Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Get A Chinese Hummer!

As much as I wish this were REALLY about getting a Chinese Hummer (which you could probably do..you know..the way I was insinuating) GM announced today that it will sell Hummer to the Chinese. For years WE have been getting hummers FROM the Chinese..and now we are selling them right back. I am very confused. Alas, the back has broken. GM filed for bankruptcy, got billions in taxpayer dollars, and sold the last bastion of American-Arnoldom to the Far East. While it is sad, we DO live in a capitalist country..and if nobody is buying the product..I'm just saying. I just wish that the Fed would bail out some of the mom and pop businesses that went under, too.

***I would have voted for a PK Ripper bailout!***
Oh that's right..they don't have lobbyists. There are a ton of small bike brands and parts companies out there that have gone belly-up over the past few years, and I bet they sure could have used a few trillion to "buy them some time." Well, I really just wanted to use the words "Chinese Hummer" in a blog post, but since all the bailouts are landing on us, I need to get back to work and see if they can give me some overtime..gotta pay my taxes.


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