Monday, October 03, 2011

Ara's Near-Death Temecula Race Report

Yesterday was the last race of the season, the one day State Championships, over at Vail Lake Resort in Temecula. Mark Thome and I represented Backbone with only a handful of other racers. Turnout was low but the place was nice, hopefully we can have more races there in the next season.

The weather was warm, especially for a 1:15 start time, so hydrating was key before and durning the... race. Topped off with Amino Vital Endurance and Shortstack would be the feeder of great performance drinks during the race. Sadly, I limped in only to complete one lap of the three.

Had a good start, Tomac Type-X was running greatl, Kenda Karma and Small Block 8's were gripping great on the loose soil, until that faithful corner on one of the canyon descents. Came into the turn way too hot and caught a hidden rut under the sand and PLOWED into the ground. It happened so fast. My shoulder popped out (2nd time) which I luckily popped back in, wrist was mangled, handlebar was totally twisted and I couldnt get it straight. After a few minutes of catching my breath and doing a 100 point inspection, I really thought I had broken ribs as I tried to ride to the finish line. Could not grip or put pressure on my right side. Eased into the finish line and called it quits. The medic there was nice enough to check me over and clean up a massive gash on my forearm. Ribs are not cracked, but really bruised. Knee has a hole in it. Too keep it short my whole right side hurts. Always wear a helmet, saved my noggin.

Royal signature gloves held up and did not tear. Testament to the boys over in Colorado and the work that they do. Sigma Rox computer did not break or shatter, held up and still working. Spinergy Xcyclone wheels are still true after some knarly crashes. Roger at Kenda is a great sponsor that works for the peoples. Ryder sunglasses are still usable and not even scratched. Shortstack for making the trip out there and supporting the crew. Everybody else that I forgot to mention because of the mild concussion.

Going to take a few days off, maybe a week, but will recover and ride in some cross races. Had a good season despite the knee injury and crashes, looking forward to next year and improving more and more. It is all good and fun. Enjoy!

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