Sunday, May 29, 2016

Summah Thyme!

Memorial Day in Westerville, Ohio.

Sweaty, swampy, and hotter than a two-peckered goat in mating season. That is precisely how I would describe the higher-than average temps here in the Midwest, steeping in humidity. Not even chamois butter rendered from elephant seal fat could stand up to withering humidity. That being said, it is not negative twenty degrees, either, so you ride in it. I recently replaced some older KENDA TIRE bib shorts with two brand new pair, and what a difference! Voler makes some amazing cycling clothing, and the newly upgraded KENDA bibs are no exception. My days off have changed to Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so the rides have been longer than usual to attempt to maintain a decent mileage goal for the week. Good shorts are a must.

Jeff Williams and his beautiful family. I mean, without him they would be beautiful, of course:)

Jeff “Tookie” Williams is planning a stellar ride down at Greenbo State Park on Memorial Day Monday. 18 miles of singletrack, Kentucky bliss. My riding partner Jon “Angry Cyclist” Hanshaw is up in the mountains of Pennsylvania riding his hardtail through the ferns this week,
The Angry Cyclist (Jon Hanshaw) roaming the mountains of PA.
and it looks like Josh Qualls has been organizing group road and mountain rides and reroofing homes in his spare time.

Josh Qualls in Greenbo, KY.
Josh leading the charge with the Ashland Cycling Enthusiasts.

Randy Rush is looking to get back to racing this season, and Ara has been working very hard to rehab his leg from blood clots and get to the finish line of a race. Vegas Bob has been roaming about France with his sommelier girlfriend, Cyrille.
I love this. Vegas Bob and Cyrille roaming the French countryside on Sturmy-Archer 3 speed vintage bikes.
Bob posing in front of his new bike garage in France.
Drinking and vintage bikes are rad in Europe. Mark Thome seems to be killing it at the Over The Hump race series, occasionally showing up to a Fullerton Death Loop for training and tacos.
Mark Thome has been racing his chamois off!

The Fuzz at the recent Kenda Cup race.


In sponsor news, Peter O’Brien (alias POB) is back working with long time partner Amino Vital. This is great news for both us and them. The new product tastes cleaner and works much better, and under his direction we have seen some great ads with Backboners! Everyone seems to be cruising along this year, and I love seeing the team page blow up with ride and race photos. Keep up the great work, and see you all on the trails!

Finally, winter has moved back to Canada.

Cap’n Chris