Friday, August 02, 2019

A Little Update Time

Ara at elevation, doing what he does best.

Wow, so much to get to! My apologies for being an absentee writer, but I have some time to update the page, so here goes!

Sadly, our long-time team sponsor SIGMA SPORT USA has been recalled to the home office in Germany. Three Marketing Director changes have occurred there since our relationship began, and news was announced recently that Germany is closing the operations here in North America. The staff there will be sorely missed, especially Randy, who has always made himself available to help all of us through any challenges we may have had. The people and products at SIGMA will be greatly missed. They have utilized our riders at trade shows, in their catalogs and web banner ads, etc for a very long time, and I am glad I kept all of those items for posterity.
Bob's full-page in the SIGMA catalog.

Bob looking at that sexy dude in the SIGMA catalog.

Bert, Bob and Charlos all featured in this full page SIGMA promo.

The team has had a very busy season, with Ara just wrapping up his in Colorado at U.S. National Championships.
He had the sup[port of Jim Roff and Roger Hernandez (Kenda Tire), and although he was turning sub-30 minute laps...mechanical failures forced an early retirement from the race. Ara spent the days prior to the event riding through Flagstaff and neighboring areas, rough-camping on park service land each night. He has also purchased a new adventure/gravel whip, which he has been using to take extended across the west coast. I am always happy to receive texts from him while out on these adventures.

Ara reflecting on a long and fruitful/successful racing season.

Bob has been racing a lot of OTH events in Orange County, and of course hits up every late night concert in the O.C.
Bob had some amazing adventure events as well this year. Northern cal is his endurance spot for such events, and they are very well organised and have a TON of participants. Bob also got to attend the XC event that was brought back to San Diego, one of the team faves, with randy and Ara. The Sagebrush Safari is still one of my all-time favorite courses.

Randy also purchased a new gravel bike, but this week is high in the Sierra Nevada's playing with Paula Cruz. Fly-fishing and mountain bike riding on his Trance looks like a blast. Maybe all three of them can take their gravel bikes and do a race together next season!

Mark Thome has been pushing pedals in Montana. The rides there are amazing, often with frozen singletrack atop sky-scraping peaks. he and Tami have been doing a LOT of riding, beer drinking, and concert attending thus far. I highly recommend asking him for great places to ride when in Montana!

Mark and Tami out smashing pedals, and taking selfies.

I  have been riding mostly road, as the mountain biking here is fairly abysmal. Fall is coming soon, which is truly the best time to enjoy the outdoors here. I will be heading up the Cuyahoga Awesomefest in a couple of months, and hope to get back down to the cabin to hike the Hocking Hills soon.
Chilling along the trail south of Boston Mill.

Jeff Williams has been working hard at the STEM Academy, building up student confidence and self-reliance via his new mountain bike club. The group has been travelling to campgrounds and races for a couple of months now! All-in-all, it has been a very fun year to tag along and watch everyone ride and explore the world around them. I hope you all get out this week!

Jeff Williams takes the students from the Portsmouth STEM Academy out for a ride.

Monday, April 08, 2019


Bonelli did not appear to be smelly over the weekend for round $3 of the CA MTB Series!

Just when you thought Bonelli was the same ol' like every time before, BAM! Not yesterday!
The new course layout put on by Sho-Air Cycling group and Team Big Bear at Round #4 of the #californiamtbseries was intense...more climbs, steeper, and those hairpin turns!

After a horrible first lap (went the wrong way) and crashed, finally got it together on the last lap to take 5th of 14 in CAT 1.

Dan Blurton rode away into a 2nd place finish, go get 'em at Sea Otter buddy!

Thank you Roger Hernandez and Win Allen for the bottle feeds/support/mechanical brilliance/crotch target feed zones...and all the cheers out on the course, especially Perlay Edward Escareno!

Thank you to all the sponsor supports: Kenda Tire, Sigma Sport, XPEDO pedal, KMC Chain, Felt Bicycles, Ryders Eyewear, Wingspan Cyclery, Win's Wheels, RedMonkey Sports, Brewyard Beer Co., Backbone Adventure Cycling.

Fuzzbucket smashing berms and scaring worms on the course at Bonelli.

Tuesday, April 02, 2019


The Three Amigos

From Vegas Bob:

Great to get out for my first XC race of the year. Even though my chest cold still lingers, how could I say no to Sagebrush Safari?
Starting from the back the little course changes had me a bit confused, but passing riders in other categories made me feel fast even though I wasn’t! My @feltbicycles Nine is #supersonic and @kendamtb Sabres are #fffast so I had to pay attention on the descents! My 215 gram @xpedousa M-Force 8 pedals were #flawless getting a foot out and back in the many times I foibled on the technical downhills.
Wonderful to meet up with Randy and Ara down there, and the race setup by @quickndirtymtb was first class! Live band, Sierra Nevada beers, prize raffle, product booths, taco truck; I definitely won’t be missing Sagebrush again. @ Lake Morena

Fuzzy on his way to a podium spot!

