Friday, March 17, 2017

8 Hours Of Suffering With Team Mud Butt.

Team Mud Butts Kenda Lites ride again! 8 hours of Smelli Bonelli was yesterday and it was real "hot" laps out there. 90 degree temps with a dry course made it a... war of attrition for team and solo racers. Hydrating was key, lucky for us we had Amino Vital Pro-R to be ready for each interval lap. Team Mud Butts Kenda Lites rolled in for a 4th place finish in the 3-rider category with Vegas Bob Snyder anchoring in our 15th lap on a Tomac Carbide 26er, you heard me right. Ol' man Gabe Margve (63 years old) had sub forty minute laps on a short but punchy course.

The best part of the race was getting to hang out with friends and heckle/cheer racers on as the day progressed. Roger Hernandez, Joy Chow, Mark Thome and David Zaitz (Team Inappropriate, PMBC crew), Timari Pruis Allen and Win Allen of Win's Wheels, and solo Cheyne Mckeever made it into an interesting pit at the Kenda Tire easy ups. Shortstack and his fiancé made a surprise appearance and Cyrille Hanson (mother of Dante and Xavi) had some sweet jalapeño cheese bread. Brewyard Beer Co. Ready to Mingle hit the spot in between laps, thank you Mike Sagun!
Shout out to Lauren Mulwitz for the 8 hour Solo Women's win! Ben Goyette earned a cramping 3rd in the 4 hr Open Elite, 8 laps, nice! Sam Wiernucki for completing 8 hours of solo hell, RED Butt MONKEY!

Thank you to Kenda Tires, Amino Vital, Sigma Sport, Xpedo, Royal, Ryder Eyewear, and all the support off and on the course!
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Thursday, February 02, 2017


Ara is smashing berms and scaring worms at the 8 Hours Of Vail Lake, with Tem Mud Butt Kenda Lites.

Team Mud Butt Kenda Lites takes 5th in the 3 person category yesterday at the first Socal Endurance 8 hours in Temecula! Gabe Margve (63 years old), Ohio Joe Kenda Tires USA badass, and I had a blast on a fun course. Thank you Roger Hernandez for setting this up for us. Kenda Plus team threw down a few laps of their own. Who gets the mohawk? Miguel? Big shoutout to Stephane Roch for a second place finish in the Open Men solo category, insane!
Thank you Kenda Tires, Amino VITAL, SIGMA SPORT USA, Xpedo pedals, Ryders Sunglasses, HydraPak, Voler Apparel, and Royal Racing.
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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Randy's 'Cross Report

Hope things are well for you and Girlface and the temps are warm in OH! Well I FINALLY got back to a race last weekend doing my first cyclocross race and it was a good time. It was great to be back with the rag tag misfits otherwise known as Backbone racing. Had a great time catching up with Backbone Fuzz and the infamous Mr. Thome and also very cool to see and catch up with the Hitman.
As far the  racing goes didn't really know what to expect and didn't even know what class to ride. Fuzz had to help me out with that. So I rode the 35+ C class and as usual it was the biggest class of the day with 39 riders.
I got out to a decent start top 15 or so and was just kind of pacing myself so I wouldn't blow up half way through. Had to use a little Moto skill in a few corners and got a little drift going to pass and took out a course marker or two but it was cool. Half way through lap #1 I was trying to pass a few people going outside inside on one of the tight tree corners and had my front wheel wash and I almost saved it but crashed and another rider hit my bike and derailed my chain. It took me a bit to get it back on (Dam gloves) so l lost about 12 spots or so and had no idea where I was then.
So for the next lap or so I battled with two guys and passed one only to get smoked going down the asphalt by the scoring tower by one guy no way was I keeping that pace. On the last lap I caught him again and had something happen I've never had happen during a race! my heart was going to explode and my lungs were saying no more dude. I had to stop pedaling for a minute or two and those guys were gone.
Finished in 26th place but had a blast. I want to thank you and all our team sponcers for everything you all have done for me, vie been a little MIA for a while and you all have stuck behind me.
I had no problems getting in and out of my Xpedo pedals was well hydrated with Amino Vital and wish I could have hooked up with Roger at Kenda tires because I had other tires on and that's probably why my front end washed. Could see very well in the shadows with my Ryders eyewear but didn't wear my Sigma sport heart rate monitor because I didn't want to know. Also big thanks to KMC chain and Hydrapak for their great products.
Be back for the weekend of the 3rd and 4th.
Have a good one,

Saturday, October 08, 2016

Randy Rush To Race Cyclocross This Season!

