Monday, October 23, 2017

Randy's Race Report From The Cal State Series


Well I thought the next Cross race was next weekend and was planning on going but after looking at the schedule realized it was this weekend and a 4 hour drive so I said no to that and new that the second race of SRC's fall series was at Fontucky so I decided to go do some XC racing instead. 

Rolled into Fontcky Saturday morning looking foreword to it as I love this course. Signed up got my bike ready to roll had some Amino Vital and hung out with Roger for a few. Headed to the for the start and not a huge turnout bu it was good.

Took off the start and stayed near the back cause I didn't want to blow up on the first lap like the last race. Felt pretty good threw the first lap pacing myself and went out for #2. Had a little battle with one guy who was stronger on the climbs but I could get after him on the descents except he was locking up the rear wheel down the whole downhill's and it was pissing me off cause I couldn't get by going downhill it was all one lined. Headed out for my final lap feeling alright and passed a couple people  and just rode my pace. im just trying to ride/race myself into some kind of shape. Finished up not nearly as spent as the first round and finished up 4th and on the podium again.

Thank you to #kendatires #RogerHernandez #sigmasport #xpedopedals #aminovital #hydrapak #ryderseyewear #thebikeworks and #thecyclrybikeshop.

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