Thursday, February 22, 2018

Randy's Fonucky Race Season Recap!


Well, being as we are three races into the winter series, I figured it was time to send a race report a three for one deal!
So, round one I knew it was going to hurt bad (and it did) but I just wanted to be at the races and ride the whole series again. We had 16 guys in our class and the weather was perfect. 

Donnie shortened the course for the beginner and sport class. I guess there has been some complaining about climbing and descending the elevator shaft which for the sport guys I don’t understand, but it’s probably good for me cause I’m not in great shape so I won’t miss the extra climbing.

I wasn’t out to kill it on the start as I would be dying on the road climb anyway, so I just started about mid pack and rode my pace, and sure enough the pavement killed me! I was hurting on lap one and had two more to go (GEEEZZZZZ). I had a few small mishaps on lap one fell once and messed up on one climb and had to walk it but was still having fun.

Headed out for my last two laps and was hurting on lap two, but felt much better on lap three. Although I finished fourteenth out of sixteen I had a great time and enjoyed Bullshitting with Roger from Kenda and the famous Fuzzy. We had some goooooood beer after from the great Brewyard Beer Co.

On to race number two. We had seventeen guys this week and a mean Santa Ana blowing. Took off at my own pace again and got to the paved climb, and the wind was howling. I think I did like 4.5 to 5 mph up the road! Just ridiculous, but got to the single track and enjoyed the ride.. oh... up until I was gassed and made a stupid mistake on a G-out with my right foot down (dumbass). I hit a rock and broke one side of my pedal (not a pedal failure Ken) so I couldn’t clip in on one side. It was a little difficult and was going to DNF after lap one, but again couldn’t do that so I figured out how to run it on one side and continued on.

Felt a lot better this week and knocked a minute and a half off my previous weeks' time. Still didn’t finish too well with a fifteenth out of seventeen but another fun day at the races. 

Race number three and a cooler but non windy day. Sixteen this week and no wind was welcome. This week pushed a little harder off the start and was mid pack or better until the pavement. I need hill repeats in a bad way! I’m getting killed on the climbs but oh well. For having very little rain this year the course is in very good shape and with a few changes to my suspension, I could get after it on the down hills.

It was a good day (not so much finishing wise). I knocked four minutes off my time so I was very happy with that. I finished fourteenth this week and had a blast.

A whole lotta love for everyone who helps this team out: Ryder’s eye wear, Kenda tires, Brewyard brewing, Xpedo pedals, Sigma sport, Hydrapak, and of course you the one and only Christer Phizzle.

Will be back for round four this weekend.


Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Hint O' Spring

The incessant march of the Grey Death has been lightening up a bit here in the Mid-West, with temps jumping from below freezing, to above 70 degrees within about 36 hours. Trails here are muddy and slick, and its been raining almost every day for weeks now. My BKOLL SMARTPRO2 trainer has been an amazing help, and the 3D, avatar-filled universe is more competitive than most club rides. With nay luck, I'll at least be able to cover 25 miles and not black-out when Spring final springs.

Back in California, Fuzzy has been racing his collective arse off, taking home a sick podium spot with his teammate-for-the-day Timari Pruis of Pivot Cycles. The pair won a hard-fought, race to the finish line victory out at the 12 Hours Of Temecula. Ara also has been prepping for the SoCal test of ultimate leg-death, The Vision Quest. He also has been slaying the NON-DOT races in Vail Lake.
Fueled by BREWYARD BREWING CO beers, his carb-loading regimen is on-point.

Vegas Bob has been up in NorCal, using the lens technology of his Ryders Eyewear to manage the varying light conditions of the fog-laden coast. Bob has been riding the Grasshopper Gravel Enduro Series for a change of pace from the hot and dusty O.C. mountains. He has been climbing like a goat this year, and will probably take Contador out at some point in the near future.

Randy Rush managed to get back out to Fontana for some Southridge racing, and his XC bike has been able to keep up with his calves...and his beer guzzling! Randy also showed up for some Cyclocross racing with Fuzz,  is hoping to be back in force for 2018 as well.

