Thursday, October 05, 2017

Randy's Fontucky Breakdown

So SRC has a new series going on the fall series. I haven't raced there in a long time but I know the course so I decided to go. Well..............I had a good time but I freakin died! I guess some sport riders and beginner riders complained about the big climb I think it was called the elevator at the start and I was like WHAT? but Donnie took it out for the beginners and sports and I was bummed. (that was before the race started). We lined up and I saw a lot of friends I haven't seen in a while which was really cool.
We took of and I was running top 8 or so and was like alright I can do this right up until we got to the paved road climb! then I said FUCK 2 miles into a 15 mile race and I was gassed already with a heart rate of 190 already. So I dropped back like a rock in water and just tried to survive as this course has a lot of climbing. Made it threw the first lap and headed out for #2. Going up the paved road on lap 2 when it was 95 degree's was not fun at all BUT luckley I had my Amino Vital to keep me hydrated. I was telling myself no way I can do another lap and was prepairing myself to quit on lap #2 trying to convince myself it was the right thing to do.
Towards the end of lap #2 I was still talking to myself about quitting but as I rounded the last left hander before the finish I said I have never quit a race in my life and I"m not starting now so off I went for #3. The 3rd lap was actually my best lap feeling wise. I started to get into a grove and was feeling ok. So I finished not even worring about how I did.
Afterword I was hanging out with a few guy's when they were doing awards and heard my name and was like WTF? so I ended up 5th and on the podium which was a total surprise. I had a great time being back at the race's and hanging out with good people.
This weekend is cross at Irvive lake and will be there Saturday for that. looking forword to suffering some more.
Thanks to all our great sponcors........#aminovital #expedopedals #kendatires #sigmasport #hydrapak #ryderseyewear.
Talk to ya next week,

Thursday, September 14, 2017



About the Brewery

Welcome to Brewyard – a craft brewery in a tucked-away converted warehouse with one simple mission: Redefine and rediscover a style of beer that was invented in California during the 1800s for Californians – The “Common” style Lager.  They are beautiful hybrids that offer strong flavor like an ale but still retain a lighter crisper finish of a lager.  Originally this type of Lager had one champion, the California Common.  During our home brewing days we experimented with lager yeast and fermentation techniques to create a large variety of these “Commons”.   We expanded this category of lagers to encompass over a dozen flavors from Hoppy, Roasty, Smoky, Malty, Coffee-y, Honey sweet and Pale. We like to call them Ale’d Lagers for short.
The outer fringes of craft beer can be strong and often intimidating at times. We want to expose people that are traditionally lighter Pale Ale/Lager drinkers to the possibilities of what beer can be and set them off on their craft beer journey. We will also be here waiting when you are finished destroying your pallet on those triple IPAs and barrel aged double imperial coffee sour stouts.
Being lovers of all craft beer we also like to dabble in Belgian Ales, Barrel aging and various other styles of beer that tickle our fancy at any given time.
When you visit us, it is our hope that you feel like a part of the family! Sit and shoot the shit-ake-mushrooms with your friends at our long tables, play a board game with people you meet in the tap room and order from visiting food trucks or some delivery from one of the amazing local restaurants.
The open layout of the brewery & taproom was designed intentionally so you can see and follow the brewing process all the way from the milling of the grain down to the kegging out of the fermentation tanks full of Brewyard beer. If you catch us brewing or working the taproom, don’t be bashful. If you ask, we’ll probably give you an energetic impromptu tour of the brewery.
We are happy to be here, working hard to make world class beer and to hang out with you all. As long as our doors are open, you are welcome! You can check out our hours here: Visit our Taproom

Backbone Fuzz has been working with this amazing purveyor of delicious beer for some time, and they have decided to be a title sponsor this year for the thirsty Backbone Adventure Cycling crew.
After races, be sure to find Ara, Bob, Mark, Randy and the guys for an update of the beer they will have on hand, and look for messages and special updates for BREWYARD on the team Facebook page! Stop by, and tell them that Ara and the Backbone Adventure Cycling peeps sent you in.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


Cannot give enough praise for the crew at Non-Dot Adventures for putting on such a well run race series this year in the OC area. From the family friendly environment, vendor area, enthusiastic volunteers, and such fun challenging courses.

