Saturday, March 27, 2010

I Love Jim Roff (or; Note From A Pickle Smoocher.)

Hey Backboners,
This year Sea Otter sponsor support has taken on a whole new meaning. One of our very own team members and friends has moved on to have his own brand. Jason Schippers of Royal Racing needs your support this year more than ever before. So PLEASE, stop by the booth at Sea Otter and buy a T-shirt, Hoody,or socks to support our friends brand, and his/(my) beer drinking habbit.(j/k) The rest of the product line will also be available for retail sales at the Ride SFO booth. This would also be a fantastic time to stop by your local shops and ask them if they carry the Royal brand, or even post a reveiw of the product on . If you are in need of some new gear contact Jay at , he is completely stocked and ready to ship your DH/All-Mountain shorts,jerseys, and gloves.
So stop by the booth, have a beer with me, buy a shirt, and get Steve Peats autograph.
I look forward to seeing all of you. (except Chris, he's a tool)



At 6:34 PM, Blogger Sharpie said...

Screw Peetie, I want Charles Libolt's autograph!


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