From Backbone Fuzz:

The HEAT was on yesterday at Quick 'n Dirty MTB Race Series 2019 Sagebrush Safari XC and Super D... windy beautiful warm temps with blue skies made the conditions spot on! Backbone Adventure Cycling was there with Bob Snyder and Randy Rush (Paula M. Cruz!!) 
Great feeling when the legs are dancing on my 
Xpedo pedals, love the long climbs and singletrack descents on this classic course. Personal best in 5th Cat 1 and 9th overall time 2:01 😁 right behind Incycle Race Team membeDan Blurton, thought I had you on the last climb out buddy! 👊👊
Kenda Tires USA #Sabre and #Honeybadger hooked up well on the mix terrain of sand, chunky rock, slick rock, and steep ups. Felt Bicycles Doctrine1 was the perfect choice again! 
Thank you Victor Sheldon and all the crew/volunteers for keeping an eye on us on the course. Big Thanks to Sierra Nevada for the suds after the race! Cheers mates!

Post race cheers and beers!

Randy bringing the leg death in the So Cal sun.

Monday, March 04, 2019



Hope things are good oh and warm in Ohio. Out here in So Cal as you know it’s been a wet winter but hey it’s winter and we need the rain.

Yesterday was the opening round of the Californa MNT. Bike series at Vail lake. Woke up to the sound of raindrops and thought fuck this I’m not going! Everyone knows what a pussy I am with the cold BUT i had already entered so I said hell with it let’s go.

The venue was pretty wet and raining when we got there, but the dirt there can hold a lot of water so I was thinking this could be good. Met up with Roger from Kenda and helped him unload a set up. Start time we’re set back an hour because the rain was going to lighten up so no start until 12:10. With time to kill met up with a bunch of people I hadn’t seen in a while. Man it’s always cool being at the races.

So onto the race.......Sitting in staging it started raining again but not hard and I had like four layers of cloths on so let’s get going. Off the start I was running third and not feeling to bad headed up the first canyon and now remembering the course out here (hadn’t raced here in like 6 years) very fun and the dirt was choice. Completed lap 1 in fourth and headed out for 2.

Headed up the first canyon and not so good this time I was dying and there they went one, two, three, and I’m sucking gas. It started getting a little darker BUT I had changed the lens in my #RYDERSEYEWEAR to the orange lens and had no problems seeing any of the course. Like I said the dirt was choice and my #KENDATIRES Saber pro’s 2.4 were hooking up awesome. I know 2.4 is kinda big but I love this tire it’s fast and it hooks the fuck up!

Lap three wasn’t to bad definitely didn’t hurt like lap two pretty much rode by myself on the final which was ok cause I had nothin left to fight with anyone. It was wet and a little muddy but I never had any issues with my #XPEDOPEDAL and my #SIGMASPORT computer told me each lap was 6 miles and my heart rate was threw the fuckin roof.

Fuzz couldn’t make this round so there wasn’t any #BREWYARDBREWING suds for after the race but hey I had a great time saw a bunch of awesome people it’s was a great day!

Two weeks Bonelli.

Talk soon Captain,


Monday, January 28, 2019

Ara Takes 9th in Open/Pro at 6 Hours Solo Event In Temecula.No gloves for Fuzzy, even during a solo 6 hour race.

9th/22 in Open/Pro 6 hrs Solo... 
7 laps in: 64 mi, 5:22, and 6,700ft gain. 
Didn't have it in me for an 8th 

Thank you Roger Hernandez and Kenda Tires USA Regolith Pro's were great. Xpedo CXR pedals were solid. SIGMA SPORT USA Rox 11.0 was a huge help for keeping pace. RedMonkey Sports kept the blisters away and arm pump on a fun course. Thank you Jason Ranoa and company for putting on the show in Temecula! 
Big shoutout to Win Allen of Win's Wheels for getting the old steed back in race shape.
No gloves for the Fuzziest, even during a 6 hour solo race.

Saturday, January 05, 2019

2019 Ride With Randy: FONTANA

Randy's new Giant gravel whip!


Hope things are well and you had a great Christmas and New Years. Well another season of cross has come and gone and I didn’t get any in but that’s life I guess.