Oh SNAP! Randy Rush has been working hard this year to get himself back in to riding, and beer drinking, shape. With a new purchase that involved a 2015 TCX, Randy is looking to jump in to 'cross with Fuzz and Mark before the season comes to a close. THREE Backboners on deck for 'cross? YES! Can't wait for it:)

Ara Takes Bronza At Kamikaze Games

Ara is seen above, mid-flight, on his way to stunning third place finish in the Open Men category at the Kamikaze Games in Mammoth, CA.

Mark and Fuzz at Krosstoberfest

Magic Mark and the irrepressible Fuzzbucket were on the scene at last weekends' Krosstoberfest, and wow, whatta race! Ara's write up is here:

"Tough day out at the first Socalcross Prestige series race in Whittier Narrows Park, but so good to be actually out there. Faded in the last couple of laps after a good start, was in the top 15 but ended up 23rd out of 55. Room for improvement that is for sure! Leg held up better than expected with the run ups and dismounts. Amino Vital Pro-E was much needed as the temps rose. Ryder Eyewear kept a...ll the beginning lap dust out of my eyes, Xpedo CXR's worked flawlessly clipping in and out. New KMC chain shifting true in a tough chattery course. Sigma Sport Rox 10.0 went flying when I clipped a tree and went down hard but still working!

Mark Thome threw down some hot laps, great to have another Backboner out there representing. Roger Hernandez with KendaTiresUSA hooked it up with a sweet Kommando X Pro 36 which hooked up well on the hairpin turns. Thank you for the support my friend. Sorry to disappoint you Mike Franze, the beard is growing, but I love all the cheers. Great to see Jonathan Livesay and Isabelle Thompson of Montrose Bike Shop with a strong team out there, especially Robert Sandoval back on the bike after shoulder surgery. Good ride Benjamin Goyette, gunning for you next time! Brewyard Beer Co., Mike Sagun, what a delicious Soul Cal to drink after the race!"

Friday, September 09, 2016

Fall Is Here.

Well, finally.
It is a tough thing being a cyclist in Ohio, especially in the humid summer months. You live for Fall, Winter and Spring around here. The weather dries out, gets cooler, and the as the seasons change, it gets stunning. Leaves turn to auburn reds and Crayola yellows, and the bugs are nearly non-existent.
Tire selection gets a bit larger for the winter, like my 2.35 Nevegals on the hardtail. Road tires run a bit softer on days when you are likely to get hit with sleet and hail.

Ara, Bob, Randy and Mark still seem to be enjoying the dry, dusty trails of So Cal, and it has been a pleasure to see Randy Rush pop up on Instagram riding through Cuyamaca and along PCH.  Bob has been busy racing, riding and drinking a LOT of wine north of Frisco. Ara? Well, he's been working hard to get back in to racing shape, taking a podium spot just two races out of the hospital.

Josh and Jeff have been riding a great deal of road and mountain. Josh had wrecked out, but was back on the bike quickly. Seriously, he's fast. Chucky-T has been off the bike, but eating up the track in his Subaru, racking up numerous 1st place finishes again this year.

Me? I have been riding less thanks to the new job, and also due to the disgusting humidity. That is about to change, as you can already start to feel the air get dry, and the mornings don't start out feeling like 96 degrees and swampy. Fresh KENDA tires are mounted on the Titus. New schedule is dropping Monday. FALL IS COMING! Hopefully, I will have some aof that new SIGMA SPORT bling to talk about, as Eurobike is over and we should start to see the new stuff!

