Monday, January 10, 2011

It Starts Anew

It starts anew. 2010 was a killer year for the Backboners..and it's funny, because I feel like I say that every year. Vegas Bob moved up quickly in 'Cross category, and managed a 12th overall in the U.S. Cup. Vanessa won the U.S. Cup West and took home the bronze for the U.S. Cup unification race, Claudia killed in all of her UCI races last year and took two gold medals in U.S. Cup races, and third overall in her category as well. Jeff Williams managed a bronze overall in the Ohio State Series, after missing two races and having a double flat in another. Sean Cavalluchy had a horrific wreck that ended with a back injury...which he bounced back from immediately and continued his OMBC racing season.

Cheyne managed a 4th overall for his U.S. Cup West series, and a 9th during the unification race! This year we also saw the Fuzziest return to racing.

Ara moved up a category, and STILL managed an 11th place in the Sagebrush Safari. Charles Libolt was accepted to The College Of London, and after a GREAT season again as a Pro DH racer, will be the first Backboner to race in Europe! Humberto Castro took a bronze medal in the U.S. Cup race at Bonelli, and even ended up with a 10th overall for the series. Austin Benge blasted his way to a 6th place finish at Plattekill's Gravity open DH race too. Mark Thome landed inside the top 5 for every race he did last year, earning himself a silver medal for the U.S. Cup West overall series!

Claudia's father Jaimie also did quite well, taking home 13th overall for the U.S. Cup West series in a VERY well stacked field.

Couple all of that with a team that lost not a single sponsor from the previous year, had riders featured in numerous catalogs/print ads, and I'd say we had a great season! I have to tell you all that you owe Roger a HUGE "thanks" for all the work he puts into this team...with zero in return. If you guys were smart, you'd maybe pay his house payment for a month or something, seriously...I'll help.

Jim Roff and Jay Schippers are doing great with the ROYAL product line out in Colorado, and I am personally loving my Royal gloves. Ken at XPEDO's boy is growing like a weed, and Ken even rode SIXTY miles on a "high-wheeler" bike with no frikkin gears for charity last year! SIGMA's James Keller also is a proud new daddy, and everyone at SIGMA is moving to a new facility as you read this. POB no longer works for Amino Vital, but he also has new baby he is enjoying being home with for now.
TOMAC continues to grow with great new products like the Diplomat and the Supermatic 120.

All in all, everyone seems to be rebounding and 2011 looks great. I hope that those who took 2010 off from racing will return to the ranks this year, and Lydia, Luka and I are hoping to get the time to come out west more often to help out and cheer you guys on. The team's XPEDO pedal order is in, the tire order from KENDA has shipped, and all I need to do now is pay all the damn taxes to the City Of Los Angeles. HELL..I even managed to get on T.V. a couple of times, and have a radio show coming next month on MIX 107.9! I look forward to the epic tales of rides and races, and don't forget to send in some pictures for me once in a while! Much love to my peeps at Backbone Adventure Cycling, you guys are the breast.


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