Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Charles In Charge Part II

Charles "Charlos" Libolt has been having about as much success in his Subaru on the road race circuit as he has in the mountain bike race scene..which is a LOT...Just this past weekend, he not only set two personal bests..but also brought home a gold medal for being a badass.  This guy has been racing since he was a fetus, beating all the other babies out of the womb that warm day in Riverside.

Great job to Charlos, and look for him to downplay his role as DH racer this year and fire up his XC awesomeness for a few races! GO TEAM!

Ara Movsessian Takes Silver In Santa Ynez!

Hey now!  There was some hot Fuzz flyin' up in the Santa Barbara wine country last weekend, and it was our favorite Fuzzbucket! Just up the road from Mission Santa Ynes and the historic Wells Fargo Stage Coach stop town of Los Olivos, there was some serious racing going down last weekend. The U.S. Cup had a stop there, and our Fuzziest decided to swing by and bring home some bling.

Waking up, The Fuzziest thought "Hmmmm...I think I will go rip some legs off of some folks today." And so he would. Packing his bike up and heading north, The Fuzz descended on the Firestone Vineyard to sign up. It was over in just minute or two, like love-making with Randy Rush (happy birthday you old bastard), and then it was a Fuzzy Box-Top! Ara bombed the hill that day, taking the Silver back home to the Masada like stronghold of Armenians that is Glendale, California.

Great job to the Fuzzmaster General!

Monday, April 07, 2014

Josh Qualls and the Georgia Training Camp.

Ashland Cycling Enthusiasts held a training camp in Helen Georgia for 4 days. 7 riders including myself took on the grueling 4 day training camp.

Day One: We did a "warm up" ride going up Hog Pen Gap, a 7.2 mile climb with grades reaching 14% at times. 35.26 miles with 3947 foot of climbing with an abundance of beautiful views with deep valleys.
Day Two: The 90% chance of thunderstorms had us questioning the ride for the day. Bill and I took a chance and was going to get in a short ride. (20 miles) We ran into some other cyclists from the Ohio area and asked if we could tag along, they had a 55 mile loop planned. I didn't realize what we were in for. These guys are racers and were very tough. We managed to stick with them until Unicoi Gap. Some how we averaged 17 mph over a 56.1 mile ride with 4547 foot of climbing. I'm not going to lie I was beat after that ride. It may have been smart in our part to take it easier than what we did since we had a brutal century (100 mile) ride the next day.
Day Three: The 6 Gap Century..... Hog Pen, Wolf Pen, Woody's, Neels, Jacks and Unicoi. 100 miles with close to 11,000 foot of climbing (by far the most elevation I've climbed in a ride). Coming off the back side of Hog Pen I matched my max speed at 52.2 mph!!! We averaged 15.1 mph. I was shocked we were able to even hold that pace. This was a very painful ride but what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. I signed up for a sufferfest and that is exactly what I got. You have to climb the hills to enjoy the descent and this ride had some amazing downhills. Hairpins and long banked corners. By far some of the best decsents I've ridden!

Day Four: "Recovery ride" Hahaha yeah right! 50.5 miles with 4250 foot of climbing. Although, I have to admit I felt great other than a little tenderness in my legs.
We racked up 243.4 miles in 4 days with 22,909 foot of climing.

AMINO VITAL for keeping me hydrated during this training camp. I really needed the Amino Vital Recovery mix after these brutal rides. Also for the arm warmer that kept me warm bombing these descents.
XPEDO PEDALS for these amazing Thrust 8 carbon pedals. I climbed 22,909 foot during this training camp and I'm sure I put them through a lot of torcher and they were right there for me to power up some of these intense climbs!
KENDA TIRES for the fastest rubber on the road. The tires were amazing in the corners!
RYDERS EYEWEAR for sunglasses that shielded my peepers from wind, bugs, sun and the people of Wal Mart.
KMC CHAINS: For the sweet Gold X10SL chain. I put a lot of miles on it during this training camp. I racked up 243.4 miles on it during this brutal 4 day camp!