Monday, July 05, 2010

The Hill's Market Breakfast Run.

I'm so jealous.

The Whale Shark swims lazily across the surface of the ocean, massive jaws agape as it scoops in tons of microscopic zooplankton in an attempt to increase it's body mass and fill the cavernous belly inside. Now picture that sea creature covered in very tight lycra, riding a bike. That's me. Using enough chamois butter to fulfill the needs of all the world's cyclists at once in order to squeeze into my team kit, I was ready to hit the door with my CLEARLY blind wife for a nice 26 mile run up the bike path from 3rd Ave to Hill's Market and back.

**MMMM...turtles. Come to think of it, doesn't The Old Mohawk have turtle soup?**
You should all know by now that I like to eat just about more than anything else on the planet. Chili dogs, Turtleburgers, funnel cake..all of it. Well, whilst on our fun two hour ride we stumbled (quite by accident) upon the Hill's Market seasonal weekend Veranda Pancake Breakfast.

Beginning in May and running through October, the weekend mornings have the staff at Hill's Market flipping flapjacks faster than SpongeBob can cook a Krabby Patty.

**The Pourous One after a Krabby Patty bender. **

For a paltry five bucks, one can ride to the northernmost point on the Olentangy Bike Path and sidle up to a breakfast replete with sausage, coffee and the aforementioned flat cakes, all while chilling the most like Space Ghost on the outdoor patio. What could be better than hitting the now completely exploded bike path (south of Lane) and rolling up to a killer breakfast? The shade is perfect, and the meandering and windy trail mimics the movements of the Whale Shark as it gorges. Sunday it starts a little late for me to eat, ride home and get to work on time,
but Saturday's earlier option may just work for a guy who (CLEARLY) only rides to eat. If it helps anyone else out, I have personally contacted the Fruit Of The Loom guys to see if we can get Backbone Team kits with "Super-Band-Waistband" sewn inside the belly area for a little more "give" in my XXXL jerseys....

I'm just sayin'.


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