Monday, May 24, 2010

Charles In Charge.

So like I said earlier, I have to pass on the majority of my races this year- just trying to finish up school on a good note. But, that doesn't mean there isn't time for good riding! We have been blessed in SoCal with great weather these past few weeks. Saturday, my friends and I went for a ride at Angelus Oaks, followed by an epic ride at San Juan Trail. Here is a picture from the top of Angelus Oaks, breaking in my new XC toy (and yes, I'm wearing a hoody... it was cold!) and a video compilation of the descent. Not sure why, but as the guy who hadn't ridden Angelus Oaks in 10 years, I was elected to lead the group out! The other picture is just a shot from the top of San Juan, it had stopped hailing just minutes before. Also, despite my apprehension, my 2.1 Kenda El Mocos performed great going down the rough San Juan trail. Everybody else chose to run larger tires, and someone even pinch flated, but these skinny little suckers held up!

Death Row from Dirty Mike on Vimeo.



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