Jeff Williams has been working with his employer, and a hospital in Portsmouth, Ohio, on a program to get at-risk teens involved in mountain biking. Jeff is a teacher in Portsmouth, but gas to cross the suspension bridge back to KY for the drive home every day.

Josh Qualls has also been on his BKOOL SMARTPRO2 trainer, and has had some great success in the Winter Cup Series on their website. Josh should be getting back on the podium for 2018, after some life-events required him to take a race-break last year.

Mark Thome has been back and forth between Huntington Beach and Montana, riding out of HB Velo Cyclery. His fat bike is getting lots of use on Bozeman, and his road bike is being decimated via the HB Velo Sunday group rides.

Hope you all are enjoying the week, and I hope to hear from everyone soon!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Team Update

Last weekend, the Fuzziest was out at Southridge with Randy Rush. The dudes were set to race the XC event for the weekend, and Fuzzy decided to have a pre-ride-wreck! No stitches, but I hear Randy licked it, so the bacteria probably helped close it up. Rocky, hot and dusty, Southridge is always challenging. Steep ascents and pinned and technical sections keep even the best racers on their game.

Ara ended up in a solid podium spot, 3rd place! The wreck and related bleeding clearly had it's benefits. Who needs leeches?

Randy finished his daily race route in 14th position, and was thirsty enough to drink all of the Brewyard Beer Company offerings...before the race started.

Josh Qualls went out for a ride at Barboursville Park with Julie Ditty...right before the snowpocolypse landed in this part of the country.

Vegas Bob was out trying to get all of the elevation on his Giant Reign. Amassing 3,126' feet of climbing in a single morning of work (about 20 miles), his Sigma Sport ROX 10.0 was very busy gathering all the ride deets.

Mark has been in SoCal riding with HB Velo Cycling crew, hitting all the Fullerton Death Loops he can get his hands on.

With a newly replaced helmet thanks to Wingspan Cyclery in Moorpark, CA..and with a favorable weather report that may melt most of 7" of snow we have...I am hoping to get back out on the bike this weekend and thrash the hell out of some really, really flat roads.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

White Christmas In Columbus

The white-death is upon us. Christmas Eve saw a plethora of the white stuff fall here in Columbus. The only nice thing about that is, I was off the next day, and have a sick hardtail with 2.35 Kenda Nevegals on it for snow-play. Packing way too much man in to a spandex shell, I hopped on the Titus and hit the neighborhood bike trails and wooded areas, making tracks through un-trodden powder. At 17 degrees, it was much less powder, much more ice.

The Nevegals are great in this weather. Low pressure (20 psi) set up tubeless on those things is like having a fat bike, only with just a fat rider. Cruising through the snow, I rolled out through the woods behind Camp H to Everal Barn. The sky was the kind of winter blue we rarely see here, since it is typically grey for 9 months out of the year. Once home, I was able to enjoy some freshly-baked "pan de jamon," who's fabrication was overseen by Jenn.

It was great to hear from everyone across the country via text yesterday! I hope you all thoroughly enjoyed the day. Santa brought me tools and a wheel truing stand, which of course is radness.

Merry Christmas, everyone, and have a great 2018 (with new team shirts!)

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Fuzzy Takes Bronze For The Season

Ara fought back repeatedly in the Killer-B category this year, as did the rest of the class, and eventually would have a great season finale race that landed him in 3rd overall. That is an amazing result after a long season of racing! Brewyard Beer Co  brew was flowing at the awards ceremony,
and Fuzzy even celebrated his birthday at Brewyard with Bob and Joy Chow (among others). Randy Rush also came out to race this season!

"Thank you Day 2 :
Sharing a nice cold Brewyard Beer Company LLC after turning ourselves inside-out on the course then cheering/heckling the other categories was the highlight of each weekend! Some drank to forget the pain while others in celebration of pain... CHEERS to all that raised a cup (or growler) this season!
Thank you Kirk Nishikawa, Big Mike, Sherwin, and Dre at the brewery for supporting us this season."

Congrats to all who raced the So Cal Cross season! Cheers!

Monday, December 04, 2017


I'll admit, the thought of being on a bike trainer made me cringe at times! I sold my old cheap bike trainer and purchased set of rollers; they were great because it kept my attention but I was basically just spinning my legs, there wasn't resistance. With my work schedule and having custody of my son, sometimes it's hard to squeeze in a ride during the week so the rollers, although fun, I did feel like I was gaining progress during training.

