Monday, August 21, 2017

Bob and Fuzzy At The Races.

Back in the countryπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έand back in the races 🏁! Over 20 years ago Greenhorn Bob learned to mountain bike here. Mathis quickly reveals what kind of rider you are, ...and what kind of rider you want to be. I like to climb. A ridiculously muggy morning made Cholla and Mathis a bit rough, though! But descending Rockit twice was a blast. Great to be out on home turf with @backbonefuzz !

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Thanks to @calledtocreation for the amazing pics and @nondotadventures for a great race! @ Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Randy Rush And The Mammoth Vacation.

Randy, showing you the proper use of a mountain bike frame dropout.


Long time no talk, especially about racing. Well I'm im up in Mammouth hanging out with my brother and sister-in-law celebrating both of their retirements. I was on FB on Wednesday and ran across a Mammouth page that said there was a race on Thursday night, so I went up to the lodge to check it out in the morning.
Free Thursday night XC races, with FREE post-race kegger!
So, they have a race every other Thursday night and there is no cost to race. I said "What the heck? I'll give it a go!" I brought my TCR and my Trance, so I could do some riding. The thought of going to do a fun race with no cost was a no-brainer. I went out and did 25 miles on the TCR in the morning and drank water (yuck) all day, then got my Trance ready and headed up. 
I got there and met the guy who was marking the course, and we just hung out and bullshited because the mountain doesn't close till 5. He cant get out to mark the course before then. All we had to do was sign a waiver, get a number plate and good to go. Races are supposed to start at 5:30, but were delayed till 5:45. No biggie.
The course was 2.2 miles with pro's and experts doing 5 laps and Sports doing 2, which was good for me because its starts at 8600' feet and goes up from there (FUCK).

Randy, posing in front of a brass sculpture of me at the beach.
We start the race 1 minute behind the experts and I have a good start (top 5). We start climbing and climbing and climbing and I'm thinking "o.k., my heart's going to explode but hey I'm doing what I like!" We turn right and there's a wall to climb (SHIT) but I make it up and get into some fun single track and downhill with like 4 tabletops which was fun as hell.
Randy, catching a fish larger than his....nevermind.
The other side of the course was a bunch of short, steep climbs and some really fun single track. I never did get my heart rate down but it was all good. 3/4 of the way in on the first lap,  I felt my front tire was very low going through the banked paver turns, but said "what the heck I'm going to finish like this!" I did my second lap which was a little sketchy but well worth it.
So I finished up and I'm thinking in the top eight in the sport class (they really don't score) and had a blast. They are having another one next week so I will be back for that. The second best thing is after I went up to have a beer and the beer was FREE also DAMN I love this place.
The Win's Wheels kit looks rad. You should buy one.
Anyway I want to thank you and all of our sponsors for everything its much appreciated.
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Till next time!

Randy "Rushman" Rush