Saturday, October 08, 2016

Randy Rush To Race Cyclocross This Season!

Oh SNAP! Randy Rush has been working hard this year to get himself back in to riding, and beer drinking, shape. With a new purchase that involved a 2015 TCX, Randy is looking to jump in to 'cross with Fuzz and Mark before the season comes to a close. THREE Backboners on deck for 'cross? YES! Can't wait for it:)

Ara Takes Bronza At Kamikaze Games

Ara is seen above, mid-flight, on his way to stunning third place finish in the Open Men category at the Kamikaze Games in Mammoth, CA.

Mark and Fuzz at Krosstoberfest

Magic Mark and the irrepressible Fuzzbucket were on the scene at last weekends' Krosstoberfest, and wow, whatta race! Ara's write up is here:

"Tough day out at the first Socalcross Prestige series race in Whittier Narrows Park, but so good to be actually out there. Faded in the last couple of laps after a good start, was in the top 15 but ended up 23rd out of 55. Room for improvement that is for sure! Leg held up better than expected with the run ups and dismounts. Amino Vital Pro-E was much needed as the temps rose. Ryder Eyewear kept a...ll the beginning lap dust out of my eyes, Xpedo CXR's worked flawlessly clipping in and out. New KMC chain shifting true in a tough chattery course. Sigma Sport Rox 10.0 went flying when I clipped a tree and went down hard but still working!

Mark Thome threw down some hot laps, great to have another Backboner out there representing. Roger Hernandez with KendaTiresUSA hooked it up with a sweet Kommando X Pro 36 which hooked up well on the hairpin turns. Thank you for the support my friend. Sorry to disappoint you Mike Franze, the beard is growing, but I love all the cheers. Great to see Jonathan Livesay and Isabelle Thompson of Montrose Bike Shop with a strong team out there, especially Robert Sandoval back on the bike after shoulder surgery. Good ride Benjamin Goyette, gunning for you next time! Brewyard Beer Co., Mike Sagun, what a delicious Soul Cal to drink after the race!"