Brian from BKOOL and I talked for a couple of days; he asked if I was interested in becoming an ambassador for the BKOOL company. After looking into their products/reviews, I was happy to accept the ambassadorship! A few days later I received the new BKOOL Smart Pro 2 trainer. The design is simple and very simple to set up! The BKOOL simulator program was also very simple to set up. Download, make a username and password, input my information (height/weight etc), pair my devices (trainer, cadence and heart rate monitor) and I'm ready to ride.

I was more interested in their BKOOL simulator; I needed something to keep my attention while being on the trainer during winter training. With over 500,000 routes you can ride literally anywhere in the world. One day I was riding at Central Park in New York City, another day riding Giro d'Italia, riding a velodrome and riding Alpe D'huez. There's so many options!

The simulator has real time weather, so if it's rain/snowing in real time where I'm riding, it will do so on the simulator! I'm very impressed with how accurate climbing a 5% + grade on the trainer mimics riding on the road. 

Yesterday I started their Winter Cup series, Stage 1 was an Individual Time Trial (ITT) in Jerusalem. I'm currently ranked 2nd in the USA. The Winter Cup series runs from December to April, riding in a different country on each stage. 

Oh! I cannot forget that even my son can ride his 16" bike on the BKOOL trainer! He wanted to get in a ride before I did, I figured it was worth a shot to mount his bike! Behold, it worked! He did a lap on a velodrome and had a grin from ear to ear that he was doing something I enjoy to do! 

Thank you Brian and BKOOL for this opportunity! I see a lot of suffering this winter!
**See the BKOOL AMERICA link in the "sponsors" column.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Fuzz and Bob Grab Podiums In So Cal Cross.

World Famous Vegas Bob and Backbone Fuzz spent the weekend racing cyclocross, just up the road from Fuzzy's crib in Glendale. Fuzz rode his bike TO the race, of course. After a Saturday of leg death, Bob landed inside the top 10 (8th). He would return Sunday to race again, and feeling saucy, pounded his way to a silver medal finish. GO BOB! It HAD to be the sideburns.

Fuzz had tons of family and friends out on his home turf, and they landed post-race at our amazing team sponsor, BREWYARD BEER COMPANY for post-race shenanigans. Ara also would have a stellar weekend, landing in third place Sunday.

Brewyard Beer Company was on flizeek, pouring some tasty brews (like their "Black Sunrise" ) and offering up Takuma's Burgers Food Truck vittles.

Great job, gents!

ALSO, team shirts should be shipping next week!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017


The icy death approacheth here in Ohio.

Wow! November has fallen upon us, and is almost over already.
I am sitting at my desk, eating lunch, and it is "Spirit Day." They created it so people can wear their BUCKEYE football shirts, but I think my priorities are awe bit different.

Spirit day at work.

With November coming to a close, the riding here will come down to frozen farm roads and icy single track. Back out west, Ara, Randy and Bob are closing down the cyclocross season and the Fontana Winter XC racing season. Bob has also signed up for a few unbelievable Epic races/rides, and I can't wait to see the pics form them.
Vegas Bob bringing the pain at So Cal Cross!
Randy Rush is back, and having some fun in Fontucky racing XC.

Beer from Brewyard Brewing Company in Glendale lubricates this team.

Fuzzy sharing the Brewyard love!

Podiums in the Killer B's are not easy.

Josh and Jeff are still out rolling through Greenbo State Park in Kentucky, dragging several of the Ashland Cycling Enthusiast members with them.

Josh, Josh and Tookie are enjoying the fall colors in Greenbo, KY.

Mark and Matt Thome have been riding, and racing cross in Montana as well, which has been fun to see. The mountains there look like a playground for a mountain bike.
Mark Thome's fat bike is ready for the Montana winter.

Phil at PB Creative has been taking some unreal photos of the gang this year. Ara has been staying on the podium in the enormous "Killer B" category for cross. Josh Qualls received his sweet new BKOOL indoor trainer, and will be smashing people on the web-based races via BKOOL. Those trainers are amazing!

