Saturday, June 05, 2010


Every time someone loses in a race, we can now blame the winner for cheating with GRUBER ASSIST. What is it? It's actually a super-trick micro-motor that drops inside the seat tube, and does a very good job of dragging you up and down the roads and trails. Crazy? Maybe, but the accusations are already out there in the Euro Pelotons.
You can visit their website at for details on the motor set up. With battery technology getting better every week, this thing may have legs...even if the riders do not. From Gruber's website, the product is explained like this..

GRUBER Assist-
a high-quality tuning product for your bicycle:

GRUBER Assist is an ultra-light drive for mountain bikes, trekking cycles and tour cycles, suitable for later installation. The skilfully conceived Gruber motor is invisibly built into the bicycle (seat tube with an inner diameter of 31.6mm required) and scores especially highly on account of its light weight (900 g).

A touch of the Turbo button on the handlebar – and the burning sensation in your thighs disappears – the healthy perspiration, however, remains. The auxiliary drive, with its 200 watt of additional power, promises a performance increase of up to 100% – for min. 45 minutes at full load. When the drive is switched off, you continue cycling as normal. GRUBER Assist guarantees pleasurable cycling without a red face!

Product attributes

• The electric motor is very light
• The propelling assistance is invisible
• Cycling becomes fitness cycling and is thereby healthier
• Thanks to its retrofit kit, it is almost irrelevant what brand of bike you have
• The pedal assistance brings speed on flat and power going uphill

Below is a video that CLAIMS to prove how Fabian Cancellara used this technology (easy to mask the noise on cobbles, right?) to win races. Video is likely put together by all who lost, but it still makes you wonder if it's being used! For anyone racing DH, especially at courses like Fontana where the final sprint is flat and LONG, this thing could easily be hidden and sound could be masked. CRAZY!

NUTS, right? Now, if I could just find my mic and check the diameter of my seat tube......:)


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