Sunday, August 21, 2011

OMBC Race With Tookie & Sean

Alum Creek was in surprisingly good shape on saturday for the pre-ride. Jeff and I never expect much from the shit-box Phase 1 trail, even on good days. Who knew? Not nearly as exposed as it had been all summer, the trail was fast and swoopy despite it's traditionally crappy state. With just a pair of greasy holes on the six mile lap, the pre-ride helped Jeff wrap his brain around a trail he's only ridden three or four times in five years.

We met Sean C. at the start, clear across the lake Sunday morning. Jeff for once had his poop in agroup and his bike was actually ready...flip to Sean, who had an atypical morning of struggling with a drivetrain that wasn't up to snuff. With a slightly tweaked derailleur hanger and no time to replace it, he had to suck it up. Gun went off, and the boys hit the dirt! Once across the dam, Sean was leading his group through the first section of trail at a smooth and brisk pace. It's tight in the trees, and smooth beats speed every time. Jeff's group was right behind Sean, and the guys finally were riding together by lap 2.

Sean finally dropped a chain and Jeff got around him, but Sean would rally and the guys would ride together for a while. Jeff finally pulled away at the end of lap 2, and Sean fell about 40 seconds back for the final three miles back to the finish line. Jeff was solidly in 3rd until he blew a corner, then just could not bridge the gap to regain his top 3 spot. Sean would hit the line in 16th place, thanks to shifting system that was NOT happy to stay any the gear he was asking for it to hang out in...but he still finished despite the crappy drivetrain, so nice job not DNF'ing!


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