Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tookie Leads, Falters, Then Gets Back To Bronze!

Jeff Williams was over last night to hang out before his XC race in the "Battle Of Turkey Run" OMBC series slugfest. Saturday, we took the Tomacs out for a spin to "loosen up the legs" at Alum Creek, and had a really fun time talking s**t and getting up to speed on everything going on. A quick thirteen miles and we were back on the road, heading home to some fresh tuna steaks (thanks Whole Foods Market!) and spinach pasta. We had to be up at 7a.m. to set up for the Tour Of Grandview, which Tookie would have to leave from to get to the race in Zanesville. Here's the thing...the day's heat index was over one hundred degrees and the damn humidity made my boxers feel like I was "crotch-pot cooking." Miserabale day, and just sitting in the booth had me take in over a gallon and a half of water without having to pee for SEVEN hours. Scary.

Jeff went out like a shot at the gun, and actually had led the race for the first six or seven miles. Then the heat began to give him the shivers. the tunnel vision came next, and before his kidneys shut down he had the sense to back off. Dropping to the back of the field, he would regain his composure (thanks Amino Vital) and pin it to the finish line for a rock solid THIRD PLACE FINISH! Great job Jeff!


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