Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Backbone Welcomes ROYAL RACING For 2010

Jay Schippers has re-surfaced! On the D.L. since Interbike, Jay has been secretly working with the recently-purchased ROYAL brand (formerly of VSG) in Colorado! Hinting but not confirming anything at the show, then just disappearing from the planet (moved to Colorado again)..Jay is up and running the Royal product line. He sent me sneak-peaks of the new XC gloves, called the RIVET. Look for more product peeks here at the blog o' death!

I finally go a hold of the boy today, and he is all legit now to talk about the new product.

"It is pretty exciting though. I haven’t even gone public yet. I am planning on sending out press releases tomorrow. So we have some cool XC gloves that the team might want to check out. I attached photos of them. They are photos of earlier samples so these don’t have terry (snot wipers) on the thumb were the production ones will. "

Jason Schippers
Union Sport Group LLC


At 12:11 AM, Blogger taylor said...

Awesome!!! I had heard rumors that Royal was on its way out, I was really bummed, because they are my favorite brand when it comes to riding gear! Good to see you working on this stuff Jay!


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