Monday, March 14, 2016

Backbone Riders Ready For Spring!

 It's here! O.K, it's finally here in the Midwest and eastern states. It never really leaves California, although El Nino has made CA a little colder than us a few days this past winter. Ara and Mark have been in attendance at the 2016 Kenda Cup West races, where Mark has been working hard to get on the podium.  Ara stopped by Bonelli to heckle him, as he is still dealing with some blood clot issues.

  Jeff and Josh have been riding pretty non-stop all winter, and Josh says he is ready to throw down as soon as the XC and road season starts up in Kentucky, West Virginia, and Ohio. Jeff seems to be enjoying crossing dangerously swollen storms, much to the chagrin of his wife, Donella. Josh is apparently leg pressing about a metric ton, and his quads look more like apple-fritters than anything human.

Vegas Bob has been riding a ton of mountain bikes in his new home of Santa Rosa, CA, and even managed a quick podium shot from a local race. Look for him soon as a featured ambassador of Amino Vital.

  Randy is likely riding, shaving unnecessary parts of anatomy, and chugging beers. I like that.

  I have ridden too many sub-freezing road and mountain miles this year, and I am afraid I will need a wool thong or something if I have to do it again next year. My riding partner, The Angry Cyclist (Jon Hanshaw) dutifully froze his arse off with me all year, often dragging me home in the biting hail and wind. Amino Vital has been gracious enough to use Josh and I in some new banner ads, and I hope one day to convince them to photoshop me skinny!

   Here is to another great year of riding and racing. I look forward to all of the adventures!

Cap'n Chris