Irvine Regional Park was the venue for the 4th and final round of the series. Mix of singletrack switch back climbs with descents down Chutes. The crowd at the top of the last descent was electric! Catered BBQ for all participants and frie...nds! How awesome is that?!
Brewyard Beer Company LLC fueled me up the night before at their brewery with an awesome 90's cover band Pulp 90's. Tough waking up but coffee from Regent Coffee - Specialty Coffee got me going. New Kenda Tires USA prototype tire on the front gripped great with no give. Also light and fast rolling, looking forward to riding the final product soon. Xpedo CXR pedals worked great keeping the confidence up on a few nice rollers and jumps on the way down Chutes. Had to keep my heart rate at check especially on the steep singletrack climbs, SIGMA SPORT USA Rox 10.0 was beeping in a frenzy telling me to breath and relax. Norco Bicycles Revolver FS again made the two laps bearable because of the efficiency and comfort. The Sun started to poke through during the 2nd lap, Ryders Eyewear got me covered with Photochromatic lenses.

Smiles all around and a few jokes along the way. Thank you to Roger Hernandez from Kenda Tires, Rod Christiansen for the bottle feed, Mike Sagun of Brewyard, Dan Blurton sweeping and heckling (sandbagger), Mike Franze for having his own monetary currency, Ken Yamakoshi of Xpedo, Ben Essman from Norco bikes, Michael Nasco of Red Monkey, Rob Stotts of H&S Bicycles for an emergency chain change after work, Ricardo Peña with a high five of pain, and of course Baby Jesus.
Special Shout out to Scott McClain for taking pics and helping a down rider...
Backbone Adventure Cycling - Christer Phizzle

Monday, August 21, 2017

Bob and Fuzzy At The Races.

Back in the country🇺🇸and back in the races 🏁! Over 20 years ago Greenhorn Bob learned to mountain bike here. Mathis quickly reveals what kind of rider you are, ...and what kind of rider you want to be. I like to climb. A ridiculously muggy morning made Cholla and Mathis a bit rough, though! But descending Rockit twice was a blast. Great to be out on home turf with @backbonefuzz !

#sigmasportusa #ryderseyewear #xpedopedal

Thanks to @calledtocreation for the amazing pics and @nondotadventures for a great race! @ Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Randy Rush And The Mammoth Vacation.

Randy, showing you the proper use of a mountain bike frame dropout.


Long time no talk, especially about racing. Well I'm im up in Mammouth hanging out with my brother and sister-in-law celebrating both of their retirements. I was on FB on Wednesday and ran across a Mammouth page that said there was a race on Thursday night, so I went up to the lodge to check it out in the morning.
Free Thursday night XC races, with FREE post-race kegger!
So, they have a race every other Thursday night and there is no cost to race. I said "What the heck? I'll give it a go!" I brought my TCR and my Trance, so I could do some riding. The thought of going to do a fun race with no cost was a no-brainer. I went out and did 25 miles on the TCR in the morning and drank water (yuck) all day, then got my Trance ready and headed up. 
I got there and met the guy who was marking the course, and we just hung out and bullshited because the mountain doesn't close till 5. He cant get out to mark the course before then. All we had to do was sign a waiver, get a number plate and good to go. Races are supposed to start at 5:30, but were delayed till 5:45. No biggie.
The course was 2.2 miles with pro's and experts doing 5 laps and Sports doing 2, which was good for me because its starts at 8600' feet and goes up from there (FUCK).

Randy, posing in front of a brass sculpture of me at the beach.
We start the race 1 minute behind the experts and I have a good start (top 5). We start climbing and climbing and climbing and I'm thinking "o.k., my heart's going to explode but hey I'm doing what I like!" We turn right and there's a wall to climb (SHIT) but I make it up and get into some fun single track and downhill with like 4 tabletops which was fun as hell.
Randy, catching a fish larger than his....nevermind.
The other side of the course was a bunch of short, steep climbs and some really fun single track. I never did get my heart rate down but it was all good. 3/4 of the way in on the first lap,  I felt my front tire was very low going through the banked paver turns, but said "what the heck I'm going to finish like this!" I did my second lap which was a little sketchy but well worth it.
So I finished up and I'm thinking in the top eight in the sport class (they really don't score) and had a blast. They are having another one next week so I will be back for that. The second best thing is after I went up to have a beer and the beer was FREE also DAMN I love this place.
The Win's Wheels kit looks rad. You should buy one.
Anyway I want to thank you and all of our sponsors for everything its much appreciated.
#backboneracing #Ryderseyewear #kendatires #aminovital #xpedopedals #hydrapak #sigmasport #thebikeworks #thecyclerybikeshop #royalracing #kmcchain #xpedoedal

Till next time!

