Saturday, December 12, 2009

P.O.B. In Ha-Wa-Ii!

Darter and VB in front of the Interbike booth at ODD for Amino Vital in 2008.

Amino Vital is on hand in Hawaii for a hugemongous Triathlon, and our very own P.O.Bizzle is on the scene to represent the product! Clearly working very hard in the tropical moonlight, he is sending pictures of the view from Amino Vital Remote HQ from the island. That looks like one tough assignment! Below we see a phoo of him road riding through Napa...not the auto parts store..the wine region. That also looks like a tough gig.

Here's POB calling his wife to let her know that he has made it to the top of Mt Tam (home of many native legends and myths), and has yet to be Puma bait. Jeff and I will see POB soon for the 2010 Arnold Fitness Classic!


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