Saturday, June 24, 2017

Santa Ynez Fuzz

Fun weekend out at Santa Ynez Valley for Kenda Cup #4! Earned a 5th place in the Master Men Enduro on Saturday. Was in 3rd but came in too hot and totally missed a turn on a wooden bridge which sent me right over the bars into the creek on Stage 3. Clawed my way out of the ravine and finished the stage with twisted bars. ALWAYS PRE-RIDE! Luckily nothing major but a nasty calf bruise and insect bites all over. Barely able to pedal on the last stage. 1800ft of climbing and supe...r windy! Called it off last second for Sunday's XC race. Fun cheering on peeps out on the dirt crit course. Shout out to Kimmi Runner for 2nd place, Dan Blurton for another 2nd behind Chris, and Ben Goyette for a top 5 in Pro!
HoneyBadgerDHpro 2.35 was a good fast tire on the front for the Endure, looking forward to trying out the HellKat for Big Bear. Thank you Roger Hernandez! Xpedo GFX pedals are solid pedals with a firm base for jumps and drops. Royal Apparel and Seven Gloves/Protection gave confidence.
Photo by Philip Beckman


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