Monday, October 22, 2012

Tookie Takes Ohio!

It's official!  After the gruelling old-school throw down in the Mohican Wilderness yesterday, Backboner Jeff "Tookie" Williams is the overall winner for the Clydesdale category! This course was a bruiser, with so many riders being taken out with wrecks and/or failed bike parts it was startling. Mossy boulder fields, off camber rocky climbs, greasy leaf-covered descents and rotor-scorching switchbacks made this one of the hardest XC courses I have seen in years.  Thankfully our team sponsors came through for Jeff, and really made the difference. Hydrapak's bottle-free hydration packs made sure there were no lapses in focus, Royal's full fingered gloves provided airy but tough protection from the eventuality of a crash, the Kenda Slant Six tires handled the varying terrain perfectly, and the KMC X10SL ti chain performed with every shift...despite a bent rear derailleur! Huge props to the XPEDO pedal engineers as well, who created a mud-proof set of kicks for Jeff to deftly get in and out of.  Enjoy the photos....

Johnny Appleseed watches over the race.

Mossy boulders? No problemo for Tookie!

Jeff heading in to a left hand switch back that saw the end of many riders.

Hydrapak saved the day on this techy course.

SIGMA computers keep Jeff on plan.

The light and tough Royal Racing gloves are a must for this type of old school throwdown.

Great for every condition, the Slant Six from Kenda handled bidness.

After the points were tallied, Jeff walked away with the overall series win for the OMBC!

Voler bib shorts are about as comfy as they come.

Are XPEDO pedals tough? Jeff ain't no pantywaste, and that course was full of rocks.

Jeff dropping in just below the old cemetary.

I wonder how many of the day's racers thought they'd wind up here?


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