Monday, April 08, 2019


Bonelli did not appear to be smelly over the weekend for round $3 of the CA MTB Series!

Just when you thought Bonelli was the same ol' like every time before, BAM! Not yesterday!
The new course layout put on by Sho-Air Cycling group and Team Big Bear at Round #4 of the #californiamtbseries was intense...more climbs, steeper, and those hairpin turns!

After a horrible first lap (went the wrong way) and crashed, finally got it together on the last lap to take 5th of 14 in CAT 1.

Dan Blurton rode away into a 2nd place finish, go get 'em at Sea Otter buddy!

Thank you Roger Hernandez and Win Allen for the bottle feeds/support/mechanical brilliance/crotch target feed zones...and all the cheers out on the course, especially Perlay Edward Escareno!

Thank you to all the sponsor supports: Kenda Tire, Sigma Sport, XPEDO pedal, KMC Chain, Felt Bicycles, Ryders Eyewear, Wingspan Cyclery, Win's Wheels, RedMonkey Sports, Brewyard Beer Co., Backbone Adventure Cycling.

Fuzzbucket smashing berms and scaring worms on the course at Bonelli.


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