Saturday, April 12, 2008

NOMAD H2O Tank, from Rebekah.

Rebekah from Nomad was kind enough to sponsor us this season, and I have been thoroughly enjoying mine here in the central Ohio area. Mud here is a way of life, and the really (surprisingly) nice spray nozzle head has been great for cleaning down the bike before throwing it in the truck. I also like usng it to fill with costly micro-brews and spraying myself down during lap races.

The control area is well thought out, with quick-couplers for the hose attachments, a water-proof power switch cover, and a LONG spray hose and cigareette lighter power cord. I fill it up before I leave for a ride and use it before bringing it in the house.

Thanks to Nomad, and Rebekah for the opportunity to run such a sweet piece of equipment! Look for the new CORDLESS model coming soon. Ask a Backboner at a race what they think of theirs...except Ryan Nolan, he's still waiting on his. I'm shipping it next week when his DH clothes show up..


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