Monday, May 18, 2015

Josh Qualls And The Mothman

From the saddle of Josh Qualls...
"Legend has it that a mythical being has been spotted in and around Point Pleasant, West Virginia since the late 1960's.The first believed sighting was November 12th, 1966. Five men who were digging a grave at the cemetery near Clendenin, WV claimed to see a man-like figure fly low from the trees over their heads.
A few other sightings happened over the following year leading up to the collapse of the Silver Bridge, December 15, 1967 and the death of 46 people. People speculate that those sightings and the collapse were connected.
After mapping out a route with the Sigma Data Center I was off for a long solo ride, 124.6 miles (which is my personal record for a solo ride) to see the statue of The Mothman.
With a tail wind, I managed to average 20 mph on the trip up. I made it to my destination a lot fast than I had thought. The statue stood tall, at least 12 foot. It's red eyes seemed to glow as it looked over the Ohio River.

I knew with the tail wind, I was going going to have a horrible head wind on the way home, so I skipped the Mothman Museum and headed home. There were times I was holding 15 mph and my Sigma was beeping at me alerting me about staying in my training zone. I looked down and my heart rate was 170+.
Over the 124 miles I still averaged 18.4 mph. I must say it was worth the ride to see the statue.
Thank you Amino Vital for keeping me hydrated on such a long day on the bike. I can't wait to try the new formula."