Things are well on this side of the country and got back to do some riding. Typically I don’t do anything for New Years and this year was no different had to work New Year’s Eve and then settled in to watch some toob and was in bed by 10. Steve from The Cyclery Bike Shop has a demo day on New Year’s Day and brings out some Cannondale and Giant bikes for people to ride at Fontucky.

I also had to meet up to pick up my newest ride a Giant gravel bike just couldn’t resist. Anyway on to Fontucky it was cold and windy as fuck but we had a good time riding despite the weather. 

So the word out there for a while now is there’s no more XC racing because someone bought 25 acres or so and does not want anyone on it, so Steve has been out riding to do some re-con to see how to re-route the start so we can continue to race XC. After riding on Tuesday it can get done with some work. We talked about meeting up with a bunch of XC guys and helping out to cut it in. So long story short there is NO XC racing for this years Winter series.

Bums me out but what can ya' do?

Have a good one man talk to ya' soon.


Saturday, September 15, 2018


Leaves are turning. Best time ever to ride here.
It's happening.
You can feel it in the early mornings.
The heat is starting to yield to a pinch of cold air before the sun comes up.
The days are getting shorter, and the air is drying out a bit, which means you won't have to listen to the electric droning of the air conditioner anymore to sleep. The mosquitos will dissipate. The trees are already dropping leaves by the branch-full.

Riding time is upon is in the north.

Bridge over the Cuyahoga near Sagamore Hills.
 In a couple of weeks, I get to take a group of fellow riders up to Ohio City, and spend the weekend camped out in The Cleveland Hostel. We will be riding (as usual) on Saturday through Cuyahoga National Park and back. There will be a LOT of beer from Great Lakes Brewing Co., Nano Brew, Market Garden Brewing, etc. Sunday we ride to Rocky River, followed by more bad choices. The National Park is ablaze with color at that time.
The old Coast Guard station in Cleveland.
 The old Coast Guard station stands watch over the mouth of the Cuyahoga River, one of very few that flew north in North America, thanks to the Continental Divide that lifts the land just north of Akron. This is my favorite time to ride in Ohio, and probably my favorite place to ride this time of year.
So much of this is coming!
 The old towpath trail is about 85% dirt. Most people think that a road bike has tires too small for this, but that is not true. A soft hand on the brakes is all you need, and a road bike will steam away through the park trail network. Rolling through the valley floor, you see old mills, barns, the mighty river, and even ride through the middle of the old lock network which allowed boats to deliver goods along the river at the turn of the century.
The days are getting shorter, but the views will get better.
 The routes around Hoover reservoir are also nice this time of year. Any water left in the lake will freeze solid once again, leaving a starkly beautiful landscape to absorb while churning away in the biting wind of fall and winter mornings. In a few months....snow.
It won't be long until months of this happens.
This is the only truly pleasurable time to ride here.
I am looking forward to it.

Wednesday, August 01, 2018


Tuesday, July 31, 2018

July Racing Heatwave!

Ash Cave in the Hocking Hills of Ohio was a nice break from long work days.

 While the Carr Fire is blazing it's way through the Golden State and the rest of the West is en fuego this week, Ara and Vegas Bob have been enjoying the fast racing action from So Cal to Colorado.
Bob pulled out a win at the Over The Hump race, and depending on tonight's season finale, may actually take home the series! Big thanks to HB Velo Cyclery for helping VB with a hardtail to race. Visit for their group rides and races.

Vegas Bob FTW at last week's OTH race!

Vegas Bob wrote this after taking 1st at the OTH race:

"#thrilled with my #WIN at the second #OTH race last night!!!
The #broiling #hothotheat took its toll, but not on me. #VegasBob in the hizzy!
#somelikeithot #itsadryheat #imthefirestarter #nowwerecooking
#hotchacha #burninforyou #hottimeintheoldtowntonight
#firstplace #race #mtb #dirt

Thank you to @hbvelocyclery for the sweet ride #khsteam29 and the race support. #redmeansgo #justride
And thanks to all my #backboneracing #sponsors for everything you do, and my #teammates for help keeping me #motivated
#backatit next week, see you there!"

VB getting his groove on during the OTH race.

Bob also took home a silver medal at Round 2 of OTH:

"#ecstatic with my 2nd Place finish at the first race of round two at #overthehumpoc @raceoc. The #firstandonly run into #limestonecanyon suited me well with long #sustained #climbs and lots of #falsepeaks that #demoralized other riders.
Huge ups to @hbvelocyclery for providing me with Candy’s own @focusbikes #ravenmax. Apparently #29inchwheels are a thing now #whoknew? #bigwheels #speed, #carbon #hardtail #quickness, and #shimanomtb #sweetness, it’s the ultimate tool for the job. #justride
IS THAT JIMBO? Jim and Ara in Crested Butte this month.

