Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Randy's 'Cross Report

Hope things are well for you and Girlface and the temps are warm in OH! Well I FINALLY got back to a race last weekend doing my first cyclocross race and it was a good time. It was great to be back with the rag tag misfits otherwise known as Backbone racing. Had a great time catching up with Backbone Fuzz and the infamous Mr. Thome and also very cool to see and catch up with the Hitman.
As far the  racing goes didn't really know what to expect and didn't even know what class to ride. Fuzz had to help me out with that. So I rode the 35+ C class and as usual it was the biggest class of the day with 39 riders.
I got out to a decent start top 15 or so and was just kind of pacing myself so I wouldn't blow up half way through. Had to use a little Moto skill in a few corners and got a little drift going to pass and took out a course marker or two but it was cool. Half way through lap #1 I was trying to pass a few people going outside inside on one of the tight tree corners and had my front wheel wash and I almost saved it but crashed and another rider hit my bike and derailed my chain. It took me a bit to get it back on (Dam gloves) so l lost about 12 spots or so and had no idea where I was then.
So for the next lap or so I battled with two guys and passed one only to get smoked going down the asphalt by the scoring tower by one guy no way was I keeping that pace. On the last lap I caught him again and had something happen I've never had happen during a race! my heart was going to explode and my lungs were saying no more dude. I had to stop pedaling for a minute or two and those guys were gone.
Finished in 26th place but had a blast. I want to thank you and all our team sponcers for everything you all have done for me, vie been a little MIA for a while and you all have stuck behind me.
I had no problems getting in and out of my Xpedo pedals was well hydrated with Amino Vital and wish I could have hooked up with Roger at Kenda tires because I had other tires on and that's probably why my front end washed. Could see very well in the shadows with my Ryders eyewear but didn't wear my Sigma sport heart rate monitor because I didn't want to know. Also big thanks to KMC chain and Hydrapak for their great products.
Be back for the weekend of the 3rd and 4th.
Have a good one,