Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Mark and Fuzzy Racing 'Cross in Griffith Park!

Hey Chris,

The Santa Cross race was this past weekend over in Griffith Park, next
to the Greek Theatre. Short course but with a long steep climb and
twisty downhill turns. Perfect for a mountain bike, especially my Tomac
Type-X Carbon hardtail.

Mark Thome raced on Saturday morning with a 20th place finish. The man
is getting stronger and stronger with each event.

I raced on Sunday only (sinus cold) in the Class B with my best result
of the season 10th out 34. Power of the moustauche!

For fun my brother, Gabe, Gabes daughters AJ, and I entered in the costume relay race. Dressed in turn of the century gentlemen clothing, good times!



Monday, December 05, 2011

Fuzzy's LACX Race Report

Another beautiful day in Southern California with clear blue skies and
temperature in the mid 60's. Racing cyclocross at the Los Angeles State
Historic Park is amazing. You have the Downtown skyline in the
background, Elysian Park with Dodger Stadium to the right, and the
light rail Metro passing by every couple of minutes right next to the
course. This used to be the site for the Southern Pacific Railroad
River Station in 1875 then turned to the Union Station Railroad Depot.
The greatest part of it all is the bike ride down the LA River BikePath
from home. Good warm up and fueling up with Amino Vital to have those
muscles ( or lack there of) to fire on all cylinders.

The course was changed since the last time which made it really fast
and flowy. Couple of more stairs and uphill runs, the first half of the
course was really choppy. Spinergy Xcyclone Disc wheelset with PBO
spokes dampened alot of the chatter. Very dry conditions, loose dirt,
but really green grass sections. Ryder sunglasses came in handy to
block the rocks and sunlight. Xpedo pedals took another beating
clipping in and out over hurdles but still work like new. Choosing my
Tomac Type-X carbon hardtail was a good decision on the rough terrain
and the quick rolling Small Block 6 1.75 came in handy on the tight
turns, but lost some time on the fast straightaways. Team mate and
overall Jolly Ol' Fellow Mark Thome was in attendance and was the first
to go off. With Montana still in his belly, he threw down some hot laps
and beat Forrest of PMBC ( had put my money on him) and Rod from Surf
City Cycles. Mark's Sigma Computer registered his two final laps his
fastest, the DEISEL! Eventually Mark had human fluids coming out of
every hole on his head, now thats pushing yourself. By the way, Mark
has the loudest cow bell. Still cant hear anything.

Started in last place in the Class B race and had to work my way up the
field. Todays goal was to work on my flat terrain speed. Always have
trouble in MTB races where there is a slight downhill or if it is
totally flat (climbing is what I do). Felt strong overall. The
regiments of leg and core workouts with my dad are starting to pay off.
Had to chase down Adam for much of the race and eventually passed him
with couple of turns to go but he nicked me in the sprint finish. Had
my highest placement in Class B this season, feeling pretty good. The
bike ride home with Piper and Rob of H+S bike shop of Burbank was a
nice end to the day.

Side notes : Mr. Margve's daughter raced in the Junior class and did
well. She races in the SoCal High School MTB league and using these
races to get into racing shape.

Thank you again to our sponsors that support us : Kenda Tires and tubes
( thanks for the hollers Roger), Tomac bikes, Amino Vital, Ryder
Sunglasses, Sigma Computers, Royal MTB clothing, Voler apparel,
Spinergy Wheels, and everybody cheering and having fun out there