Josh Qualls is getting training on with his new BKOOL trainer.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving, and have a Brewyard beer!

Thursday, November 02, 2017

November Nonsense.

Wow, is it REALLY November already?

   It is my favorite time to ride, here in the central part of the country. It is cooler, and the mosquitos are fewer and farther between. The roads are all but empty, with few cyclists left to brave such elements.
I am one of those few. having saved half of my vacation days to supplement weekends, I am ready to get riding.

   Josh Qualls has partnered up with Brian Orloff (formerly of SIGMA SPORT USA) to R&D and help promote the amazing new BKOOL indoor trainer products. Visit for the product line. Josh will be competing tonight in their online race, complete with prizes. Mr. Qualls has had to take some time off this year, but Jeff Williams has been plying him with tasty trails and cold brews to get him back on track.

   Bob, Randy and Ara have been up to, well, everything really. Travel has taken up lots of their time, with cyclocross, Fontana XC, and various road trips to places like Mammoth for extraordinary rides and races. Cyrille Hanson will be joining this season on the race course, and with any luck, that will mean Bob will make it to events ON TIME! *kidding.

   With temps dropping in Montana, Mark and Matt Thome have been busy riding, hiking, racing cyclocross and raising Mini-Thome. Mark stopped by CBUS for a few days to hang out during the motorcycle show, and it was great to see him.

   Cheers to everyone, and the final draft for team shirts should be done by Friday. Thanks to everyone for all the pics, updates, and fun!

Monday, October 23, 2017

Crooss Racin Randy!


I know it's been two weeks but better late then never I guess .Met up with the Fuzz and Roger from Kenda at the first round of cross at Irvine lake to do so suffering and boy did I. Didn't remember which class I rode last year (to many beers I guess) so I signed up for open C which meant there were all ages in the beginner class. We had an 11 o'clock start so I threw on some new Kenda tires and hydrated with some #Aminovital. The course was way more technical and longer then the first one I did but was very fun. It was 95 degrees there and although I like the heat it was brutal.

Off the start I was in the first half of the group (32 riders) but blew up half way threw the first lap more climbing and 3 sand pits. I settled into a pace I was comfortable with and enjoyed the ride. There was a lot of dirt on this course not much grass and my Kenda tire's hooked up great on the off camber turns and the fast downhill sections couldn't have had a better combo.

Half way three lap 3 I was dying and thinking God I hope this is the last lap but na we had to do a fourth but hey im on my bike and at the race's so all is good NOT I was done. finished up  in 17 place and was very happy with that. thought I was much further back so all was good.

Thanks' to Fuzz and Roger and for the encouragement and to Phillip Beckman for the outstanding pic's.

A big thanks to all our sponsors. #Kendatires #Aminovital #Ryderseyewear #Xpedopedals #Hydrapak #Sigmasport #Royalracing and thanks to #thecyclrybikeshop and #thebikeworks.

I'm going to as many of these as I can. They hurt but Dorothy Wong does a great job and they are fun as heck.

Talk to ya soon Captn,


Randy's Race Report From The Cal State Series


Well I thought the next Cross race was next weekend and was planning on going but after looking at the schedule realized it was this weekend and a 4 hour drive so I said no to that and new that the second race of SRC's fall series was at Fontucky so I decided to go do some XC racing instead. 

Rolled into Fontcky Saturday morning looking foreword to it as I love this course. Signed up got my bike ready to roll had some Amino Vital and hung out with Roger for a few. Headed to the for the start and not a huge turnout bu it was good.

Took off the start and stayed near the back cause I didn't want to blow up on the first lap like the last race. Felt pretty good threw the first lap pacing myself and went out for #2. Had a little battle with one guy who was stronger on the climbs but I could get after him on the descents except he was locking up the rear wheel down the whole downhill's and it was pissing me off cause I couldn't get by going downhill it was all one lined. Headed out for my final lap feeling alright and passed a couple people  and just rode my pace. im just trying to ride/race myself into some kind of shape. Finished up not nearly as spent as the first round and finished up 4th and on the podium again.

