Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Ara's Tomac Type X Update


After 7 years of racing/riding on the Epic, it feels so good to be on a
brand new bike that actually works in every aspect. I'll still come in
last place in Cat 1 but a few hours closer to second to last.

The Type-X is amazing! I got the White Carbon frame with the white
fork, looks sweet but will probably get dirty quick. Never had a full
Carbon bike and what a big difference. First thing I noticed on the
first ride was the absence of chatter. At first I thought I was getting
a flat! Power transfer is incredible, one pedal stroke and its flying.
Very clean and slick look to the frame design and the graphics are not
too flashy at all - some bike companies over do it. The frame is stupid
light, I mean I'm still scared to ride it because you guys know I crash

I chose the highest components package which includes the brand new
SRAM XX build kit. Was hesitating on getting this but it is awesome.
The shifting is super crisp, the gearing is perfect on flats and climbs
- plus no extra gears to cross chain. The thumb shifters are great
because you can have all fingers on the handlebars and shift at the
same time. After the first ride the bike was making a nasty clicking
noise, so I took apart the bike and put it back to together and the
creaking stopped. It was from the cassette which is a one peice
cassette! How awesome is that. The Avid Elixir brakes are powerful and
have not had any rubbage yet (except my taint). The Fox fork, WOW,
buttery smooth! Has a remote lockout which is great on climbs and nice
dial in knob for rebound speed. Also getting used to riding a flat bar
now, probably will change over to low riser soon. Overall, the
components match the bike.

I've put on a set of Xpedo pedals from last year, carbon water bottle
cage, (Can't wait 'til I get my
hands on a Sigma Rox) , and will swap the Easton XC One wheelsets for
Spinergy Xyclone disks.

Joel Smith and the gang at Tomac have done a great job designing and
putting together a great mountain bike. It was so worth the wait all
these months, and for me personally all these years. Looking forward to
racing this rig soon.

Thanks to Joel Smith at Tomac and the rest of the sponsors,



At 9:38 PM, Blogger timari said...

What, is Fuzzy planning on riding the Type X on his next century ride?!?!?!?!? Won't believe it till I see it Fuzz.........just sayin'


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