Friday, March 13, 2015

Randy Eats S**t In Fontucky!

Well after another busy week (and no riding) I headed out to Fontucky for the final round of the winter series feeling pretty damn good about myself! Rolled out Friday to arrive late afternoon and get settled in for the night. I'm glad I missed a couple of rounds because those were 60 mile an hour Santa Ana winds and a rainy cold one so damn happy I missed them.
Saturday morning did the usual routine and headed to the stating line. Smaller turnout than the two previous races I did but still ten guys in my class. Actually got off to a decent start running the top ten as Donnie combined four different age groups. After the paved road climb headed up to the elevator shaft I believe it's called I just had a feeling this might not be a great day...more on that to come.

So one guy I've been having some good battles with was just in front of me and I'm thinking just relax and stick here and everything is good. Halfway through the first lap I get stuck behind some slower traffic coming into a section called the luge. At the top of it I get past the last guy and head down. Now I'm trying to make up some time and hit the G-out, head back up a little into a right hander, then downhill and catch a lip with my front wheel and eat shit as bad as I ever have on a bike.
I have never hit the ground that hard on my bike, motorcycle yes bike no! got up and stood there for four minutes or so shaking the cobwebs out thinking "ok they are gone I will just DNF and call it a day." When I got to the finish line I thought "I've never quit a race in my life and I'm not started now." My second lap was slow but did catch a few guys and ended up finishing 7th on the day which was my best finish so far this year... so actually I was pretty happy.

Thank you to all of our team sponsors: Amino Vital, Kenda tires, Ryders eyewear, Sigma sport, Hydrapak, KMC chains, Xpedo pedals, They are absolutely the best in the business!
Won't be able to make Bonelli next weekend but should be good for Fontana national.
Till then have a good one Cap'n.