Randy "Rushman" Rush

Saturday, June 24, 2017


Nothing like breaking up the week and exploring the local @kystateparks.


Round of applause for Non Dot Adventures for putting on a fun race out at Casper's Wilderness Park today! Well organized, cheery staff, and family feel atmosphere. Check them out at for more races to come. Big Thank You to Roger Hernandez of Kenda Tires for letting us know about this gem of a race series in the OC. Bob Snyder,Ben Goyette, Kimmi Runner, and a bunch of others from Troupe racing, The Path Bike Shop, Cycleogical and Red Monkey to name a few threw down some fast laps.
Pictures courtesy of Scott McClain of


Had a fun Father's Day racing w/ iDave at Rnd #6 of the Kenda Cup West XC Series at Big Bear Lake. Finished 1 min quicker over the same course from 2 weeks ago. Hot & dusty! #backboneracing



Kenda Cup Weekend at Snow Summit, Big Bear Lake Report :
Snow Summit was buzzing with all types of mountain bikes; XC, Enduro, Downhill, and the occasional E-bikes of impending doom. It was hot and dry, but luckily windy enough to keep it manageable. The snow is gone which leaves behind some nice trails to ride it, and ride we did!
Saturday was the Enduro race with three stages, two of which was lift accessed. No complaints here because I didn't want to over cook the legs for Sundays XC. Running a Kenda HellKat in the front and HoneyBadgerDH in the back, love the setup.

Overcooked a sharp turn crashed on Miracle Mile during the practice run and didn't have another chance to ride it. Lets just say the race run wasn't at full speed with another crash. Xpedo GFX (Ken Yamakoshi) pedals worked great on some hairy sections where I had to Moto some turns, stable and solid platform. Went straight to stage 2, Plumbers/Skyline, pedally stage and again short. And the third stage was the longest and funnest Upper and Lower FallLine. Missed podium by freaking 5 seconds in the MasterMen category! Thank you Royal/7iDP Transition Pads for saving my skin on those crashes.

After a great night of recovery meals and liquids (MiguelMike-o Arreola) we were set for Sundays XC throw down. All the big guns had showed up for a fast 18 mile course. We had a 5 man train for the first half of the race until we hit the Plantation climb where the 3 racers took off. This is where the battle with Dan Blurton got heated. Passed him on the climb and started to gap him on the fire road to Skyline. Calf started to tighten up on the switchbacks and the Diesel came roaring by. Barely hung on to his wheel trying to stretch the calf out. Then the downhill chase. He is running the Kenda Sabres (fast rolling and high volume) and I'm on HoneyBadgerXC (slow rolling but more bite). Norco Revolver vs. Scott Spark. The Path vs. Backbone. Let the debate begin! It was an epic downhill all the way to the road. Would come up to his rear wheel but couldn't make the pass. I knew he would get me on the road to the finish and that is what he did. Hung on for 5th with Benjamin Islas close behind. Adrenaline rush to last a lifetime!

Big Thank You to Roger Hernandez for his continued support and being a dang cool friend. Vegas Bob Snyder and Mark Thome threw down Backbone style. Joy Chow for keeping us hydrated and taking race pics that Christer Phizzle uses later at night. Sigma Sport computers and heart rate monitor, Xpedo Pedals, Ryder Sunglasses, Kmc Chain, Norco Revolver (Ben Essman), Royal/7iDP, and Balvenie Doublewood...

Big Shoutout to Ben Goyette for a hard fought 8th in Pro. Sam Wiernucki for a top five in the Endurance race! Reno Z Karimian for a top 5 in fast Cat 1 category. Michael Nasco was in second place just seconds away from the finish line but blew out his rear tire. Izeereal Redmonkey was talking about cyclocross after his race, not yet dude!
#5seconds #kendatire #kendamtb #sigmasport #norcobikes #switchtoxpedo #royalracing #Miguelnolikewhiskeybutdrinksitanyway
Photo by Philip Beckman.