Enjoy Fall, and go shred some dirt people!

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Summah Thyme!

Memorial Day in Westerville, Ohio.

Sweaty, swampy, and hotter than a two-peckered goat in mating season. That is precisely how I would describe the higher-than average temps here in the Midwest, steeping in humidity. Not even chamois butter rendered from elephant seal fat could stand up to withering humidity. That being said, it is not negative twenty degrees, either, so you ride in it. I recently replaced some older KENDA TIRE bib shorts with two brand new pair, and what a difference! Voler makes some amazing cycling clothing, and the newly upgraded KENDA bibs are no exception. My days off have changed to Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so the rides have been longer than usual to attempt to maintain a decent mileage goal for the week. Good shorts are a must.

Jeff Williams and his beautiful family. I mean, without him they would be beautiful, of course:)

Jeff “Tookie” Williams is planning a stellar ride down at Greenbo State Park on Memorial Day Monday. 18 miles of singletrack, Kentucky bliss. My riding partner Jon “Angry Cyclist” Hanshaw is up in the mountains of Pennsylvania riding his hardtail through the ferns this week,
The Angry Cyclist (Jon Hanshaw) roaming the mountains of PA.
and it looks like Josh Qualls has been organizing group road and mountain rides and reroofing homes in his spare time.

Josh Qualls in Greenbo, KY.
Josh leading the charge with the Ashland Cycling Enthusiasts.

Randy Rush is looking to get back to racing this season, and Ara has been working very hard to rehab his leg from blood clots and get to the finish line of a race. Vegas Bob has been roaming about France with his sommelier girlfriend, Cyrille.
I love this. Vegas Bob and Cyrille roaming the French countryside on Sturmy-Archer 3 speed vintage bikes.
Bob posing in front of his new bike garage in France.
Drinking and vintage bikes are rad in Europe. Mark Thome seems to be killing it at the Over The Hump race series, occasionally showing up to a Fullerton Death Loop for training and tacos.
Mark Thome has been racing his chamois off!

The Fuzz at the recent Kenda Cup race.


In sponsor news, Peter O’Brien (alias POB) is back working with long time partner Amino Vital. This is great news for both us and them. The new product tastes cleaner and works much better, and under his direction we have seen some great ads with Backboners! Everyone seems to be cruising along this year, and I love seeing the team page blow up with ride and race photos. Keep up the great work, and see you all on the trails!

Finally, winter has moved back to Canada.

Cap’n Chris

Monday, March 14, 2016

Backbone Riders Ready For Spring!

 It's here! O.K, it's finally here in the Midwest and eastern states. It never really leaves California, although El Nino has made CA a little colder than us a few days this past winter. Ara and Mark have been in attendance at the 2016 Kenda Cup West races, where Mark has been working hard to get on the podium.  Ara stopped by Bonelli to heckle him, as he is still dealing with some blood clot issues.

  Jeff and Josh have been riding pretty non-stop all winter, and Josh says he is ready to throw down as soon as the XC and road season starts up in Kentucky, West Virginia, and Ohio. Jeff seems to be enjoying crossing dangerously swollen storms, much to the chagrin of his wife, Donella. Josh is apparently leg pressing about a metric ton, and his quads look more like apple-fritters than anything human.

Vegas Bob has been riding a ton of mountain bikes in his new home of Santa Rosa, CA, and even managed a quick podium shot from a local race. Look for him soon as a featured ambassador of Amino Vital.

  Randy is likely riding, shaving unnecessary parts of anatomy, and chugging beers. I like that.

  I have ridden too many sub-freezing road and mountain miles this year, and I am afraid I will need a wool thong or something if I have to do it again next year. My riding partner, The Angry Cyclist (Jon Hanshaw) dutifully froze his arse off with me all year, often dragging me home in the biting hail and wind. Amino Vital has been gracious enough to use Josh and I in some new banner ads, and I hope one day to convince them to photoshop me skinny!

   Here is to another great year of riding and racing. I look forward to all of the adventures!

Cap'n Chris