) has finally submitted his resignation from KENDA Tire. Our beloved and hairy submariner will be the honch at Vee Rubber. Jim has toucheed nd changed so many peoples lives in the cycling world, I'm not too sure how it will ever recover. I don't know a single person at a single company that makes the efforts to get to as many events (and away from the office) as Jim does. Although we will miss him greatly at KENDA, we love and support his decision and wish him the best.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Bike Radio Show On MIX107.9!

Friday morning at 8a.m. the first installment of my new radio show (Thanks to D.J. Mark Dantzer for allowing it, and hosting it!) goes on the air! The spot shed light on the roll: bicycles chain of stores, the local cycling community and on all-things-cycling here in Columbus, from the politics to the people involved. Our first guest is City Of Columbus Neighborhood Services Coordinator Bruce Black, who I work with in Mayor Michael Coleman's Neighborhood Pride Bike Safety Program. It's REALLY great to be able to bring in guests and talk about EVERYTHING cycling, providing the listening public with a great expanded view and dynamic look into the cycling lifestyles here in Cbus. With so many great events going down through roll: and all the stellar city-wide events, the show will be jam-packed with fun, interesting and entertaining material. Visit for the podcast later Friday afternoon, and be sure to tell Mark how great it is that he hosts cycling material on his show!

Fuzzy's Sagebrush Safari Report.

The Fuzz has been kind of absent from normal team shenanigans for a couple of years now, and apparently all that clean livin' has made his liver a bit "vulnerable." One night of drinking before a race clearly managed to affect him, which is going to put him on "Heckle-Watch" for at least the next 4 weeks.

Hey Chris,

This is my race report.

I lost my balls somewhere in a San Diego bar around 2am so I DNF'd. Easiest way for me to put it. Felt horrible during the race. I had to work extra on the first lap because I missed my start even though I was at the start line. Popped on the first lap and that was it for me. First DNF for me.

Punished myself today on the bike for being an idiot on Saturday night. Gearing up for Bonelli now. Gotta shake it off and focus. Sorry to all who were at the race and sponsors. The Tomac Type-X worked great through the mud and the Kenda tires. No trouble with the X-Pedo pedals clicking in and out. Sigma Rox worked throughout the mudfest. Amino Vital, plain out love you guys (best hangover drink).

Searching for his nads,


Vanessa Humic In Cycling News!

Check out the current Cycling News Sagebrush Safari coverage! Right there in full color is a GREAT pic of Vanessa bringing home silver for the US Cup series opener! Great job V, on a COLD and mucky race course.