Sunday, May 18, 2014

Fuzzy's KOM Update. Elevation, yo!

Today at 11:16 AM

King of the Mountain Century Challenge was by far the hardest rides I
have ever done on a road bike. I love climbing, especially sustained
climbing, just getting into a rhythm with cadence and breathing.
Letting the legs turn and turn and turn. Physically exhausting but the
mental aspect was even tougher. Unlike other century rides these were
timed and had checkpoints to meet. Whenever there is time involved we
usually push harder and harder. I did not train enough (Over seas for a
week prior ride)  for the first one and got sick right after. That much
time in the saddle and the relentless elevation gained takes a huge
toll. So many thoughts go through the mind. But what a feeling to
finish though, euphoric! Plus having burgers, chili fries, or burritos
waiting at the finish is the reason.

Here are the stats : Thanks to my trusty Sigma Rox 8.1 (used the Rox
10.0 on the final ride)

Mulholland Challenge : 120 miles  9:41:44  13,333 feet gain

Breathless Agony :  112 miles    7: 28    12,100 feet gain

Hearthbreak 100 :    100 miles  6:48:35  9,000 feet gain

Overall Standings : 37th out of 92

I couldn't have done this without the sponsors we have here at Backbone
Adventure Cycling.

Would like to Thank :

Kenda Tires and Tube - did not have one flat tire the whole time.
Kriterium Endurance 700x23c with the Iron Cloak rolled great.

Sigma Sport Rox 8.1 and 10.0 - very accurate readings and all the
settings helped navigate and calculate the next move.

Amino Vital - Endurance Fruit got me through a batch of almost cramping
on the first ride. Couldn't have finished the ride without Amino Vitals
patented amino chains allowing the muscles to work and keeps the mind
sharp. Also recovering with the Pro grape.

Xpedo pedals - Yes, I do ride a road bike with mountain bike pedals and
shoes. Faux Paix! But their damn comfortable. Decided to take off my
Xpedo road pedals, which are great, but went with something I was used

KMC chains - Bentley hooked it up this year and the x10SL with Ti-N
coating didn't skip a revolution.

Voler Riding clothes - These are my go to bibs for long rides. The
padding and cut are amazingly comfortable.

Ryder Sunglasses - most of the rides were under a bright Sun but that
did not matter because the Photochromatic lens on the sunglasses.

Its time for some dirt racing ....



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