Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Team News!

  It's 2013!!  Happy New Year everyone!  Lots of fun stuff coming, and one old thing that left (no, not me..sorry). First I guess I should tell you all that after thirteen long and fruitful years, the team battlewagon has finally been sold. The '99 GMC Sierra (pictured below with "Glendale Heavy" Alex) that has driven the team stuff to just about every race from the CFR days to the present is gone..sold...and I'm kinda sad.  In her place though is a shiny new car with better mileage..but a bit less storage space. The old truck had 185,000 miles put on her and most of that was added driving to rides, races and Interbikes!  She will be missed...just not the money it took to keep her running.:)

    Jeff Williams has announced his desire to return to his roots. Not so much standard XC racing this year, but a full-blown attack on endurance racing again. past events that he did very well in, like the 24 Hours Of Burn in Wilkesboro, North Carolina will be his deal. He has even reached out to sponsor Amino Vital, who's corporate office here in the U.S. is just down the road from there..to come join him at the race!  Jeff had a stellar season here in the midwest, taking home the series title in the Clydesdale category against some amazing athletes.

   Mark and The Fuzz have been racing a lot...especially the Fuzz...in the So Cal 'Cross series. Mark has been snapping pix when not racing..THANKS!  Mark's son and Backboner Matt Thome has also rejoined the ranks now that his school is slowing down a bit. Great to have him back for 2013!  Fuzz has really been plowing out the races this winter in So cal, racing 'cross on his Tomac Type X hardtail. That's a LOT of work! 

   In other news, the team orders from Amino Vital and Ryders are on the way, and we are even working on a fun partnership between Amino Vital and Hydrapak!  Look for the west coast orders to land any time.  I am perosally working on a great event for this weekend at the nation's leading children's museum, COSI, here in Columbus. I'll be putting together a killer kids bike rodeo with wooden Push bikes, and a great "Kids Vs. Parents Speed Trap" that is being backed by SIGMA COMPUTERS!  Next week I return to COSI to have a second meeting with their set designers on a project/exhibit I pitched to them last month called "The Science Of Cycling." Details soon!

  OK guys...have a great January, hope to see you all soon.