Thank you to #kendatires #RogerHernandez #sigmasport #xpedopedals #aminovital #hydrapak #ryderseyewear #thebikeworks and #thecyclrybikeshop.

Talk soon,


Thursday, October 05, 2017

Randy's Fontucky Breakdown

So SRC has a new series going on the fall series. I haven't raced there in a long time but I know the course so I decided to go. Well..............I had a good time but I freakin died! I guess some sport riders and beginner riders complained about the big climb I think it was called the elevator at the start and I was like WHAT? but Donnie took it out for the beginners and sports and I was bummed. (that was before the race started). We lined up and I saw a lot of friends I haven't seen in a while which was really cool.
We took of and I was running top 8 or so and was like alright I can do this right up until we got to the paved road climb! then I said FUCK 2 miles into a 15 mile race and I was gassed already with a heart rate of 190 already. So I dropped back like a rock in water and just tried to survive as this course has a lot of climbing. Made it threw the first lap and headed out for #2. Going up the paved road on lap 2 when it was 95 degree's was not fun at all BUT luckley I had my Amino Vital to keep me hydrated. I was telling myself no way I can do another lap and was prepairing myself to quit on lap #2 trying to convince myself it was the right thing to do.
Towards the end of lap #2 I was still talking to myself about quitting but as I rounded the last left hander before the finish I said I have never quit a race in my life and I"m not starting now so off I went for #3. The 3rd lap was actually my best lap feeling wise. I started to get into a grove and was feeling ok. So I finished not even worring about how I did.
Afterword I was hanging out with a few guy's when they were doing awards and heard my name and was like WTF? so I ended up 5th and on the podium which was a total surprise. I had a great time being back at the race's and hanging out with good people.
This weekend is cross at Irvive lake and will be there Saturday for that. looking forword to suffering some more.
Thanks to all our great sponcors........#aminovital #expedopedals #kendatires #sigmasport #hydrapak #ryderseyewear.
Talk to ya next week,

Thursday, September 14, 2017



About the Brewery

Welcome to Brewyard – a craft brewery in a tucked-away converted warehouse with one simple mission: Redefine and rediscover a style of beer that was invented in California during the 1800s for Californians – The “Common” style Lager.  They are beautiful hybrids that offer strong flavor like an ale but still retain a lighter crisper finish of a lager.  Originally this type of Lager had one champion, the California Common.  During our home brewing days we experimented with lager yeast and fermentation techniques to create a large variety of these “Commons”.   We expanded this category of lagers to encompass over a dozen flavors from Hoppy, Roasty, Smoky, Malty, Coffee-y, Honey sweet and Pale. We like to call them Ale’d Lagers for short.
The outer fringes of craft beer can be strong and often intimidating at times. We want to expose people that are traditionally lighter Pale Ale/Lager drinkers to the possibilities of what beer can be and set them off on their craft beer journey. We will also be here waiting when you are finished destroying your pallet on those triple IPAs and barrel aged double imperial coffee sour stouts.
Being lovers of all craft beer we also like to dabble in Belgian Ales, Barrel aging and various other styles of beer that tickle our fancy at any given time.
When you visit us, it is our hope that you feel like a part of the family! Sit and shoot the shit-ake-mushrooms with your friends at our long tables, play a board game with people you meet in the tap room and order from visiting food trucks or some delivery from one of the amazing local restaurants.
The open layout of the brewery & taproom was designed intentionally so you can see and follow the brewing process all the way from the milling of the grain down to the kegging out of the fermentation tanks full of Brewyard beer. If you catch us brewing or working the taproom, don’t be bashful. If you ask, we’ll probably give you an energetic impromptu tour of the brewery.
We are happy to be here, working hard to make world class beer and to hang out with you all. As long as our doors are open, you are welcome! You can check out our hours here: Visit our Taproom

Backbone Fuzz has been working with this amazing purveyor of delicious beer for some time, and they have decided to be a title sponsor this year for the thirsty Backbone Adventure Cycling crew.
After races, be sure to find Ara, Bob, Mark, Randy and the guys for an update of the beer they will have on hand, and look for messages and special updates for BREWYARD on the team Facebook page! Stop by, and tell them that Ara and the Backbone Adventure Cycling peeps sent you in.