Monday, February 25, 2008

Randy's Fontucky Report

Sir Captn. Dung lover,

Fontucky #4 was this weekend and I went solo this weekend as Kim had to work and Trevor wasn't racing because he's getting ready to go to New York for an auto competition.

So I just drove up on Saturday morning and decided that I would just race X-C and Super-D and head home for a a very extensive re-hydration period. Now we've had a lot of rain this year for So. Cal and there was a lot of standing water in the vender area so I thought the course might be a little muddy this week but how wrong I was, the course just keeps getting better and better and everyone's times will show that also.

So this week we only had fourteen guys in my class maybe the weather scared some people off I don't know but they missed a great day. I got another great start inside the top five and felt great on the climbs but the best was yet to come, because when we were on the descents I was just letting it go, now I don't know if one down hill race can help or not but I felt great on the descents. It was a really fun race because I battled with one guy the whole race as we passed each other about nine or ten times, he was stronger on the climbs and I was faster on the decants so It was a lot of fun.

Well like I said the course was GREAT and the race was a lot of fun. I ended up finishing in seventh place but took off 3.18 off of my time from two weeks ago so that was good.

So after a little break It was off to Super-D, now this weeks course had a lot off climbing of which I had already done twice during X-C but that's cool because after the climbing it was right to the top and entire down hill course which when I heard made a little nervous but what the heck. The course was a lot off fun and made me wish I was racing down hill this week but doing it on a X-C bike was a little sketchy but I ended up finishing third and on the box so I was happy.

Well I think that's all and like I said I wasn't there on Sunday so I don't know how Mr. T did so you will have to wait for his report. Have a great week dude OUT.



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