Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Fuzziests' Big Bear XC Race Report; DH Skills take The Win!

Round #5 of the Kenda US Cup was in Big Bear which means high altitude with sustained climbing. Got up there early Sunday morning to blue skies and warm temperatures. Did not go out the night before and actually rested. Humberto, Vegas Bob, and Vanessa were there also to race.

The course is suited for my style of riding, long sustained climbing in altitude. For first time in a long time, especially in Cat. 1, I felt good and was competitive during the race. It is a fast course with mostly fireroad but the singletrack downhills for the Long Course were sweet. Instead of going down 1E01 we had to climb it up which kicked some butt.

On the way back to the finishing downhill I had some cramping in my hamstrings which slowed me down a bit. Pushed really hard on the climb out because one of my category riders, we've been battling all season long, passed me but got him back. As soon as I hit the downhill section to the finish he passed me again. In the passed I would have given up but no way, not this time. Rallied back, stuck to his wheel, hamstring cramping like a mofo. Technical downhill was next, Fall Line, and I knew I could take him there. Years of riding on the same trail gave me the advantage. Came around a corner, slammed the door, and took off with out looking back. All the way to the finish line. Talking about an adrenaline rush, white-knuckling it down with no brakes, the trail was freaky but at the same time thrilling.

I know the other racer in my category is going to be gunning for me at the next race at Santa Ynez. He is a really good guy and we're both enjoying the competitiveness but with respect at the same time. Got more work to do this next two weeks.

Finished 6th, which is my best result of the season, best result in Cat. 1 ever! The Tomac Type-X worked flawlessly, felt like I had suspension. The Kenda Karmas hooked up perfectly in the various sandy/rocky sections. Xpedo pedals did not get caked with mud and the Ryder glasses got splattered but nothing in my eye. Bike was caked with mud and dirt, but the Sigma Rox 9.0 worked flawlessly. Royal gloves are very comfortable and never missed a shift because of the tackiness of the finger tip rubbers. Spinergy wheels are still true even after a year of riding them hard. Couldn't have done any of this without the support of the sponsors.

Missed Roger this weekend. Humberto got top 5 finish! Vegas Bob blew up. Crazy Irish. Mark Thome is my hero after driving down straight from Sacramento and still ripping it. Vanessa needs to eat another burger, you still rock though.

Thanks to all, until next time ...


Thursday, May 05, 2011

Charles' New TOMAC VANISH 160!

Yo man,
I just got this back from my local shop a little while ago. I am pumped on how my Vanish 160 looks! And for those wondering, UPS still has yet to explain what happened to the first frame I was sent. Anyway, I haven't ridden it yet because my week is a little hectic, but I plan on breaking it in this weekend. Initial impressions are that it looks just like my old Snyper 140 (which was awesome), only it has an extra inch of travel and is almost a pound lighter! This is exactly what I always wished my Snyper could have been since I will be using this for Mammoth, Big Bear, and mellow DH courses. And yes, I'm well aware of the extra chain rings in the front. Don't worry, I will have them removed as soon as my chain guide arrives. Until then, I will have to contend with having a shifter on both the right AND left side of the handlebars...