Wednesday, May 02, 2012

The hills of the Santa Ynez Valley are rolling seas of green lined with vineyards that yield aromatic grapes which will turn into fine wine... That is how a Fitzgerald novel might start but this is mountain biking. Its rough, fast, and unforgiving. That is the way we like it. It got hot pretty quick for the 11am start. Had a great warm-up on Zaca Station and Foxen Canyon. Fueled up with Amino Vital during the 30 minute warm-up, checked my Sigma Rox 9.0 computer to make sure it was time to head back to the race course. Tomac Type-X had come to life with a new drivetrain thanks to Montrose Bike Shop (Will is my boy!). After a quick chat with Roger from Kenda about tire choice, I kept my Karma 2.0's on, which was a great idea, thanks Roger! Royal gloves on, Ryder Sunglasses cleaned, Spinergy wheelsets still spinning true, and clipping into my Xpedo pedals we were off on a long 11 mile loop. Felt good on Sunday. Didn't push myself to keep up the pack, those guys are way too fast, didnt want to blow myself up. The lower back pains are there but not as bad as before. Stretching and strengthening workouts have helped out alot. Joyce was awesome to feed us that day. Panic set in on my second lap when I couldn't spot her but she was there under a tree waiting for my slow butt. That bottle of AMINO VITAL ENDURANCE was a life savor. The course was bone dry and chattery... filling fell out but way better than the clay mud fiasco of last year. The Super-D portion of the race was awesome, catching some air off those doubles and table tops was a blast. Style points anybody? No? Fine. Good news is that my second lap time was much faster
than my first. Knocked 7 minutes off the first lap time. Felt myself pushing through my barriers. Still came in 10th but personally it was the first race in a long time that I felt strong and the bike finally worked perfectly. Held off couple of other riders from different categories to the finish, great sprint into the finish line. Humberto, his son, Mark Thome, and I went on a 10 mile cool down in search of a mythical motocross track. That hurt, but it made the beers sweeter. Hanging out under the EZ- Up with Kenda with other riders having tacos and beers makes you realize its more than just a race, its a lifestyle. Vegas Bob is sorely missed. Hoping for a quick recovery brother, missed you out there.
Major thank you again for our sponsors who make it happen for us average joe's : Amino Vital, Kenda Tires, Tomac Bikes, Ryder Sunglasses, Xpedo Pedals, Sigma Sport, Spinergy Wheels, Royal Clothing, Voler, and everybody else out there shredding it on two wheels. Fuzz