Friday, September 09, 2016

Fall Is Here.

Well, finally.
It is a tough thing being a cyclist in Ohio, especially in the humid summer months. You live for Fall, Winter and Spring around here. The weather dries out, gets cooler, and the as the seasons change, it gets stunning. Leaves turn to auburn reds and Crayola yellows, and the bugs are nearly non-existent.
Tire selection gets a bit larger for the winter, like my 2.35 Nevegals on the hardtail. Road tires run a bit softer on days when you are likely to get hit with sleet and hail.

Ara, Bob, Randy and Mark still seem to be enjoying the dry, dusty trails of So Cal, and it has been a pleasure to see Randy Rush pop up on Instagram riding through Cuyamaca and along PCH.  Bob has been busy racing, riding and drinking a LOT of wine north of Frisco. Ara? Well, he's been working hard to get back in to racing shape, taking a podium spot just two races out of the hospital.

Josh and Jeff have been riding a great deal of road and mountain. Josh had wrecked out, but was back on the bike quickly. Seriously, he's fast. Chucky-T has been off the bike, but eating up the track in his Subaru, racking up numerous 1st place finishes again this year.

Me? I have been riding less thanks to the new job, and also due to the disgusting humidity. That is about to change, as you can already start to feel the air get dry, and the mornings don't start out feeling like 96 degrees and swampy. Fresh KENDA tires are mounted on the Titus. New schedule is dropping Monday. FALL IS COMING! Hopefully, I will have some aof that new SIGMA SPORT bling to talk about, as Eurobike is over and we should start to see the new stuff!

Enjoy Fall, and go shred some dirt people!