Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Charles Libolt Update; First Backboner To Race In Europe?

Hey Chris!
Okay, so as promised here are some little updates from me. I got back from an epic three day weekend of riding in Mammoth just recently. If any of my fellow Backboners haven't been up to Mammoth this year, hurry up because the weather has been perfect and the trails are in great condition!
The crowds in town over the holiday weekend picked up considerably compared to last year, which seems to be a good economic sign. Over the weekend, the rental shop at Mammoth Mountain had to put customers on a "wait list" for rental bikes, because they rented out EVERYTHING they had in stock! It was great to see so many people out and enjoying the holiday weekend.

Now for my second update that I think most people are already familiar with- Ive been hiding out and laying low these past couple of months just trying to get my undergrad degree finished up and get into a good grad school. I put racing on hold for the rest of the year to just devote my time to this, and it looks like it paid off. I was offered admission at both of my top pick schools, and have formally accepted the offer from King's College London for 2011.
So it looks like as of next summer I will be packing up and moving to London! I'm already trying to figure out ways to bring at least one bike with me- especially since I don't plan on trying learn to drive on the wrong side of the road in one of the most congested cities on the planet... So if all goes well, hopefully I can be the first Backbone rider in the UK! I'm extra pumped on this offer because it means I will have an apartment in London during the 2012 Olympics... Should be awesome! Maybe I can score tickets to one of the cycling events?
Anyway, thats it for now! I might be heading to Mammoth again this weekend to celebrate my birthday and get some good DH runs in on my Primer 220!



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