Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Tour Of Cali Starts On Valentine's Day!

Lance Armstrong should thank Tomac for not making a road bike... otherwise, he'd have to deal with the likes of Bert and Vegas Bob.

Apparently Saint Valentine was a HUGE supporter of raod racing, because the Amgen Tour Of california starts on Valentine's Day! That's Valentine with an "N", NOT VALENTI-M-E'S DAY, just to be clear. That's a different holiday all together, very popular in Iceland. With part of the Tour route rolling through Paso Robles I would highly recommend to visitors that they stop by for a tasting at Clavo Cellars' tasting room in Paso. Lydia's music plays there over the speakers!

Bert went to France in 2005, and rode the the Alpe route just minutes after the peloton went by. he was only about two minutes of the average time for the riders that day, and well within the time limit to have made the cutoff...and he was alone.
That's right. Good thing Tomac doesn't make a road bike...


At 9:26 PM, Blogger Vegas said...

That's love, baby!


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