Thursday, January 31, 2008

Randy's Race Report

Hey Captn, how's it going? Sorry the report is a little late just busy at work.

We awoke Saturday morning in Fontucky to blue skies and cool temps, but no rain thank god because I hated ridding my dirt bike in mud let alone pedaling in it.Anyway the races started on time and we had another huge class in the 35 to 44 sport class with 20 guys again, and I got out to a top eight start and was feeling a lot better than last race.So I dropped a couple spots on the first loop but was still feeling good.I ended up finishing in 12th place but I knocked of six and a half minutes of my time from last race day, so I felt really good about that, but would have liked to be In the top ten but there's always next week.

Kim's oldest son Cody came out again to race Saturdays super D race (Thanks again to Mr... T for the bike) and this weeks course was a lot harder than last weeks with some good steep climbing and Cody was dying, but he still ended up on the podium with another fifth place Finnish in the beginner class( Great job Cody) and mind you the only one to podium this week.

So we awoke Sunday morning expecting the worst because it absolutely poured all night Saturday night so we didn't know what to think. Skies were partly cloudy and was warmer than Saturday so Trevor and Taylor were off to make a few practice runs to check out the course.Kim was helping Donnie's wife with sign ups and I got to get the truck and trailer out of lake Southridge because it seems that I parked in the lowest area that you could park in and from the door of the trailer out twenty feet we had eight inches of water around the trailer. Kim had to walk on a table just to get out and go work.Anyway back to the races Trevor and Taylor both said the course was in great shape and even during there runs it seemed to dry out and get a little slippery.Neither one had a great day as Taylor said he felt slow on the bottom of the course and finished tenth. Trevor I thought had a good run going I was half way up the course watching but he ended up seventeenth and was really pissed but again there's always next week.

Donnie did a great job on the courses again the X-C course was even better than last week just out standing.I also want to say a BIG THANK YOU TO ALL OUR TEAM SPONSORS for all there support it's really appreciated.

Have a good one Captn. (sorry no pic's this week)



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