Saturday, January 05, 2019

2019 Ride With Randy: FONTANA

Randy's new Giant gravel whip!


Hope things are well and you had a great Christmas and New Years. Well another season of cross has come and gone and I didn’t get any in but that’s life I guess.

Things are well on this side of the country and got back to do some riding. Typically I don’t do anything for New Years and this year was no different had to work New Year’s Eve and then settled in to watch some toob and was in bed by 10. Steve from The Cyclery Bike Shop has a demo day on New Year’s Day and brings out some Cannondale and Giant bikes for people to ride at Fontucky.

I also had to meet up to pick up my newest ride a Giant gravel bike just couldn’t resist. Anyway on to Fontucky it was cold and windy as fuck but we had a good time riding despite the weather. 

So the word out there for a while now is there’s no more XC racing because someone bought 25 acres or so and does not want anyone on it, so Steve has been out riding to do some re-con to see how to re-route the start so we can continue to race XC. After riding on Tuesday it can get done with some work. We talked about meeting up with a bunch of XC guys and helping out to cut it in. So long story short there is NO XC racing for this years Winter series.

Bums me out but what can ya' do?

Have a good one man talk to ya' soon.



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