Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Bikes, Beers, Bonelli, Grasshoppers and NON DOT.

Vegas Bob on course during the Grasshopper Adventure Series in Nor Cal.

It has been a busy past few days in Backboneland.

Vegas Bob has been eating lots of 5 Guys burgersnacks, and has also been throwing back some Brewyard Beer Co pints! Bob (pictured above) has also been involved in a stellar series of rides in Nor Cal called the Grasshopper Adventure Series. The website can be found at http://grasshopperadventureseries.com/  if you'd like to join VB on a stellar set of rides in amazing parts of CA.

Brewyard Beer Co has new beers! Go get some!

Fuzz on the box at Bonelli.

Fuzzbucket has been trying to find a balance between being fast, and being stupid-fast. He fought a hard fight last weekend in Bonelli for the Kenda Kup/Golden State Series race #2. Fuzz would land squarely in Silver for the day, following up on a great win at the NON DOT race at Ron Caspers Wilderness Park. Vegas Bob came out to help support the racers that day, because he is awesome.
Brewayrd beers were flowing, because...well....it is freaking amazing.
Ara ascends at the NON DOT race.


Bob and Fuzz hanging out over Brewyard beers post-race.

Cold and bright day for some road miles in Ohio.

I ended up using my BKOOL SMART PRO2 trainer for most of last month, since the weather was deplorable here in Ohio. It was a great to get out on some actual roads in sunlight yesterday with Jon Hanshaw (The Angry Cyclist) and Eric Grether. 28 degrees, but sunny and spectacular.
Hope everyone is enjoying the outdoors, bikes and brews!

Wednesday, March 07, 2018

VB Does Palm Canyon Epic

Epic first ever ride in Palm Canyon. Avoiding the OC rain haha. Warmer than expected, perfectly sunny, a cool breeze, and some tasty trails. Rad jamming some sickly fast swoopy rocky singletrack, dipping and diving around cactus. Thanks to BC and David for charging hard, CC and Fossil too.
#palmcanyonepic #sand #rocks #cactus #crystalblueskies #fast #flow #kendatires #royalracing #ryderseyewear @ Salsas Restaurant