Monday, February 03, 2014

Randy Rush ALIVE?!?

Yo Cap'n,
Well it's been a long time since I've sent any kind of report for the blog, and though this is not a race report I thought I would put something together. So I haven't been racing for almost three years now (man that's a long time). I have still been riding my trusty old Tomacs, but not anymore!
Though those were great bikes I have moved on to the world of 27.5 with a 2014 Giant Anthem. When I decided to sell my Tomacs I didn't have a bike to ride, so with MUCH hesitation I borrowed my nephew's Anthem 29er (I said I would never ride one) and I have to say I had to eat crow because I really liked that bike! That was the most comfortable bike I have ever ridden, but I wasn't going to fall into that trap without riding a 27.5.
So on New Years Day a friend of mine, Steve, that owns the cyclery bike shop in La Mirada was going to be at Fontucky with  fleet of demo bikes including the Giant 27.5's. Off I went to try them out and man oh man was that bike insane! It's just as comfortable as the 29er was but for me climbed better felt a lot lighter and corners like or better than a 26er.The 29er is very good but feels like it wants to take the outside line around most corners where the 27.5 I can dive inside go outside or change my line in the middle of any corner.
Last weekend I was going to go to Fontucky and get to racing, but had a few problems with our trailer so I decided to stay home fix that and just go ride as much as I could and hope I could hit the next one. I ended up riding both days over the weekend with about 50 miles and 6000 feet of climbing. This is what surprised me on our Sunday ride... we did a climb that is about seven miles long at about an average of 6 to 7 percent which is fine but I tell you what this bike descends like a MFer it is amazing on the downhill, rolls over anything and everything and the suspension is unreal!
So as you can tell I love this bike.
I'm hoping to hit the next race at Fontucky and do some of the US Cup races but I won't be doing as much as I used to... but that's ok.
On a side note I wanna say WELCOME to the "Yo Newbie" on the team it's a great group of people and unbelievable sponsors! If your friends with Tookie (thought I have never met him in person) you gotta be alright, but I must tell you, you will be judged on your beer drinking more than your bike racing.
I think that's about enough rambling for now.
Hope things are well Captn. Say hi to the new wifey to be.