Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tookie Takes Top Ten On Tomac!

Jeff promised me he was not going to stop at all during the 24Hrs. Of 9 Mile in Wisconsin over the weekend. He didn't. Despite a 3a.m. on-bike vomit-fest that he simply rode through without quitting or returning to home base, Jeff cranked out over one hundred miles from 12a.m. today to the closing bell. The initial race run on the bike had been met with glaring success, and Jeff was stunned at how resilient that new TOMAC CARBIDE frame was. The only issue? Those crank bolts I found in the 11th hour rattling around the back of my truck kept working loose throughout the night laps....that was it. So despite losing a decent block of time to slowing down for the "Technicolor Yawn," Jeff still placed top ten! He missed 7th by 4 minutes, about the time he lost during the first batch of chunk-blowing. Great job Jeff, it's nice to finally see you on a World Class bike. You have earned it go get some sleep.

****On another note, Backboner Sean Cavaluchy lined up for his first XC race back from spine surgery today. Hammering well into the first singletrack section, his brand new saddle exploded and he was forced to gingerly limp out of the first lap, forcing him to a DNF. Great job sucking it up long enough to get outta the woods, and thanks for stopping by work and letting me know you are o.k.!


At 10:49 AM, Blogger taylor said...

Nice work Tookie!!!

At 5:53 PM, Blogger Vegas said...

Way to go!!!


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