Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tookie In Moab!

I'm finally

back from Moab after two cross country drives (26 hours each way) living off of beef jerky and red bull especially driving through KansASS. Once we got to Moab it felt like we were on another planet with all the red rock cliffs, sand, rocks and high desert environment that was just ready to bake 3 white boys from the East, but the riding out there was incrediable and the people were friendly.Moab had every thing that loved about mountain biking all in a small community. The slick rock trail was more difficult then I expected, for me it was like riding on Mars, I was amazed how we climbed the face of the slick rock like little lizards, traction was not a problem. My new small block 8 were grinded down from the 60 miles we put in over all the sandstone rock that's out there. We also hiked one full day in Arches National Park just to make sure my legs were toast for the last days ride on the Soverign trial. Moab its self was a cool little town with some great places to eat like the Blue Pig (yes, you could get bacon on everything) and the micro brew beer was....... Well not to knock Amino Vital, which we lived off of throughout the day by the gallons, but the beer just tasted better with our cheeseburger with onion rings. Overall, Moab was awsome !!!! it was a trip I've been waiting on for the past 10 years since I started riding. Now it time to start getting ready for some races back here in the East.
Talk Later