Monday, October 23, 2017

Crooss Racin Randy!


I know it's been two weeks but better late then never I guess .Met up with the Fuzz and Roger from Kenda at the first round of cross at Irvine lake to do so suffering and boy did I. Didn't remember which class I rode last year (to many beers I guess) so I signed up for open C which meant there were all ages in the beginner class. We had an 11 o'clock start so I threw on some new Kenda tires and hydrated with some #Aminovital. The course was way more technical and longer then the first one I did but was very fun. It was 95 degrees there and although I like the heat it was brutal.

Off the start I was in the first half of the group (32 riders) but blew up half way threw the first lap more climbing and 3 sand pits. I settled into a pace I was comfortable with and enjoyed the ride. There was a lot of dirt on this course not much grass and my Kenda tire's hooked up great on the off camber turns and the fast downhill sections couldn't have had a better combo.

Half way three lap 3 I was dying and thinking God I hope this is the last lap but na we had to do a fourth but hey im on my bike and at the race's so all is good NOT I was done. finished up  in 17 place and was very happy with that. thought I was much further back so all was good.

Thanks' to Fuzz and Roger and for the encouragement and to Phillip Beckman for the outstanding pic's.

A big thanks to all our sponsors. #Kendatires #Aminovital #Ryderseyewear #Xpedopedals #Hydrapak #Sigmasport #Royalracing and thanks to #thecyclrybikeshop and #thebikeworks.

I'm going to as many of these as I can. They hurt but Dorothy Wong does a great job and they are fun as heck.

Talk to ya soon Captn,


Randy's Race Report From The Cal State Series


Well I thought the next Cross race was next weekend and was planning on going but after looking at the schedule realized it was this weekend and a 4 hour drive so I said no to that and new that the second race of SRC's fall series was at Fontucky so I decided to go do some XC racing instead. 

Rolled into Fontcky Saturday morning looking foreword to it as I love this course. Signed up got my bike ready to roll had some Amino Vital and hung out with Roger for a few. Headed to the for the start and not a huge turnout bu it was good.

Took off the start and stayed near the back cause I didn't want to blow up on the first lap like the last race. Felt pretty good threw the first lap pacing myself and went out for #2. Had a little battle with one guy who was stronger on the climbs but I could get after him on the descents except he was locking up the rear wheel down the whole downhill's and it was pissing me off cause I couldn't get by going downhill it was all one lined. Headed out for my final lap feeling alright and passed a couple people  and just rode my pace. im just trying to ride/race myself into some kind of shape. Finished up not nearly as spent as the first round and finished up 4th and on the podium again.

Thank you to #kendatires #RogerHernandez #sigmasport #xpedopedals #aminovital #hydrapak #ryderseyewear #thebikeworks and #thecyclrybikeshop.

Talk soon,


Thursday, October 05, 2017

Randy's Fontucky Breakdown

So SRC has a new series going on the fall series. I haven't raced there in a long time but I know the course so I decided to go. Well..............I had a good time but I freakin died! I guess some sport riders and beginner riders complained about the big climb I think it was called the elevator at the start and I was like WHAT? but Donnie took it out for the beginners and sports and I was bummed. (that was before the race started). We lined up and I saw a lot of friends I haven't seen in a while which was really cool.
We took of and I was running top 8 or so and was like alright I can do this right up until we got to the paved road climb! then I said FUCK 2 miles into a 15 mile race and I was gassed already with a heart rate of 190 already. So I dropped back like a rock in water and just tried to survive as this course has a lot of climbing. Made it threw the first lap and headed out for #2. Going up the paved road on lap 2 when it was 95 degree's was not fun at all BUT luckley I had my Amino Vital to keep me hydrated. I was telling myself no way I can do another lap and was prepairing myself to quit on lap #2 trying to convince myself it was the right thing to do.
Towards the end of lap #2 I was still talking to myself about quitting but as I rounded the last left hander before the finish I said I have never quit a race in my life and I"m not starting now so off I went for #3. The 3rd lap was actually my best lap feeling wise. I started to get into a grove and was feeling ok. So I finished not even worring about how I did.
Afterword I was hanging out with a few guy's when they were doing awards and heard my name and was like WTF? so I ended up 5th and on the podium which was a total surprise. I had a great time being back at the race's and hanging out with good people.
This weekend is cross at Irvive lake and will be there Saturday for that. looking forword to suffering some more.
Thanks to all our great sponcors........#aminovital #expedopedals #kendatires #sigmasport #hydrapak #ryderseyewear.
Talk to ya next week,