Rim Nordic Series #1 : Back in Elevation! Long grinding climbs, fast single track, and ladybugs. Kenda HoneyBadgerXCpros hooked up so well on that nice dirt. Even when out of the saddle on 18% grades the tire never slipped. Had the suspension on the Norco Revolver set to trail most of the time, feels like butta! Ben Essman. Finally had a race where I can push it without having my right leg cramp up and go numb. Fun battle with 2nd place, especially on the downhill sections, t...ook the lead before the single track descent and just went for it. 1st out of 7. 1hr 28 minutes, 2300ft of climbing, 16 miles... won by 17 seconds!
Big Thank You to Ben Goyette for feeding a vital bottle for the second lap. He was running Kenda Kozmik Lites, Roger Hernandez get me some! Arin Brandeis-McGunigle got 1st in Expert! Michael Nasco took 1st also and taking the podium pic! Alfred Pacheco dominated a large 13 racer pro category. Thank you to the Rim Nordic family, such a fun and friendly venue to race some prime mountain bike trails.
#kendamtb #norcobikes #sigmasportusa #switchtoxpedo #rydersunglasses #backbone #stillshortestontopstep

Santa Ynez Fuzz

Fun weekend out at Santa Ynez Valley for Kenda Cup #4! Earned a 5th place in the Master Men Enduro on Saturday. Was in 3rd but came in too hot and totally missed a turn on a wooden bridge which sent me right over the bars into the creek on Stage 3. Clawed my way out of the ravine and finished the stage with twisted bars. ALWAYS PRE-RIDE! Luckily nothing major but a nasty calf bruise and insect bites all over. Barely able to pedal on the last stage. 1800ft of climbing and supe...r windy! Called it off last second for Sunday's XC race. Fun cheering on peeps out on the dirt crit course. Shout out to Kimmi Runner for 2nd place, Dan Blurton for another 2nd behind Chris, and Ben Goyette for a top 5 in Pro!
HoneyBadgerDHpro 2.35 was a good fast tire on the front for the Endure, looking forward to trying out the HellKat for Big Bear. Thank you Roger Hernandez! Xpedo GFX pedals are solid pedals with a firm base for jumps and drops. Royal Apparel and Seven Gloves/Protection gave confidence.
Photo by Philip Beckman

Big Bear Bob

Fun day racing at Big Bear today. Hardly anyone to pass on Skyline and had Bristlecone all to myself, wow.
Dry, dusty, high altitude riding requires hydration and rehydration/recovery. Get it with #aminovital #stayvital. #backboneracing #kmcchain #kendatires #ryderseyewear #race #mtb #bigbear #snowsummit #singletrack #ridelife

Kenda Cup West San Dimas With Fuzz and Vegas Bob

US Cup/Kenda Cup West/UCI HC Pro Weekend was a blast! Full two days of great XC racing at Bonelli Park, San Dimas. The best part was seeing old familiar faces and greeting new ones. Still amazes me how fast the UCI Pro level is, truly superhuman!
The course was a mix of techy front side with an all out pedally backside when you cross the road. Tough to find a rhythm with punchy climbs. Had a slow start in the back of the pack of 15 riders but saved myself from blowing up on ...the first climb. Worked my way up to 5th behind the fast guys in your category. Every time I wanted to put a surge in to close the gap my leg would say no and had to back off. Felt better last lap and had a fun time with two other category riders to the finish line. Ended up in 6th. Bob Snyder had an unfortunate flat on his first lap but ended the rest of the race strong. Mark Thome has a strangle hold on his rivals (Rod and Disco Dave). Gabe Margve represented the old man crew, even going over the handlebars , Mr. Margve finished 3 hard laps! Ben Goyette raced UCI Pro Saturday and raced Pro on Sunday! Will be running Kenda tires for Sea Otter now. Joy Chow is the glue that holds it all together, thank you for bottle handoffs and taking pics of us.
Big Thank YOU to Roger Hernandez for a fun weekend in and out of the Kenda Tire pits. Ben Essman from Norco Bikes, Nico and Mike from Shimano, Amino Vital Nutrition, Sigma Sport USA, Xpedo Pedals, Ryder Eyewear, Royal Racing, Kmc Chain, and all the cheers and jeers. Red Monkey crew is hilarious
I told this to my students yesterday and I want to share it with you all that read these reports; Dan Blurton of Path Bike Shop is a true sportsman and has my full respect. Dan got the win in our category but chose to relegate himself to 2nd giving Chris Kutzmarski the win because he was pushed on purpose in the sprint by another racer from our category. Dan came around the tangled mess and witnessed what had happened. Great example to share and karma is on your side my friend.
#Backbone #BackboneAdventureCycling #Kendatires #Sigmasportusa #switchtoxpedo #KMC #stayVITAL #pterodactyl