Friday, June 19, 2009

Tookie Rocks The 'Hawk.

In preparation for the weekend's racing for Tookie in Pennsylvania, he decided to strike fear in the hearts of his fellow racers by shaving a Mohawk into his head. Now appearing as though he were a member of the Wannaseemapeepee Tribe, this Backbone racer is ready to wage epic battle in the woods Sunday. When he called me on this, he reminded me of the very first Sagebrush race we attended as a new team in 2005, when Jim Roff, and Fuzzy shaved their heads into Mohawks as well.

Maybe if I buy some of that weed off of Missy Giove, I can get Vanessa to inhale it and shave her head too! That's hot.

Good luck this weekend Jeff, sorry I have to work both days. I'll catch the next 24 Hr though, and hopefully by then you'll have your Carbide!

Holy s**t, what's up there SLINGBLADE?


At 7:29 PM, Blogger rushman said...

now thats funny shit dude if you buy weed from missy you better buy enough for the whole team and maybe we will all try and inhale it.


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