Ara has been roaming the western U.S. this month, racing and visiting the likes of Jimbo Roff. He got to ride Park City, Crested Butte and Grand Junction again this year, and other breathtaking parts of the country. Check him out on Facebook and Insta as "Backbone Fuzz." Ara was up in Big Bear last weekend for Crafts and Cranks as well, and dropped a silver medal finish! Ara's partneship with Wingspan Cyclery in Simi Valley ( has been great this year, and he even has been dropping a podium or two with The Path bike shop in Orange County at the NON DOT races.

Fuzz at the Breck Marathon XC event, where he would take 5th.

The Breck 100 Marathon XC race was a doozy, and The Fuzziest came home with a 5th place podium spot. His report is as follows:
"5th place in Cat1 Men's Breck 100 Marathon and WOW! Could be one of the toughest races I have completed; singletrack, roots, rocks, steep climbs, long gradual climbs, and the elevation. Kenda Tires USA Regolith and Honeybadgers were flawless again especially with fresh Orange Seal Cycling to keep the punctures/flats away. Wingspan Cyclery bottles were key for keeping hydrated and calorie intake.
Can not say enough Thank You's to Jimbo for the support, really felt like the old days back at home, especially the finish line beer!
Thank you to all the well wishes and tips for the course. Matthew Smith, you were spot on with the info, thank you!
Backbone Adventure Cycling
#kendatiresusa #ridekenda #xpedo #sigmasportusa #iamaroxstar #ryderseyewear #norcobicycles #wingspancyclery "


The NON DOT series is hugely fun, and Fuzz raced all 4 for a nice overall position there. Vegas Bob also came out to ride and assist for some of these events.

"That is a wrap on the Non Dot Adventures race series for 2018! Really have fallen in love with this 4 race series down in Orange County. Great environment, upbeat staff/volunteers, family-oriented, and best of all the courses are so fun!
Thank you Andy Lightle, Jon Kearley, Missy Kearley, and the rest for making this unique and enjoyable mountain bike series.
Thank you Kenda Tires USA and Roger Hernandez! Forgot how fast my Felt Bicycles Doctrine1 is with #saberpros. Troupe Racing, Tim Vangilder the Luge on Ice tasted so refreshing today after the race. The Path Bike Shop Race Team for the support and killer kit today, appreciate the cheers! My hero and words of wisdom, Mike Franze!"

The Golden State Series has been prolific for the Fuzziest as well, with frequent podium spots having constantly in the running for an overall spot on the box.

"Good times all around up in Big Bear for the Gold State Round #7-Series Finals. Hot and dry conditions made it into a game of survival on the Endurance race... bonked hard on the second lap but was able to regroup and finish strong. Dan Blurton of The Path Bike Shop Race Team took the win in Cat1 XC and the overall, congrats buddy!
Backbone Adventure Cycling Kenda Tires USA Roger Hernandez SIGMA SPORT USA Xpedo Ryders Eyewear Brewyard Beer Company LLC Wingspan Cyclery
Look for a GoPro video edit of the race soon..."

Ara bringing "The Rage" on his Felt hardtail.

Ara's season recap today is a great overview of a stellar season of racing.
"That is a wrap on an amazing mountain bike race season! Roger Hernandez and Dan Blurton #kskmart, you two made it so much fun this year and couldn't have done any of this without the support on and off the bike, thank you! Go get it at #Leadville100 buddy!
VisionQuest : 5th / 68
Epic Rides : Whiskey 50 Open Men – 32nd/174
Carson City Off-Road – 29th / 132

Breck100 : Expert Men 5th
SocalEndurance 12hrs of Temecula w/ Timari Pruis Allen – 1st place COED
Gold State Cup Endurance Series : 2nd Overall
Bonelli – 2nd
*Fontana City National – 12th
Santa Ynez Valley Classic – 2nd
Big Bear Shoot-Out #1– 2nd
Big Bear Shoot-Out #2- 1st
CraftsnCranks Series Final – 2nd
Non-Dot Adventures : Series Winner – Expert Men 36-49
Whiting Woods TT – 1st
Caspers Wilderness – 1st
Aliso+Woods – 2nd
Santiago Oaks – 1st
Quick n’ Dirty Sagebrush Safari : 12th Expert Men 16-39
Race 📸 by : Philip Beckman"

Mark Thome has been posting some stunning photos of the Montana countryside, as he heads out in the evenings. Bozeman looks like an amazing place to live if you are a cyclist! I have been working a lot, and squeezing in small hikes and road rides when I can. A recent trip to Ash Cave and Rockmill was a great way to clear the brain before another week of craziness.

Beauregard enjoying some free time at Rockmill.