Monday, March 04, 2019



Hope things are good oh and warm in Ohio. Out here in So Cal as you know it’s been a wet winter but hey it’s winter and we need the rain.

Yesterday was the opening round of the Californa MNT. Bike series at Vail lake. Woke up to the sound of raindrops and thought fuck this I’m not going! Everyone knows what a pussy I am with the cold BUT i had already entered so I said hell with it let’s go.

The venue was pretty wet and raining when we got there, but the dirt there can hold a lot of water so I was thinking this could be good. Met up with Roger from Kenda and helped him unload a set up. Start time we’re set back an hour because the rain was going to lighten up so no start until 12:10. With time to kill met up with a bunch of people I hadn’t seen in a while. Man it’s always cool being at the races.

So onto the race.......Sitting in staging it started raining again but not hard and I had like four layers of cloths on so let’s get going. Off the start I was running third and not feeling to bad headed up the first canyon and now remembering the course out here (hadn’t raced here in like 6 years) very fun and the dirt was choice. Completed lap 1 in fourth and headed out for 2.

Headed up the first canyon and not so good this time I was dying and there they went one, two, three, and I’m sucking gas. It started getting a little darker BUT I had changed the lens in my #RYDERSEYEWEAR to the orange lens and had no problems seeing any of the course. Like I said the dirt was choice and my #KENDATIRES Saber pro’s 2.4 were hooking up awesome. I know 2.4 is kinda big but I love this tire it’s fast and it hooks the fuck up!

Lap three wasn’t to bad definitely didn’t hurt like lap two pretty much rode by myself on the final which was ok cause I had nothin left to fight with anyone. It was wet and a little muddy but I never had any issues with my #XPEDOPEDAL and my #SIGMASPORT computer told me each lap was 6 miles and my heart rate was threw the fuckin roof.

Fuzz couldn’t make this round so there wasn’t any #BREWYARDBREWING suds for after the race but hey I had a great time saw a bunch of awesome people it’s was a great day!

Two weeks Bonelli.

Talk soon Captain,



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